Dateless and Desperate Virgin - Just got Engaged!!! "CONGRATULATIONS ALLEN"

Author Mike Kollin San Rafael, California 415 456 8558 "Wow, Sooooooo Awesome!!! I just received a message tonight from a great guy, my client, who just got engaged! Yes, the same guy who gave me a testimonial titled "Dateless and Desperate Virgin." Tonight, I was walking down the sidewalk at the mall in San Rafael, Ca. and I bumped into a client of mine from a little over a year ago or so. Now here is a great, great, great guy who is above average in looks, friendly, great smile, out going, social and yet couldn't meet a girl for the life of him and yet had a great job, educated, intelligent and has his own place, etc. I met Allen when I was with a Client in a Starbucks Coffee shop over a year ago, maybe more. As we talked, Allen was your typical male, intelligent, good hearted guy, caring and had drive, ambition and direction and was a genuinely good person. Yet he just couldn't get a girlfriend let alone sex or a long term relationship. Allen went through what a lot of guys went through. He would meet a girl, go on a date, open the doors, pay for gas, toll, dinner, movies, buy her flowers and was extremely Romantic. Except for 1 thing. This is not true Romance to women at all. And that's why Allen like all Nice guys just couldn't get passed the first date let alone a kiss. Yes, most guys think the nicer they are, the more they pay for things, buy flowers, candy, dinner, drinks, movies, etc. the more likely she is going to like him and eventually get into a relationship with him and make love to him! I am here to wake you up, just like I did Allen, because nothing, and I mean nothing could be further from the truth! Allen did exactly what all guys think and do. They think they can pay for her love or her sex! Well, that may have been true in the Caveman Days up until around 1950 or 1960's. But since then, women have truly found their financial and emotional independence. And trading sex for dinner or gifts is not what makes a woman fall in Love with you!!!! The old ways are gone guys! Sorry! But women want more! But, But, more of what? What? More money, more houses, more diamonds? If that were true, then Kobey Bryant the world famous basketball player who's wife just took 3 of his mansions in L.A. and $75 million, yes, $75 Million, would still be Happily and I mean Happily married if he knew what the answer was! NO! See, the reason why women will destroy a man is because she thinks you are being lazy and hurting her by denying her Love! And yet, you have done everything and I mean everything in your power to love her to express your love in the deepest, most meaningful ways that was viciously rejected by her every single damn time!!!! So what's going on? As my father said to me, "NO matter what I do, it hurts her, she gets angry and cries every time I try to love her!" "Why did God make men and women so different that when a man tries to Love a women it only hurts her and makes her get angry and viciously attack you?????" I was 21 the first time I saw my dad cry as he cried this out to me with tears running down his face. I wish I could go back and teach my father "The Answer!" Because now I have the answer and it is amazing. Most importantly it works and can teach a man how to meet the woman of his dreams and save his marriage! See, men desperately try to love the woman of his dreams with all his heart and all his soul, but unfortunately he does it in the male way! And the male form of expressing love actually hurts women and leaves women feeling desperately lost, and desperately empty emotionally. And the entire reason she married you and was with you, is because women desperately need to feel "Whole and complete with you emotionally!" And it's your job to do this! Unfortunately mother nature played a cruel trick on men and women! Mother nature hid this form of communication and expression of Love from the male brain! The way women receive love is completely the opposite of the way men express their love and or approach love, which over time alienates women in relationships. Men work hard and make as much money as possible so they can pay for nice things for her. Yet, women tell men all the time, it's not about money! And you know what, this is the most powerful truth you can ever realize and learn now! See, men are visual and external, which basically means what men value is not what women value on a deep, deep, deeply held and emotionally meaningful level. And that is what it's all about: Meaningfulness! See, men highly value things, gold, jewelery, and external things! But, I guarantee you that there is a way to express your love to a woman without spending a dime! And she will will hold on to that expression of love for the rest of her life over a Diamond ring or expensive car. So, what is "The Answer?" Answer: LOVE and Deeper Emotionally fulfilling connections through this newer form of communicating! Well, what is this communication I am talking about? I mean all of us guys have heard that women yammer and yammer and yammer about communication, communication, over and over and over and we're sick and tired of it!!! But wait... it's not what you think! No, this is not Proper communication or spelling correctly, proper English, as you may have notice, for a communication expert, I seriously don't give a rats ass about proper spelling or little things like that. I am more focused on the bigger picture, the more meaningful and emotional fulfilling purpose in my writing so it will change your life! What women are talking about when they say communication, is Right brain, The "Internal, mentally stimulating and emotionally fulfilling language of love that fills her heart with all the Love in the Universe! And yes, this is a hidden language to the Male Brain. Men are completely oblivious to this. If they weren't, they would be speaking it all day and night long, receiving all the love, sex, pleasure, appreciation and respect in the world from women! So what is the damn ANSWER? Communicating in the right brains, internal, mentally stimulating and emotionally fulfilling language of love! Not proper, black and white boring English! Hell no!!! And no, I did not say be MR. Emotional and cry at movies! Hell no! This is one of the first things I had to teach to Allen. I said, "Damn it man!!!" "You have to be the Caveman again! You have to take charge, lead and be demanding!" "Let her know that you have all of the details taken care of so she doesn't have to worry any more, so she can slip back into being the feminine women she naturally is and wants to be when she is with you. Because that's why she chose to be with you!" So stop your crying and stop your whining! The last thing she needs is another little boy or child to take care of, like she doesn't have enough to do already! See, most men, when they hear women say they want men to express their emotions, think women are saying they want men to cry or whine or something like that. No! No! No! What she really is saying is she needs, wants and desires for you to express your feelings in the "Internal Language" because women can not understand, relate to or even notice the male expression of emotions when he expresses emotions in the Male Language. Yes! We literally are speaking 2 completely different hidden languages and we don't understand each other. So what is the final "ANSWER?" Learn how to express your feelings in the Female Language. No, that does not mean be Mr. Emotional Cry baby! It simply means learn how to speak her language and express yourself in a way that she can understand and relate to so she can begin to feel close to you again! Women literally can't understand anything that men say in the male language. The Answer is that Men are hard wired to express their love Visually by buying her things, paying for dinner, gifts, flowers, candy, etc. etc. etc. Unfortunately this is not the way women receive love! Women receive Love and Emotional fulfillment through communication! That's right, the ever forbidden/hidden right brain language that mother nature has hid from the male brain. But, the Good News is that the male brain can learn how to speak this and understand this ever powerful language of love which also gives men greater awareness and greater social power and social influence! So, as you can see, Allen has learned how to speak this language of love and also the language that women simply understand in day to day conversations and communication also. Allen has also learned to say "no" and have boundaries and not let her take advantage of him and jerk him around. See, it really is all about being the Caveman who takes what he wants and goes after his dreams and desires and refuses to let any woman take him off course! Not even his wife! Women massively disrespect any guy who lets his wife or girlfriend take him off course from his dreams and or goals. If she can pull you off track, then how in the hell can you survive out in the real world/jungle where there are much more powerful men who can manipulate you and take you off course? Learning how to see things from a females perspective and learning how to read her hidden body language and verbal communication will put all the power in your hands in a way that she can respect, understand and deeply love you for!!! Again, "Congratulations Allen".

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