Every Woman's Battle - The Need for [Love & Emotional Fulfillment]

Every Woman's Battle - The Need for Love & Emotional Fulfillment

Love, Communication & Emotional  Fulfillment are Now Possible

And How to Get it!

Get all the Love & Emotional Fulfillment you Need, Desire & Deserve in your Marriage / Relationship. Powerful Dating & Relationship Coaching Discovery!!

Wake up!! It's Time! It's Time for you to Get all the Love & Emotional Fulfillment you Need, Desire and Dream of Now!!! 

As I read through other psychological blogs and articles I am Horrified at what they are telling women. To Give up on Emotional Fulfillment to not Look for Emotional Fulfillment from their spouse, partner or men! 

You Can Now Have it! Men Can Learn How to Communicate in the Right Brain Language and give you True, Deep, Emotionally Fulfilling & Meaningful Communication from their Heart of Hearts!

On My Heart! On My Soul! I swear, Men can "Now" Learn how to Love you in that Deeper, more Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling way that you Need, Desire & Enjoy with my New Life Changing, Relationship & Dating Discovery!

I found the Answer!

I made a New Discovery that Shows men how to Open up to their Right Brain and learn how to Communicate and express their feelings in the Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling "Internal" language of Love that your heart desires! 

Understanding, Clarity in Communication between the sexes, True Deeper Love & Emotional Fulfillment are all now Possible!

"Plant the Seeds of Love & Desire Now"

And Let Emotional Fulfillment Blossom

Plant the Seeds of Love, Desire and Emotional Fulfillment.

Oneness, wholeness and completion between and within couples is now possible! You Deserve the very Best Love and Relationship. 

Yes, I am talking about that warm, Loving, Open form of Communication that comes only from his Heart and fills yours with Love & Emotional Fulfillment! ❤️ 💕 💝 

But First a little story:


So, I had this client who, no matter what her husband would do for her, she simply didn't believe he Loved her.

So eventually, I got really bold and blunt. And I said, "What Makes you think he doesn't Love you????" And she kind of beat around the bush once again. So I said, "What exactly is happening or not happening that makes you feel or believe he doesn't love you? Give me an Example of what it is?"

She said, "Well, for Example, whenever he comes home, he won't tell me what's wrong?" I said, "What makes you think there's something wrong?" She said, "Because he won't tell me what's wrong." So at this point, I started to grin.... hehe... (Note this has been going on for over a year or so. And at this point he got his own apartment more than an hour drive away. P.s. after a few sessions, they moved back in together and have been happily married for more than 2 years now!)

Cuz I got this already. (Yeah, I used a little slang there.) Simple... Now it becomes fun for me because all I have to do is communicate in a way that her unconscious mind see's what I see and understand's what I understand. So at this point it becomes fun because it's just a matter of taking her down the learning path to seeing the Bigger Picture. (This is due to all my NLP Trainings and how to get someone's unconscious mind to actually understand on a much deeper level what it is that they are not seeing or conscious of!)

And Trust me, it's all about The Bigger Picture!

So I asked her, "Tell me exactly what would happen." So she said, "Well, he would come home, walk in the door, give me a kiss and a hug, and I would say, 'How was your day?'. And he would just give a simple answer like, 'it was fine, it's ok, it was good'. So then I would ask him, "What's wrong?" And he would always say, "Nothing is wrong." And then he would just walk into the kitchen, grab some food and then go into the living room and turn on the TV. 

So then I would go in there and ask him "What's wrong." And then he would get mad and yell, "Nothing's wrong, everything is ok. I just want to watch this show." 

So at this point, I start to laugh. And she says, "What's so funny?" So I said, "Does he like that show?" She said, "Yes, why?" I said, "Does he watch that show a lot?" She said, "Yes, how did you know?" hahaha.,.. So I laugh and began... 

I said, The way men express themselves in depth is by raising their volume and yelling  in celebration, anger or determination. That's how you know they Reeeeeeaaaaaaaally mean it. Just like a Caveman! "Raaaaaaaaaaaaa"

Men Communicate and Express their Emotions to women all, and I mean all the Time!!! 

But they do it in the male form of Communication / Expression. Which to women is not Communication or expressing your emotions at all, because she can not receive your Love or Understand you in the male way of expressing yourself!!! Now that's a Problem isn't it?

"Me Caveman! You Cave Girl Grunt Grunt!!!" 

The Male Form of Expressing his Deep, Deep Love Can Not be Received by Women! She needs to hear it, receive it in the Female Form of Love! 

Ladies and Gentlemen we have a Problem. 

Meaning, you are still a Cave person by nature. But I kind of suspect you already know this. 

One thing I noticed was that women would giggle and laugh at how men still grunt or talk like they are still cavemen, using modern language, but still like a caveman, the way you move, act, sound, talk, etc.. 

"Me Caveman, you Cave Girl!! Raaaaaaaa!!!!"

Then after a while, I noticed women doing their Cave Girl stuff. hahahaha... I caught my ex girlfriend smelling the back of my neck. I Kept my mouth shut for a while. And began to pay attention to this behavior over time. 

What caught me off guard, was one day I was at the Grocery store and this other lady snuck up behind me in the grocery store line and literally smelled my neck... Ha!!! I just froze and almost burst out laughing. 😝

And then a few weeks later I watched another woman standing behind a guy in line at the grocery store and she snuck up and sniffed him! hahahahaha.... You little Cave girls you!

