Every Woman's Battle - The Need for Love & Emotional Fulfillment

Every Woman's Battle “The Need for Love & Emotional Fulfillment"

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Every Woman's Battle “The Need for Love & Emotional Fulfillment"

Just Uploaded this book tonight June 17th, 2017
The title says it all. 
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Communication, Communication, Communication! And he has no idea what you are talking about or why Communication is so Damn Important to you as a woman!
The answer is, Your Mating system is Connected to your Right Brains Emotional Communication Processor, The 5 Senses Processor! But!!! His is not!!! 
Thus Communication is Everything to you!
To him, Well, words are just words, you know, to talk!
To you, Words are EMOTIONS!!! 
To Him, Words are Just Words, to talk. That's it!
But he can Learn how To Communicate in this More In Depth, Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling way!
You might be saying, "Why doesn't he get it? Why won't he Love me?
Believe it or not but when you say you are looking for a man who is a good communicator, he thinks you mean left brain, logical, Proper english communication as in 9th grade communication.
As 1 client said to me, "Well if it's all about Communication, I have my Masters in Communication. I said, "Well if it was that kind of communication you wouldn't be going through your 2nd divorce right now!"
I made a Break Through Discovery to help women understand "What" is going on to hear your heart & emotions and teach him how to Open up to his Right Brain and learn how to speak the Internal, Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling Language of Love for you!

Men you can read these books as well to find out what is going on between men & women. 

These 2 books "Why Men Just Don't Get it" & Every Woman's Battle "The Need for Love & Emotional Fulfillment" are going to surprise you and help the healing process begin.

I'll see you soon an upcoming event!


Mike Kollin