Learn how to become Love so she can feel your Love

Learn how to become Love so she can Feel your Love

A lot of people in the past might think that's arrogant. 

No! It's not! In order for you to change your life, you have to learn how to heal yourself and love yourself. 

It's very simple!

"You can not Love anyone else until you learn how to Love yourself" 

Learn how to Love yourself so she can Love you

Think about it. If I need $100,000 and you don't have it, you can't give it to me!

How can you give me, teach me, help me etc. if you don't have that very same thing or ability you want to give to someone else?

If you can't even learn how to Love yourself, how are you going to genuinely be able to love me? You can't! 

If you can't help yourself, how are you going to help me?

This is such a clear learning at this point in my life and career working with people for decades. 

I'll give you a real life example. 

Most men over the years have come to me to learn how to meet women to find the girl of their dreams. And some to Save their marriages.

And they think it's about learning better techniques on how to pick up girls or lines or openers or things like that! They ask, "What do I do to her? How to I turn her on? Or what do I do to make her like me?" 

My answer, "Nothing!"

Well, they are highly shocked at what my course is about!

You have to be into you! 

You have to be into your life and you have to be fascinated with yourself and your life!

I mean, how do you expect someone else to find you interesting enough to actually want to spend some of their valuable time and spend it on getting to know you if you can't even find something interesting in you?

It's like we expect others to love us when we don't even love us!

I have learned that the way to get more friends, more respect, more love is by learning how to do all of these things for ourselves first. That way you aren't needy for others to approve of you or find you interesting or loving, etc..


"Understanding? What does understanding have to do with anything". most men say to me.

I say, the Sexiest, most romantic thing a man can do is learn how to truly understand a woman from her perspective because this is understanding. Not techniques, not better lines or openers or tricks or what to do or not to do as in, "when she does this then don't do that or do, do this!" No!

What I mean is you have to learn how to Open up to who you truly are as a person within!

It's not about what you do to her! It's all about what you do to you!" 

At this point most of my clients look at me like I am nuts! Because the male, left brain is all about doing something to someone else to make them happy! I say to that, "No!!!! No!!!! Leave her alone! Stop messing with her!!! Do not try to change her! Do not try to change her emotions or feelings at all! That's very, very intrusive, rude and simply just wrong! It can really mess up a relationships and mess up someones emotional system!"

STOP!!!! Stop trying to do something to her! Even if it's make her happy.

Learn how to "Allow, Listen to Understand and be in the present moment with her."

Leave their system alone and learn how to adjust yours. She will come to you then. And this will allow her emotions to adjust to yours naturally and in a comfortable way for both you and her. 

I say, "It's all about what you do to you?" 

Learn how to make yourself happy by learning how to connect with yourself because this is what you, "The Real You" inside wants. And only you can truly heal and love and make you happy! When my clients truly learn how open up to themselves, their entire existence shifts and changes. They become interesting people because they suddenly become fascinated with their lives.

See, your wife or girlfriend or that special lady wants you to be Happy with Yourself. And ladies, this goes for you as well. 

Imagine 2 people who have spent time learning how to and developing better ways, real actual how to steps that help the improvement of learning how to bring happiness and love "INTO" the relationship instead of waiting for the opposite sex to Love you and make you happy!

It's a Shift in Perspective and Understanding. 

I tell my clients, it's all about becoming that absolutely amazing & delicious, rich n thick chocolate desert that she can't deny because it's so sweet, so delicious that she literally melts in your arms like deliciously sweet chocolate on her tongue!

Become the Dessert she can't deny.

You have to literally learn how to create such an enjoyable energy and series of emotions inside you that she wants to be with you because it makes her feel so comfortable, loved and relaxed!

Most guy try to impress her or worse, take energy drinks / caffeine to get all fired up to excite her or impress her! No! No! No!

Breath guys. Slow it down. Breath deeply, relax and slow down your rhythm. 

I mean, imagine that feeling you get when you are in Love with someone, someone so special that you absolutely trust them and feel comfortable with them to the point you can complete let go. 

Here are a few ways to become that special man she desires. 

Ladies, all of this applies to you as well. 

#1 Learn the Art of Completely Letting Go. 

This will attract women and open her heart and allow her to be soft, warm and sensual with you more than anything on the planet! 

Allow her to come to you. Be Patient.

Believe it or not but when a woman is allowed to come to you, it helps her to tune in to herself and your energy and go back and forth to the point she can adjust and connect with you.

* Another thought most men don't realize, is her mating system is looking for a man who is patient and shows patience throughout his life and his experiences from work to picking up on a woman, spending time with a woman to getting a job or not to achieving his goals to everything. 

A man who has true patience is a confident and calm man and this lets her mating system know you believe in yourself and you come from a place of Abundance. Abundance in all things from Having Love to food to sex to everything. You are not worried, you are calm and relaxed.

This is a major trigger to her mating system to know you are a quality mate who does not rush in where fools go.

