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She is literally Speaking the Language of Emotion!! Understanding Women Now!

HI, how are you? I have been gone for a while working on some New Projects and preparing for a final launch of my business. But just now, I am listening to an amazing song called "No Air" with Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks! They really, really sing this song with Passion and Feeling! And that's what this blog is about. This is also the actual real meaning and purpose for my entire course! See, over the last few years, I have never even attempted to explain or even bring up what my real course is about, because it's soooooooo hard to get the male brain to finally understand the missing pieces to Understanding women! See, what she really, really needs is for you to Understand her. Understanding women is easy once you truly know how! And when you finally understand women your eyes will be opened and you will see a world that has been right in front of you your entire life! I want to teach you the Art of Truly, for the first time in your entire life, "How to Love a woman! And it all has to do with Understanding women from within who she is inside! Now I know that sounds like a huge, huge statement, maybe even bold! Well, once you understand and see what my course is about, you will see, that for the first time, the Answer to the challenges between men and women have been delivered. As I listen to this song with Jordan Sparks, "No Air" and the way she sings not only from her heart, but from her entire body, I can literally feel her feelings and her emotions! And that's what my course is about. Men don't know it or even realize it, but women don't' feel you! Which means she can't understand you! For a woman, talking to a man about anything is like being in the dark with no volume! She can't hear you, she can't understand you, she can't relate to you at all... She's trying and she's trying very, very hard, but the way men and women are wired and more importantly, the way women process communication is the opposite of the way you process communication! What do I mean? Well, Question for the Guys! Now before I ask this question, I want you to do 1 thing to help you begin to see what's going on between men and women! I want you to answer as fast as you can out loud. Better yet, write it down so you have solid proof for you! I am going to ask you a question and without thinking, I want you to answer as fast and as rapid as you can, 1, 2 or 3 answers that pop into your mind. Just spit them out! Ok, ready? GO!!! What are Words??? Yes, What are words? Words are: ..... ..... ..... ..... Most men, in fact all men to date have always answered with: Words are words. Words are used to talk. Words are communication. Words are used to communicate ideas or thoughts, etc. Now to women, this shocks the living shit out of them! They look at you like WHAT??? NO!!! And say, "WORDS ARE EMOTIONS!!!"  Yes, Words are literally Emotions and feelings to a woman! She literally feels your words and your body language and your tonality! The question is, what words are you using and in what way are you using them? Are you being literal? Logical? Black and white? To the Point? Are you trying to impress her? Are you explaining things? Is your tonality a logical, left brain tonality? Are you coming from the place of being rule oriented or proper? Are you thinking what's the right thing to say or do? How are you using your body language? Is it formal? If you answered to yes to even 1 of these questions, then you are completely out of the picture when it comes to knowing how to Love a woman? Now let's go back to Words are Emotions. Now, why is this? Ok, the left  brain is the logical, rule oriented brain. The left brain is about Rules, structure, organization, black and white, impressing people, getting the job done, right or wrong and has a nasal, intellectual tonality, all of which actually turns a woman off. Now, why is this? Well, the females mating system is directly connected to her right, emotional, spiritual, creative brain which is about colors, differences, possibilities, and most importantly feelings and expressing feelings and experiencing what someone is talking about. Again, the question is, what is it that she is experiencing and feeling when she is with you? Is it Logical? Rule oriented? Are you trying to be a good boy and follow rules? Are you trying to impress her with your car, money, your past achievements? Are you being direct and literal? If you are, you are quickly turning her off Big time! And Boring her to tears! Now, why is that? Because her mating system is directly connected to her Right Brains Emotional Processor! And, in order to melt her heart, you have to learn how to communicate in the right brains Language called "The Internal Language", which I teach in my course! Now when it comes to Emotions, what I am attempting to get your brain to understand, is this? IN ORDER FOR A WOMAN TO UNDERSTAND YOU, SHE HAS TO HAVE AN EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE OF WHAT YOU ARE SAYING!  