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Crack The Female Code - Elite Dating & Relationship coaching tips Series #3

Crack The Female Code - Elite Dating & Relationship coaching tips Series #3



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She actually wants you to understand how to Crack the Female Code. That's the point.

What does it mean when a woman touches you. Here's something called pinging. When a woman literally reaches over and she pings you. A waitress pinged me. Unconsciously I pinged her back. And she actually smiled. It's kind of a fun game. And that goes into the Cat and mouse game I talk about in my book "Crack The Female Code"


If a woman is reaching out touching your elbow, touching your arm, chest in an affectionate way. It means she feels really comfortable with you. So at this point, it's on.

If a woman is not touching you, is leaning away, She is giving you a sign, "Give me my space."

A lot of guys won't see this / miss this. If a woman crosses her arms, that's a barrier, but does not necessarily mean she doesn't want to talk to you. So look for more body language cues.

If a woman turns away, that's another barrier saying back off.

If a woman leans away, that's a barrier.

If a woman turns her body away, that's another barrier.

So notice when a woman does this...

Now, if she is doing any of these things with a very playful grin, her voice tone is very upbeat, positive and cheerful and her eyes are bright & happy, then she is teasing you. It's a bit to put together, but when you take my course and learn how to see the Bigger Picture, it reveals itself and becomes easy to see and understand.

So if a women is giving you barriers, even if she is teasing, then take a 1/2 step back and stand neutral and watch how she reverses and leans towards you. This triggers the cat n mouse game and

"Makes her want to Chase you!!"

Look for the sigh and deep breath and relaxation.

If you lean towards her, game over. Be neutral or away from... makes her comfortable and then makes her very curious like a cat.

I hope this video has helped you at least begin to see a few Powerful yet simple things to attract women to you!

If you want to really Learn the Power of my New Discovery in Crack The Female Code, get ahold of us. A First start would be buy my Book Crack the Female Code or buy the Ultimate Package and save a lot of money!

Thank you for watching!


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