Are you at the Midnight hour of your Relationship and don’t even know it?

Has your wife stopped complaining? has your wife stopped trying to talk to you or argue with you? 

 Has she given up on fixing the relationships but you don’t even know it? 

 If she has done any of these things, I am sadly and sorry to say, “The Relationship is already over! It’s too late!!!

If she is not whining or complaining and has gone quiet, it’s already over. She’s given up. You are just like all the other guys! 

Don't let your Relationship be a Brutal Crash

There's a Better Way


Yet at this very same time you Truly believe everything is fine! She’s happy! She’s in Love. Nothing could be further from the truth. Fact is… She’s already moved on emotionally. She’s already started planning her escape from the relationship.

And when she is ready she will quietly drop the bomb and you will be surprised out of your mind and say, “Are you serious? I thought everything was going great?” As she hands you the divorce papers. 

And I would say to you, “Yeah, for you!!!!!! But not for her!!!! She’s totally and completely missing out! She is not getting Loved or Mental Stimulation or Emotional Fulfillment!” To what you would say, “Huh? What? What are you talking about? What’s that?”

It’s the very same thing she has been fighting for the entire time in the relationship. Sadly you as a male, as every male, have no clue what that is!

The Very thing she got into a relationship with you for! The Very reason she married you!@!!!!!!! 


And you say, “What is that?”

As she quietly walks out the door… leaving you forever to find that magical, mystical creature her grandmother once spoke of as if it was a magical being… The Unicorn.


The Unicorn - Definition: That rare once in a Thousand years male who comes to the planet to fill her heart with Love through mentally stimulating & emotionally fulfilling communication that is meaningful to her! 

She's still not sure if that's a myth or real. 

That 1 in a Million, no 1 in 100 million male who can actually reach her, find her and connect with her emotionally! So off she goes once again for the 100th time in her life in search for that man who can truly, truly Understand her and her heart of hearts! That man who will find her. The real her. The little girl deep, deep inside who she truly is within and waits… and waits… and waits… even marries hoping, believing she truly will be able to teach him to understand “THE WAY!” The way of her heart… 

To one day find her within, hidden deep, deep inside.,.. 

Sadly.. it never happens… 

For years she told her friends and family and even strangers and even men who had no clue what she was talking about and would say, “Oh!!!!! My husband is different!! He’ll get it! He will. He’s smart… I’ll teach him! He’ll figure it out, he’ll learn… 

But he won’t… because she doesn’t know that you don’t know that you don’t know! LITERALLY!” 

She doesn’t know that you are wired completely differently and are not hearing what she’s saying because your brain is not wired the way her’s is…

She doesn’t’ know that you don’t know.,.. yet she believes you do yet you won’t do this 1 single thing.,.. but she doesn’t know why… 

As many women have told me over the last 3 decades… I just figured there must be something wrong with men. Men are lazy when it comes to Love… or what I hear the most in a very sad moments… when women come to me… they cry out loud with all their heart and soul as if their first born child was murdered.,.. 

“WHY WON’T HE LOVE ME???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


For me, it’s a gut wrenching moment… to hear a woman cry out loud like that, the realization that she was never loved… 

 Sadly… you did everything in your Power to Love her! Yet she doesn’t believe that because the way you give love to a woman is not the way a woman receives love! 

The way a man gives love to a woman is not the way a woman receives Love! Her brain, her system, Her Heart of Hearts doesn’t even recognize it as Love… this is why she’s is so sad and angry and yelling and constantly complaining!!!!

 In fact the way men Attempt to Love women actually Rips her heart out!!! 

 And thus the War of Love Begins!!! She begins to attack back because she thought you were attacking her first! But you were not attacking, you were offering your Deep Heart Felt Love!

 As she says to me, “Why does he do that?” I calmly say, “That’s the male form of expressing his Deep, Deep Heartfelt Love to you!”

 As she exclaims, “That’s Not Love!!!!!” 