#2 Learn how to Connect with yourself.

As a famous teacher once said, "Look Within". Actually 2 very famous teachers said this, Jesus and Buddha!

Another famous poet once said, "Know Thyself". 

These are very similar teachings. Most men run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Just scrambling around. 

Guys, talking fast and sporadically does not impress her at all. 

Being calm, putting your awareness onto yourself is probably the most important thing you can do to allow her to relax with you. If you want a woman to make love to you and want to be with you, then master the art of connecting with yourself and slowing down. 

Men come to me and ask me what to do to her. Again I say, "No, it's what you do to you."

In order for a woman to be able to connect with you mentally & emotionally, "You need to be connected to you!" Otherwise she Can't connect with you! 

And this is what this entire course is all about. Sure sure there's more like the communication differences and how the right brain language melts her heart and fills her up emotionally with your love. 

#3 Learn how to open up to your Right Brain - This is Understanding

Logical Understanding is "NOT" Understanding at all. This is the opposite of understanding her heart and emotions. In order for you to be able to connect with her emotionally you must learn how to open up to your right brain and learn how to connect with yourself so you can feel her once you are with and connect with her heart! 

This is the way to do it! 

The right brain is the Social & Relationship brain. Most men simply use logic for everything. And in this case when it comes to love and relationships you simply will never understand a woman from the logical male, left brain. 

So come on, learn how to open up. 

How can you connect with someone if you are not connected to yourself first? Answer: You Can't! 

The Most Powerful, most Romantic thing a man can do is truly understand her heart and soul and her emotions. And you can't do this from logic at all. This isn't logical at all, zero!

Why would you use the logical processor/brain to understand her emotional processor right brain. How can you understand a woman's emotions or your own emotions through logical processing?

Answer you can't!

So you have to literally take a 180 degree turn and turn this Beautiful ship called "Legacy of Love" and go into the right direction. (Ladies, I think you got that. Right?) 

And men, after you take my course you will understand too! I promise!

So what can you do right now to at least get a start? 

* Please note, the core teachings are a lot harder to teach than put into a blog, but this can at least get you going into to the right direction. The seminars and 1 on 1 coaching are where you will truly learn how to do the Deeper techniques to open up and connect within. 

So what is the Goal?

To get passed the "Gate Keeper!" 

But this isn't exactly easy. Especially for men. 

Now what is the gate keeper? There really is a gate keeper and it's inside your brain, specifically in your lower brain.

There's an artery that is very narrow and or almost closed when you are operating from logic. So the goal is to open this artery up so more blood flows into your larger hemisphere the human brain. The lower brain is the animal or better known as reptilian brain. 

Sure, it's ok to be an animal when the right time comes but not yet, not yet! First you need to connect with her on an emotional level, a larger human level so she know the human in your loves the girl in her! Then it's fun time.

So there are a few things that need to happen in order for you to open up this artery to let the blood / nourishment and nutrition to flow into your larger hemispheres so they can turn on! 

* Her mating system is triggered by a male who is open to his larger hemispheres by opening this artery in the lower regions. 

In other words this makes her sexy crazy for you!

So there are a few key things.

I. That artery has an oxygen and glucose sensor. 

If this sensor notices you are low on oxygen in your blood stream and glycogen / glucose, it shuts down or narrows the artery, thus shutting down your larger hemisphere processing/thinking.

Oxygen is the brains #1 food / energy source. And Glucose is the #2 food / energy source. And glucose / Glycogen Piggy back rides, rather connects to oxygen molecules to get to the brain.

So if you are not breathing deeply, you are starving your brain of it's #1 & #2 food / energy sources. Which means the artery narrows and shuts off the larger hemispheres / higher thinking.

Click here:  Source for more information on this. 

Click here:  Live strong Source

So there has to be plenty of energy as in oxygen and glucose/glycogen in your blood stream and system first. The reason is to make sure your muscles have plenty of power, energy an endurance, i.e. food / protein in your blood stream first. Because this lower reptilians brains #1 Job is to keep you alive. So if there is an emergency it shuts this artery and pushes all the blood into your body and muscles and takes it from the brain and also gut / intestines. There is a large/massive amount of blood in your gut area for digestion. 

Well in emergencies this blood from your skull and gut are needed in your muscles to run fast and fight Powerfully as in muscular power.

Note: If you are in a fear state it shuts this artery down. So you need to learn to relax and breath deeply into your gut.

#1 Breath 

Yes, Take Deep, relaxing breaths throughout the day to oxygenate your blood stream to let that lower brain sensor know it's ok to open up and feed the larger left and right hemispheres. 

This is what it means to come from an Abundance & Love.

A state of Love also opens up this artery.

#2 Eat protein and complex carbs 

Eat Food! Her mating system will relax and open up to you when you are well fed and relaxed yourself.

If you are expressing desperation for food her mating system says, "Hmmmmm... not a good hunter gatherer. How can he feed me and children if he can't fully feed himself?" Thus you become a friend or she probably moves on. 

