Primal Scream - Mike Kollin's Dating & Relationship Coaching Course

Hello & Welcome to the Most Powerful, Life Changing Course on the Planet!! 

This is not a Course Based on Political Correctness! 

This is a Course that is based Completely on the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth So Help me God!

This is about the WHOLE TRUTH!!! And & Both, Plus & More!

A long time ago Studying Psychology, Hypnosis, NLP, Energy Healing and Consciousness work I realized what was missing in society!

Answer: THE TRUTH!

I realized many, many years ago as I was learning more and more about how humans actually function and how our brains work and how we are wired neurologically, what was missing in society! It's Really Obvious! 

We have been taught a lie!

We are Animals!!! 

And we were meant to be Primal!


But we were trained, conditioned and taught to ignore all of our Natural, Animalistic instincts!

This is what's wrong with society! People are not living Whole and Complete / Healthy lives!

People are Frustrated, Angry and most people will tell you they feel completely stuck in their lives! 

This is what make the Difference in my course!

I will unstick you! Find your Freedom through this course! And Move Forward in life!

I decided a long time ago I didn't care about what was politically correct or what they taught us to believe. 

I wanted to know the Truth!!! PERIOD!!! 

Why are so many men and women unhappy, miserable contemplating suicide?

Why is the Divorce rate through the Roof? Why are married couples so miserable??? 

Because they are not living whole, complete lives leading to being Emotionally Fulfilled leaving them feeling Content within! 

And that my friends is The Goal... 

If you meet clients of mine you will notice how their entire lives shift and change.

They go from Timid, Shy people living meek lives to Boldly Stepping out into the world achieving their dreams and goals, starting business, dating vigorously, taking chances & making real life choices and decisions!

They become Complete Human Beings living Meaningful Lives Loving, Understanding and Connecting with the Opposite Sex in Deeper more Meaningful ways that lead to both partners needs being met!

Now that's living life!



This course is about And & Both, Plus & More!

What the Hell am I talking about?

I realized a long time ago we have a logical left brain/hemisphere which processes information & communication through logic. I learned about how the right brain is the Open Brain and it processes through the 5 senses. 

Reptilian Brain

Now this brain I began to first learn about in College, my first year, psychology. 

At first I didn't pay much attention as I was already at this point in life brainwashed, taught that the Animal Brain or Caveman Brain was not to be used or expressed!

Later on in life it become very apparent that people who repress parts of themselves become very unhealthy physically and or mentally with all kinds of emotional issues and problems. And they lead very unhappy lives.

Another thing I began to learn in NLP - Neuro-Lingustic Programming was how anything that we repress will come out in indirect ways. 

While taking a training with NLP Master Trainer - John Overdurf in Pennsylvania I asked him, How come so many of the cities in Pennsylvania have such Sexual names? hahaha... 

He burst out laughing and said, "Because that area of the country is very, very religious and repressed!" 

He said, "Well, whenever you repress energies they come up in different ways!"

Names of some of the cities in Pennsylvania:

Bird in Hand


Blue Balls

Primal Scream | Mike Kollins Dating & Relationship Course





Primal Scream | Mike Kollin's Dating & Relationship Course


I became very clear that we as humans were and are being limited by other people for whatever reason! 

We are not living our lives and using our brains to our full capacity!!!

Psychologist / Psychiatrist practically tell us to never use our lower brain or right emotional brain processors!

Dating & Relationship Coaches give us a bunch of Left Brain Rules and structure as to how to have a relationship!!! Trust me that is "NOT" what my course is at all. I threw all those rules into the Garbage where they belong!! 

The Church, Government and other people who are introverted, ashamed tell us not to use our Internal instincts!

And Yet this is the most connected part of our brain to Mother Nature!

How many times were you told by your grandmother, "Listen to Mother Nature!!! Mother Nature knows!!!?"

And yet we are bombarded by signs, signals, teachings, teachers, preachers, movies, tv shows that tell us to shove down, ignore, deny Mother Nature & our Natural God Given Instincts!!!

That my friends is not healthy at all, period!!! 

And you lose all of your Actual Power in Life, Dating, Relationships, Sex, Love & Business by doing this!

"Step Into Your Power"


Primal Scream | Mike Kollin's Dating & Relationship Coaching Course



And Live an Awesome Life!!!! 

I say, "Step into your Power" and live Lives of Awesomeness that make it worthwhile to wake up in the morning and go back at it full speed ahead because:

You have the Edge!

And then I began to clearly realize our Brains are Processors that were designed to work in unison as One!


Let me put this as succinctly as I can!

Our brains separated, divided limit our ability to process, think and or be Aware!! We can't see or learn or understand nearly as much as we could if we were fully turned on! We ultimately have been shut down!

Ladies and Gentelmen, I am here to Give you your Freedom and show you THE WAY!

And this is a clue as to what the way is!

We are to turn on all of our Brains, the Lower - Reptilian Brain also knowns as the Caveman Brain or at least that's what I call it. This Brain is a very POWERFUL BRAIN!!! And do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

All alone, true, it is very limited. But when you open up your Left brain to your Right Emotional Brains Processor and open them both up to your Reptilian brain which is directly connected to Mother natured & has direct Access to all the information around you and within your "SELF" and Mother Nature, suddenly you are a Super Human Power! 

Some people think, "Oh so it's like 3 Powerful Brains being used at the same time?" 

I say, "No! It's much, much Greater than that! It's like 10 to the 10th Power to the 10th Power and More!!! This is called "Being in The Zone!!"

"Step into your Power & Live an Awesome Life!"

If you are ready to take the next step, I highly recommend that you read my book "Crack The Female Code" first. Then sign up for my course "Crack the Female Code" either at an event or 1 on 1 coaching!

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Primal Scream | Mike Kollin's Dating & Relationship Coaching


See you at a Seminar Soon.

Mike Kollin

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