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Personal Development, Business & Life Coaching Testimonial Blog / Video #1

Personal Development, Business & Life Coaching Testimonial Blog / Video #2

So I think the biggest thing I can say to help people who are on the fence about Mike's Work. And don't know exactly what it is and what is it I'm getting out of it. That's what I was expecting. I was expecting an XYZ, a Playbook out of his course. I wasn't exactly clear of what I was getting, Right?

The Biggest thing I got out of Mike was to open up more and more to my Right Brain Side. Have more internal awareness. I finally Got it. I am not a Jedi Yet. It's less about memorizing XYZ and having this check list, lines and openers or a check list. It's more about Trusting the process, opening up. It's more about a way of being.

This is the first video on Personal Development, Business & Life Coaching Video #1

You are already good at this, left brain processing. You need more of this, right brain processing.

You have to get into the course. You will find the questions you are asking are the Wrong Questions. You already have the answers.

You'll just know what to do once you shift over into this way of being.

A lot of clients think it's going to be this whole dating tips, relationship courses.

A lot of clients will call me up or email me and say, "This book Blew my mind. This is literally the opposite of any dating or relationship or pickup artist course I've ever taken."

How come no one is teaching this? Because no one is aware of this.

There's some work to do and get into. By in large the courts is about opening you up to a panoramic View.

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Mike Kollin is an NLP Trainer, Master Hypnotherapist, Time Line therapists & Communication Expert / Life coach.

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