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One of Napa Valley's Daughters has Passed on.

Beautiful Alaina | Alaina's voice Be Kind Be Present

Be Kind - Be Present

The last year almost 12 months to the day October 2017 to November 2018 some very coincidental experiences have transpired on my Birthday! Sadly 1 of them  which happened last year is directly connected to what happened on my Birthday this year.

I have been attempting to write this blog since November the 8th when I turned on the news. So please forgive me... if I start out a bit rough... 

Last year my home town where I was born and Grew up, was on Fire!!! I felt so helpless... Just watching the news and all my friends posting on facebook... 

 Napa Valley on Fire | Alaina's Voice Be Kind

 Yes, this is a Picture of Napa California last year. The Entire Valley was on Fire on both sides of the Valley!

Everyone was posting on Facebook on how to help where to go, what to do, donate, etc. It was the most helpless feeling I have had in a long time.

A friend posted a distressing post about how my former boss was at home alone and needed help putting out the fires on his property. I didn't hesitate. I immediately packed ice, water, grabbed my boots, gloves and jacket and I was out the door, filled up my gas tank, grabbed a bunch of bottled water and on the Freeway in 20 minutes, drove to Napa Fast! 

As I drove down HWY 37 I saw this Massive wall of fire and the Hills were on Fire before I ever got to Napa. I Knew this was going to be bad, really bad! I was afraid of what I was going to see. Turns out it was much worse than I imagined. 

Friends homes we had birthday parties at, swam at were completely gone. I mean Gone!!!! 

It was like a movie... it just didn't look real... 

1 of the odd things is, I hadn't been to Napa in 12 years except for 1 event. 

Out of the blue I asked a lady friend of mine to suddenly go to Napa to see the Beauty of the Valley it was crush time! It was 1 day before the fires started. As we walked around we noticed how hot it was and how dry everything was. I even said, "Wow this could really catch fire badly." And I remember Julie looking at me with this scared look and mentioned how dangerous it looked. 

This is what Napa Looked like the Day Before the Fires. 

Napa Valley Resort Standing between trees. Napa Valley from up in the sky looking at Beautiful Vineyards

Beautiful Napa Valley Inn with Green tall shrub bushes | Relationship Seminars


And this is what Napa Looked like the Next Day!

Napa Valley on Fire Fire Truck surrounded buy 40 Feet Wall of Flames for miles!


For Weeks Napa Looked like a War Zone except fighting Flames up to 30 Feet High.

Jumbo Jet Releasing Red Fire Retardent Napa Fires


Plane Releasing Fire Retardant in Neighborhood I grew up in Napa Fires

I actually spent a bit of time in this neighborhood as a teen.


Here I am with Adam Housley News Anchor for Fox News. We were at his parents home all day putting out fires and at night we went to this Winery Restaurant as you can see completely burned down!


Winery in Napa Completely burned down from Napa Fires


Image of myself in front of burned down Winery in Napa Fires 


My Friend Adam Housley Live on Air in front of Burned down Winery Napa Fires.


The Next day, Adam's Father, Mr. Housley was showing me his Horses and property and we were just talking about life n stuff. And he was giving me advice on Marriage and Life. And I blurted out how I was struggling in my marketing of my business. And he said, "Well if it's not a challenge it's not any fun and there's no reward!" I just kind of nodded.... We were exhausted from the day and night before.

What has transpired in the last few months in my business about marketing and Branding my business has been nothing short of a miracle if not a gift. 

As I am massively shifting my Branding and Marketing the Message of my business just popped out and I could finally put it into words. Even though for many, many years I have gone to business trainings, read multiple books on Branding and hired Business coaches I was so frustrated and had no idea what it was until very recently it was right there in front of my face. 

And then something awful happened... One of Napa Valleys Daughters passed away in the Thousand Oaks Shooting on November 7th. She is the Daughter Arik Housely, someone I grew up with and I worked for his Father, Art Housely. She's also the niece of Adam Housely, whom I played baseball with and went to high school with...

The Streets were lined for miles in Napa Valley upon the arrival of her body from southern California. 

When I went to Napa last year to help I had to go to their Family store in Yountville to meet up with Adam. I Met Arik the Father inside and very Briefly was introduced to Alaina. As you cans see she is a very special young lady. She has touched thousands and thousands of lives.

Beautiful Young Lady Napa Valley


What's important is there is a Shift a Movement that is going on in the World Right now! We are at the very, very beginning of this Transformation, but the light is starting to shine!

A few months ago the Core message of my business that I began to write out and put into my marketing was to be kinder, sweeter to each other, loving. To simply be gentler with each other. 

Ultimately this is what my course has always been about. Teaching men and women how to Love and Understand each other through a New teaching in Communication and Understanding. 

To teach people to simply just talk to each other. A huge part of my course is teaching men how to open up to their right brain and be in the Present Moment. To be here now!

Alaina Truly is a Gift to the World. Not only did she touch the world while she was physically with us. She is Having a Powerful Impact on the World Right Now in a very, very Powerful way as you are reading this! There is a Movement that is growing Called Alaina's Voice.

As Alaina's story began to unfold I started seeing the same message that I have been moving towards in my business. 

It's a simple message. To be Kind, Be Present. To put down your cell phone, turn it off and actually be with someone and talk to them. Our Technology has held us hostage and we have lost the art of simply connecting with each other and being with each other.

Another Coincidence?

Just today I was talking to someone from Canada about my business and we began talking about what's going on in the world and my business etc.. 

And he began talking about how we need to put down our cell phones and how its disrupting our communication and connection with each other. How we need to actually start learning how to listen to each other. And how people are living empty, lonely lives, how people have become uncaring and how we need to let go of technology and connect more.

As he was speaking I started smiling from ear to ear because everything he was saying is what my business is about. I said to him, "One of the key things I focus on is teaching people how to Ground themselves emotionally and how to completely slow down and clear their minds of all thoughts. To learn how to listen to Understand because most people listen to Reply which means they are not truly listening fully and completely to what you are saying.

To learn how to "Listen to Understand!"

Beautiful Massive Mountain with road leading up to it with Green Lush grass

 Before it gets Better it will Get Worse!

I sincerely believe we just went through the Darkest stages of this cycle. We are entering a New Age and now we are just on the other side of this cycle. And the light is beginning to shine. We are at the very, very beginning of this cycle. So it will get better and better as we move along. 

Start to Smile, Keep Faith knowing the World is getting better! You will see!

I would like to leave you with Alaina's Message to the World: 

Be Kind - Be Present - Put down your Cell Phone

It's time for change. Its time to advocate for goodness, love and life.  Its time to advocate to our countries leaders to unite us, not divide us.  We will raise Alaina's Voice.

Please Donate to Alaina's Cause to Make the World a Better Place.


Alaina's Ribbon | Be Kind Be Present

Alaina's Voice Fundraiser

 I would Like you leave you with the Positive images that have recently Transpired in Napa from Alaina's passing and her Message to the World.

A truck pulled wagon with tons of Christmas Lights | Be Kind


Christmas decorated Wagon | Be Kind Alaina's voice



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