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Dating / Relationship Question on Sabotaging the Relationship.

Ok here's the question I have been asked to answer within a 2 minute answer. I went over by about :30 seconds. Obviously if I met him in person and had the chance to dig deeper we might bring more stuff up. So for now, here you go.


John: I am 44 and have been in several long term relationships.

Usually a few years but I always find a way to sabotage them. My sticking point has been I always seem to be looking for better woman and haven't been able to stick with one. I am looking for some guidance in meeting the right person or just finding one that I am satisfied with.

#1 the first red flag, you have been in several long term relationships. But I always find a way to sabotage them.

Answer: You may have a meta program that might be going off like an alarm or a calendar event that tells you, "It's time to move on." And you are not even conscious of it. So you will Unconsciously Sabotage it and not ever realize it. Meta-programs are powerful. And they run on their own. But you an change them.

You then say I am looking for the one I am satisfied with. Answer: You might have some kind of visual or belief that says, "I want to be with someone that is good enough for me." You don't want to be with someone that is good enough. You want to be with someone, that for some reason, you are ABSOLUTELY connected and you are in Love with her and you want to be with her. 3rdly, You need to fall in Love with yourself.

Here's why. Once you truly connect and fall in Love with yourself. It will draw to you the best possible connection, best possible match for you.


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