Crack The Female Code - Elite Dating & relationship coaching tips Series #1

Crack The Female Code - Elite Dating & relationship coaching tips Series #1

I am using a new system to shoot out more video's in a faster and easier manner using my cell phone through youtube. 

These video's will be shorter, quicker and to the point with quick tips for dating & relationships!


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Kino - When you first meet a girl, shake a girls hand, that's 1. She has to get comfortable with you over time. The way a woman's body get's comfortable with you is by touching her in SAFE ZONES over time.

Most guys go on a date for a few hours or meet a girl at a club, etc. and talk for a long time. But never touch her. Thus her body never feels comfortable with him. And then after hours of Zero touching he goes in for the hug or kiss! That's too much for her. That's too far of a stretch for her.

Whereas, if you touch a girl in save zones 1 and 2 a few times here and there over time, she will feel more comfortable to you.

That way instead of attempting from going from 0 Zero to 5, you go from 0 to 1, 1 to 2, 2 to 3... and maybe to 4, if not, if you go from 3 to 5, that's a bit more comfortable for her instead of 0 to 5, The KISS!!

SO her body has to vibe with you... :)

When you are at a club, meet a girl at a party, shake her hand, bump her elbow, then touch her on the shoulder or forearm.

Tip: when you go to touch a girl, you don't want to do it lightly. YOU want to add some pressure, because that's normal and relaxing. Put some real pressure. That will actually make it feel more comforting what we call grounding. You can then touch her on the waist or back.

A lot of guys go on a date. And never touch her and try to go from a 1 to a 5. You can't do that. Make her feel comfortable slowly over time step by step with incidental kino; touching her on the safe zones as in hands, for arms for a while, then eventually the lower back or waist areas...

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