A Super Easy Way to Meet Women...

A super Easy way to meet women… Women are very comfortable talking about sex and relationships in general. And for a lot of women, they find it odd that men don't' open up and talk about relationship stuff... All you have to do is go stand in the grocery store line. And right there next to the cashier are dozens of female magazines with titles like: "How to meet the man of your dreams" "How to trick him into marrying you within 1 year or less" "How to get him to buy you that diamond ring you want" "How to trick him into committing to you sooner" "How to get him to give you better sex" "Why he won't do that special think you really desire" "The 1 phrase every man loves to hear" "What to say to lure him into your web" "How to get more men to approach you and ask you out for a date" "How to turn up the heat in the bedroom" And on and on it goes people! My point is this, every women, ok a lot of socially normal and healthy women are very comfortable talking about sex and how to improve relationships, bonding and pleasure. And to most men, or a fair share of men, they think that talking about sex, pleasure and things of such will offend or piss women off. Nothing could be further from the truth! This is completely normal for women and very comfortable territory for them. Now, I don't mean just jump into talking about orgasms, spanking, etc. You have to gain rapport and talk in a social - psychological way as if you are learning. Because that is what women are doing; learning and sharing. And yes, it is enjoyable, fun and makes life better. So, I am going to get right to the point here. The other day I was sitting in the Coffee shop and I was really focused on getting some much needed reading done and some writing done for my book. Now this day, the book I had and was reading was reading, was The Red Queen - Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature. (Which I highly recommend to men and or anyone who wants to understand the opposite sex better.) Now, an attractive, professional lady in her early late 30's or so, sat next to me and within a few minutes, started up a conversation by asking me about the book and it's title. She asked me why I was reading it. And I responded with, "I am a Male to Female Communication expert nad specialize in Dating and Relationships." And that opened up an amazing conversation about Love, Relationships, the opposite sex and even business because she was also starting a business and asked me if the Communication aspects can also apply to business, which I said, "yes, of course." So, there I was minding my own business, literally because I was so focused on getting some work done. But, because I had this book, it gave her a legitimate reason to start up a conversation. And we spoke for about 45 minutes or so, exchanged numbers and had a great time. My point, is the more you understand the opposite sex, the easier it is to create fun, more meaningful experiences together. And it makes it a lot easier to meet women if you just simply understand the keys. Now, one of the keys, is women are more indirect than men when it comes to meeting and it has to be or seem natural as in more than I just want to meet you and I am attracted to you. So, one of the things that Happened was, I had a book on a subject that was naturally of interest to her. Sex and relationships and human behavior, because, as I said above, for a lot of socially healthy and normal women, it is quite normal to talk about these subjects. So #1 I happened to have something that gave her an excuse to start up a conversation. #2 It happened to be a subject that many women enjoy talking about. Now, how can we as men reverse this natural order to work for us, so we can approach and start up a conversation with a female we are attracted to? Well, that's easy. Here's the rule. It has to be something genuine and or real that applies to the moment. In other words, all you have to do is notice what's going on in the moment around her or you guys. It could be that it's a really calm day or it's relaxing, or maybe it's a piece of jewelry she is wearing, or it could be her hair cut that you genuinely admire. Do you get my point? Now here is the secret. It must be of genuine interest to you? In other words, if you are simply talking to her about her ring or bracelet to pick up on her, then she's going to pick up on it and not be impressed at all. Now think about it for a minute. How many times have you seen a women and really liked her and found her to be very attractive to you and you sincerely and genuinely wanted to meet her? See, you don't' have to be fake at all... I mean, you like her right? Now, all you have to do is just simply stop and ask yourself, tune in to what it is that attracted you to her? Was it the way she moved, the way she held herself, maybe it's the way her hair falls across her shoulders, or maybe it's her style? It could be her energy. Maybe she's very energetic, yet down to earth and comes across as warm hearted. All you have to do is tell her what you see, hear and feel. But there is a key that most men don't use. Women need, absolutely need the description. But the male brain generally will say, "I like you!" "Your hot!" Or, "Your Beautiful, I really like you!" Now she is going to look at you  and wait, 1 thousand 1, 1 thousand 2, 1 thousand 3, 1 thousand 4 and then bamm... she's pissed and she's out of there. Here's why. To the female brain, when you simply make a super vague and abstract statement like, "I Like you" or "Your Beautiful" she is waiting for you to tell her what you like about her. Get it? And if you don't describe in detail what it is you like, she thinks you are lying and taking a shortcut to get into her pants and nothing, nothing will piss a woman off worse. So, don't just say, "I like your hair, it's beautiful." There's not description in that at all. Tell her, describe to her what you like about her hair. For example, "Hi, how are you?" "Wow, I like your Hair cut, it's very stylish, I like the way it falls down across your shoulders. It gives off a very comforting feel about it, yet gives off a very energetic and fun look about to." "Nice, I like it!" Now let's back up to the part where I said, Notice what's going on around you to in that moment. It could be that she's reading a specific book that you find very interesting. Even if you never read it, you can ask and say, "I have heard a lot about that book, what's it about, is it any good?" Or, "What's your purpose for reading that book?" So, there are many, many ways to naturally and genuinely meet women. Just stop, pay attention and notice what's going on around you and her and or notice what it is that you like about her and simply describe it. Well, good luck to you single men out there and hey, if you are married, you can also do this with your wife or girlfriend, because it is the natural way and makes her feel appreciated, which will lead to a much more passionate connection. Thank you for reading and this is Mike Kollin the author.  

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