Otherwise, she is literally left in the dark and can't understand you no matter how hard you attempt to communicate to her. Now here is a hint as to what I mean. Have you ever noticed how women talk and talk and talk and talk and literally describe every single detail when talking to other women? Well, do you want to know why?  It's because they are describing every single detail so the other woman can have the same or similar experience and feel what she felt during that experience she is sharing with them. Now how do you do this? Well, 1 piece is to use Descriptive language. Which simply put is use a lot of adjectives and adverbs. Yes, I know, back to basic 9th grade english class. But, it's really simple. Here's what I mean. Man: I have a Big Truck! Women: Yes, he has a Big, Bright, Powerful, Shiny, Cherry Red, Toyota, 4x4 truck! All she did was describe, describe, describe... That's it. It's that simple! The more descriptive you are with your communication, the more she can understand you. So start using those adverbs and adjectives, the more the Better! And when you speak to a woman, feel the feelings that you are describing. If you are sayhing it logically from a disconnected space, that's exactly what she is going to feel, Nothing. It's going to make her feel disconnected and logical. And that my friends is not EMOTIONAL!!! Remember, her mating system is directly connected to her emotional system! So if she is not feeling feelings and emotions, she is not having sex with you, because she is not feeling an emotional connection with you. Sadly most men try to make a woman fall in love with him or turn her on by paying for an expensive dinner or date or  flowers, wearing an expensive shirt or suit or rings or whatever, and then he will begin to try to impress her with how much money he spent or how much his car is worth or a football game he won in the past! And then at the end of this expensive date he has bored her to tears with his Logic, trying to impress her! Remember, when you do this, you suck her into her logical brain away from her right brain where her mating system is connected, which sexually turns her on and melts her heart emotionally! And that my friends is the goal, to melt her heart with your words alone! Yes, Melt her heart with your words alone! But they must be right brain words, words of emotion. Now, I did not say BE EMOTIONAL!!! UGH!!! So many guys make this huge, huge, huge mistake!!! She does not want you to be wimpy Emo boy! Do not freaking cry. She is not looking for a cry baby! If anything, she want's a man who talks with power and confidence, because this makes her feel Power. And power is a sexual turn on for a woman. In fact, many women will start a fight to really anger you and piss you off so she can feel your emotions, because then she can feel what you are feeling. And to a woman, that is the way she understands you, buy understanding what your emotions are and what you are feeling! Get it? Confusing? hahaha... well, not after you take my course. I will make all of this sooooooo clear to you that you will have a Profound understanding of women and what she needs in order to feel your love, because that's what she needs, wants and desires from you! And then she will gladly make love to you! I hope this little bit has at least opened your eyes to some of what's going on between men and women. And please, please understand, this alone by itself is not enough to truly melt a woman's heart or to even understand her. But at least it's a start. So, for now, here's your exercise. #1 Go and buy a Romance Novel. And old fashion kind, not 50 Shades of Gray. The reason why I want you to do this, is because I want you to notice all the very detailed descriptions that Romance Novels use  over and over and over! And then I want you to stop and think about how many women secretly buy these Novels every year, every month, every weak! And, women devour these books! #2 Pay Attention!!! Pay Attention!!! Start listening to what women say and the words they use! Notice how many descriptive words women use to communicate. Describe, describe, describe! If you truly want to save your marriage or if you are single and you finally want to learn the Secrets of the Masters and want to learn the #1 Way to Romance, Seduce and Pickup on cute, sexy girls, then give us a call right here at "Crack The Female Code!" This is a New University of Love & Understanding!" 415 456 8558 P.s. the #1 Thing that helps a woman open up to you sexually is simply understanding her and what is going on with her emotionally, sexually, privately, etc. If you can do this, she will gladly make love to you. And you won't have to lie, impress or make up any stories or make any promises!! But in order to do that, you will have to learn how to "Crack The Female Code!" So come take our courses Now! Fall Classes Opening up in November! Sign up Now before the seats are all taken! Come learn how to express your emotions in a way that she can feel and have an emotional experience of what you are saying so she can understand you! Her right brain needs this! NEW SEMINAR SCHEDULE AND CLASSES WILL BE UP SOON: http://cf3.728.myftpupload.com/seminar-trainings/

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