Tip: Eat food before you go out to dinner. 

Remember you have to pick her up or at least meet her there. Which could take 10 to 30 minutes drive time. Plus wait to be seated. Then wait for the waiter. Then wait for the food to be cooked. 

That could be 45 minutes to more than an hour. 

So eat some protein and complex carbs before you leave for the date. Trust me, it will make you a lot happier and in turn will allow her to feel happier and relaxed with you. And that's a good thing!

#3 Excercise, walk & Move

Get the blood flowing. 

And learn how to be more relaxed in general. Stretching with deep breathing works great for this. 

Get really comfortable with yourself, moving, stretching in public, taking deep breaths and simply relaxing your body and opening up! 

Do not! I repeat do not be the tough guy. I made this mistake for a long, long time until I noticed that whenever my shields were down it was so easy to meet women and they would suddenly open up to me and talk to me. It became very obvious the whole tough guy, impress thing simply turns women off. It disconnects her from her mating system, thus neurologically turns her off sexually.

Why? Because it forces her to go into her logical brain and she can't relax, thus she's uptight and stressed and disconnected from her mating system which is connected to her right brain. So relax, loosen up so she can relax with you & open up to her right brain where her mating system has a nerve that is connected to it there in the right brain.

* If you are in your right brain, it allows her and makes it much easier for her to relax and open up to her right brain. Remember, this is where her mating system is connected. Thus this is how you turn her on sexually.

Impressing a woman, being the tough guy ie. uptight, narrow, focused vision, talking fast, turns her off. Not romantic at all.

#4 "Internal Awareness" - Look Within

I am going to give you the super shortened version to this, because this goes quite in depth in my courses. But it really really helps you to learn how to Open up and see things from her perspective and understand her emotions a lot better. 

a. Peripheral vision with

b. Internal Awareness

Now Hold on! A lot of guys think it's this very low level or rather narrow from of visual only peripheral vision. No! I mean a lot deeper than that.

For example:

What I mean is, put your awareness inside your body physically as much as you can while you are wide open peripherally / visually and aware of both your entire body or as much as possible while being wide open visually and physically to your surroundings.

Being tuned into your 5 senses, feeling, sensing, smelling, seeing and noticing what's around you while you at the same time are listening to your body!

If you can do this, this will massively relax her emotionally and allow her artery to open up, thus she opens up to her right brain. And this is how you get a women to connect with you.

* Because this triggers and turns on her mating system. It makes her want you!

See, it's has nothing to do with what you do to her. It's all about what you do to you! And you have to Master this!

The good news is, you finally get to find yourself and connect with your power. And it's within you, inside you physically literally!

Obviously I go way, way more in depth in this and teach this and condition this into you to the point you cane do it on your own eventually. But, it's going to take practice and persistence. 

Persistence, another mating system trigger in women. So be persistent while being patient.

Another way of saying all of this. 

Become that Ball of energy she desires.

See, we are all energy and emotions and feelings walking around carrying our feelings and emotions. 

So learn how to enjoy your life. Learn how to relax. Learn how to create and become this ball of energy that is so comforting, loving and sensual that she has to have you!

Because you know what guys?

This is why you are attracted to her! 

This is why you are so Powerfully drawn to her and want to be with her physically, because:

Women actually work at being sensual, relaxed and creating flowing, open energy that makes you feel sooooooooooo good when you are with her!

No, I didn't say become feminine or wear feminine stuff at all, in fact, quiet the opposite.

One of the most powerful things a man can do is learn how to open up and become mentally & emotionally grounded, down to earth and relaxed. Like the Rock of Gibraltar. This really Massive, Powerful Boulder like Rock that is unmovable.

It does not mean to tighten up, flex your muscles and get a serious look on your face. It means quiet the opposite. That is called being ungrounded and uptight. No, not uptight!

It means you are so calm, so relaxed and your energy is so neutral that  nothing can possibly bother you. 

What happens when you are breathing deep, relaxed and in a good mood and feeling good in your body your energy is just smooth, flowing and enjoyable to be around.

See one of the things we learn in hypnosis and NLP / psychology is that humans take on each others emotions / energy.

So if you are this really super serious, uptight dude, she's going to get uptight and serious simply by being around you. Which closes her artery and disconnects her from her mating system, thus turns her off emotionally and sexually.

And women don't like this energy. This makes her uptight and she wants to relax & let her hair down, especially when she's with you on a date or at the movies or an evening out or a day at the beach! These are the times to loosen up and enjoy life. 

Ultimately - Become that ball of energy, of relaxation and love, that she has to have and really enjoys being around because simply by being in your space it helps her to feel good. No, not because you are doing anything to her, but rather because you mastered the art of making your "SELF" feel good inside. 

Learn how to become Love so she can feel your Love

If you want to learn more, sign up now & take my courses. Or take your first step and by my book "Crack the Female Code". Better yet, save a to of money and buy

"The Ultimate Package."

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