 And I exclaim just as loudly, just as fast right back to her!!!! “Yes it is!!! To him that is Love!!!” She stops, quietly looks at me and says, “Oh!”

 We are ripping each other apart when we are offering our Love! In fact the very way we offer our Love is the very thing that is hurting each other.

 There is such a Massive, Massive, Massive series of misunderstandings between men & women, you couldn’t possibly understand one another!!! It’s not possible!!!!!!!!!

 The way a woman attempts to arouse a male, turn on a male, romantically Seduce her husband or boyfriend or that special guy she likes, PISSES HIM OFF!!! ROYALLY!!!

 And he screams out, “You Fucking Cock Tease!!! You Fucking Bitch!!!! You think that’s funny?????” As she runs off to her girlfriends and mother and aunts crying.,.. “I was trying to Romance him, turn him on!!! He acted like I killed his first born child….” with heavy tears and a heavy heart she cries on her mothers shoulder and is consoled by her older female peers and friends as they say to her.,.. “You know, I learned a long, long time ago, Never, ever, ever try to turn a man on sexually… they act like you killed their first born child and go into a Royal Rage!!!!!”

 The longer a man and women are in a relationship the more they begin to shut down and harbor anger & rage at each other wondering, “Why won’t they Love me?” 

 Sad thing is, They did! And they were! And they did everything in their power to love you!

 The Problem was, it was the wrong damn way to Love you! It was the complete opposite if what you would think in a Million years. You thought they were trying to hurt you or didn’t care or didn’t Love you! But they did! 

 Now you can continued down this path of unbelievable Emotional Carnage and Wreckage or you can take a turn and learn how the opposite sex it Loved, Romanced and turned on!!! 

 Because there is a Brand New Answer! And when you see this Answer, you will be shocked and surprised. The level of Clarity you are about to experience is “Literally” Mind Blowing to the male brain. 

 I have had clients study Love and Relationship, Dating & Pickup artist courses for decades, from the top #1 Experts, who have been married and divorced 2 or more times come to me and are left Astounded, literally dumbfounded at what they Open up to.

As 1 client said, who had 2 doctorate degrees, "If I had taken your course 2 years ago, I would still be married. This is what she was trying to say to me but I didn't understand it." 

It’s a complete and total mind shift from where you were to where you always wanted to be!

 Most of my clients as I have said, have gone to all the Love & Relationship / Dating Experts only to walk away just as lost and confused. And end up in divorce a few months later… 

You gave it your all. You gave it a Straight A, #1 Effort, that's for sure!! Sadly it was the complete wrong effort in the wrong way!

Let me say this and say this clearly!!!!!!!

 There is “No Other Course on the Planet like this course!!!!” This has taken me 3 decades to perfect!!!” 

 Now all you have to do is walk through the door and show up ready to listen, learn and see What this is!”

 Right now, you are at a Doorway! Do you walk in or do you turn the other way and continue the Heart Breaking Wreckage?

 Yes, Men & Women can learn how to Love & Understand each other!

 Men Can learn how to Receive this #1 form of Social Power that Gives him more Social Power, Relationship Power and Romantic Seduction Power! 

 Now she Marries you for you & Not your Bank Account, only to Divorce you years later to take your house, cars and kids oh and Dog! Not to mention rips your heart out and destroys you emotionally, leaving you saying, "What did I do wrong???"

 Or!! You can be the only man she has ever met, “That Magical Unicorn”, her grandmother spoke so Powerfully about eon’s ago!” Who has this Seduction Power she can’t resists  and has to have! 

Love is a Choice! You either learn how to Love her or you let your Life Pass you by!!! So what is your choice??

 I promise you this. Once you learn how to do this #1 thing she wants from you, she will never, ever, ever complain about you forgetting to take out the garbage again because she will happily do it for you… because otherwise you won’t do this #1 thing she wants from you! 

Now you have the Power in your hands for Dating, Relationships and Sex!

 It’s your Choice : Power or no Power! 

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