How to meet & attract women and make women feel comfortable with you.

Crack The Female Code - Elite Dating & relationship coaching tips Series #2

Crack The Female Code - Elite Dating & relationship coaching tips Series #2

"Make her Chase you"

How to meet & Attract women to you is much easier than you think!! 



Crack The Female Code - The Most Powerful Form of Love & Romantic Seduction Available! Elite Dating & Relationship Coaching

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When a girl is touching your chest, that is an indicator of interest. Another one is they will lean onto your back. You can also lean on her back. It helps her body feel your vibe.

This girl got up and walked behind and leaned up against me. It helps her body feel comfortable with you over time. You can't go on a date and be Mr. Good manners and not touch her. It's a build up that happens over time unless she's really feeling the vibe and you know it.

Remember, if you touch her, really touch her, give some pressure in your touch.

It's just like a horse. You can't just walk up to a horse and jump right on it. They will freak out. AS a child I learned this when my dad took me to my grandfathers ranch. Women will do the same thing, they don't know you.

As a little kid I got bored super fast. And saw this little bug. And took my attention off of the horses, which allows the horses to feel my vibe over time and it let me pet it because it got to feel comfortable with me over time.

At a club, give it 20 to 25 minutes and you will notice how you relax. You are gaining rapport with each other unconsciously. So give it 20 minutes before you have your first beer!

I'm going to give you another video and give you a cool thing to do!

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