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 Don't be a Girly Man!! Be the Caveman!!

I have to go for a run now but watch the video you will learn something very Powerful that will change your life!! So get out there and do it!

I'll come back to this blog later today and write some more. But for now Tip of the day: "You have to Do it! If you learn something you have to apply it and do it!!! And practice it and do it and practice it, A LOT!!!!!!

That's how you get good at things!!!


I get all these guys who don't want to do the work and put in the time and effort! They want a trick or a line or an opener or a quick fix!

No!!! That is The Lie! There is no Quick Fix! There is only Hard work and effort! You have to get out there and do it, do it, do it, do it!!!!!!

That's how you get what you want out of life!!!! 

It's no Secret!!!

Mike Kollin 


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