Now Guys, remember I said that the female brain is the Right Brain, which is directly connected to the (Caveman/Reptilian/ Instinctual Brain?) Well the right brain is the 5 senses brain, which includes smells... And it's Directly connected to her Mating system which turns her on sexually. So connect the dots here sir!

The Right Brain’s Hidden, Indirect Language not only turns her on Sexually, it literally fills her heart with your Love & Emotions!

Yes, Ladies, you have a bit of Cave girl in you too... Not to mention the wiggling, dancing, etc. to stimulate the Male Mating System Visually. Makeup, Hairdo's, earrings, jewelry, wiggling etc. are all visual stimulus to trigger his visual mating system. Its all Instinctual... 

You want Power in Dating & Relationships ladies? Regain your Female SEDUCTION POWER!!! 

The Male Mating System is directly stimulated Visually. Thus you need to Re-Master the Art of Romantic Visual - Seduction for him as well. Because this gives you POWER!!! 

Remember, there is "No Right Or Wrong!" There is just the way we are hard Wired Neurologically and how we are stimulated, turned on and Loved!

Again, The Female Mating System is also in the Instinctual Lower Caveman/Cave girl Brain. And it is directly connected to her Right Brains Communication Processor! 

What that means is, Women are Stimulated / Sexually Turned on through the Hidden Right Brain Form of Indirect Communication. 

So men, when you say you are a great communicator, you mean the Left, Logical Brain Communicator as in proper, logical communication! She does not mean that at all. This does not turn her on. In fact it turns her off sexually! It gives her a headache, Literally!

Love, Romance, Seduction & Effective Communication are all an ART! 

You do this and your Caveman just might be a bit more willing to open up and be a bit more Romantic. 

I'll Make you a Deal

You begin to Master the Art of Seducing men, I'll teach the men how to Romantically Seduce you in that special "Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling way through that Hidden, Romantically Passionate way of Communicating, Including Body language, tonality and being Emotionally Grounded like a Rock!

I'll also teach him how to Open up find his center and be Mentally & Emotionally Grounded, Open and Calm in a way that allows you to simply relax, enjoy and melt into his arms!  

Yes, I can also teach you, ladies, to learn these Powerful techniques to help you ground yourself, to relax and open up also. 

Now what if Julie knew how to wiggle & be more Romantic in a Powerfully Visual Seductive way & Understand men better? 

Purpose: Do not give up any of your Power! Regain it by Stepping back into You!! 

So back to Julie!

Well, she told me this went on for months and months and no matter what she did, he simply wouldn't tell her what was wrong. 

So I asked her again, "Why do you think something is wrong?" She said, "Because he won't tell me what's wrong." I said, "What exactly does he say?" She said, "He says, 'Nothing is wrong, I'm fine, Everything is ok.' And then he goes into the kitchen grabs some food, etc. then sits down and watches the television."

Now Julie also explained to me that he has raised his voice and exclaimed out of frustration, "Nothings wrong! Everything is fine!"

Well, he actually did tell you what was going on!

The Male Brain in a Nut Shell... hehe... 😂 

So I explained to Julie that the Male Brain communicates and express's it's emotions in a different way than the Females form of expression. 

#1 The Male Brain: When a man Says A. he simply Mean's A. and only A!

A Means A. That's it! Period

"Say what you mean & mean what you say" is the male motto. The male Brain is the Direct Brain, A means A. That's it! Period.

This doesn't mean that some men, especially older men don't use the Double pictures or indirect way of communicating at least a little bit at times. But most men most of the time are in their logical, direct, A means A brain. 

When he says, "Everything is Fine" what that means is, "Everything his Fine." I know, sounds a bit simplistic doesn't it? Well, it is! The male Brain is the Direct Brain, to the Point Brain! It says what it means!

Whereas the Female Right Brain Says A. but does not mean A., it actually means B.

A does not mean A. (Right now, men reading this are about to lose it! hahahaha..... Ahhhhhh...) 

(No, not always but when it comes to relationships and social situations, and Romantic Communication. Especially when she is in her right brain.)

The Male Brain is Direct, to the point! A Mean's A. 

The Female Brain, Right Brain, many times will not Be Direct, but rather needs a more in depth form of Communication. Many times spoken through stories, metaphors and very rich, descriptive examples.

Ladies, please understand men do not understand this form of communication at all!!! Period!!! If they do it's so rare and so very little. 

#2 Men Express their emotions through More Volume & Length, LOUDER!!!!!! And LOOOOOOONGER!!!!!!!!

I Love you.

I Looove you... 


I'm fine.

I'm fine.... 

I'm Fineeeee.... 

I'm FIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember 1 time when I was explaining to my girlfriend that I was really mad. And she didn't understand. So I screamed and smashed the table like a caveman! "I'M MADDDDDDDD!!!!" I thought for sure she would understand, but nope! She said quietly... "You don't have to yell, just explain to me what you mean." Me Today: "hahahaha..." 

Ladies, do you know that when a man is yelling what he means, the last thing he wants to hear is, "Just explain it to me"? Cuz he already is. hahahaha....

A man Explains by how loud he is. 

A women explains by how in depth her conversations goes and how Descriptive it goes.

I know, male communication sounds a bit simple doesn't it? Well, it is! It's all about getting to the point when it comes to men, most of the time. Yes, there are variables and situations where this may not be so true. But for the most part it is.

So what would he do? He would push his volume louder!!! Push energy! Male Energy!! But that means' nothing to a woman's system other than, Why is he being so pushy? Or so loud? 

Because the way the female system processes communication is through more in depth descriptions which makes it much more meaningful, more in depth and complete to her. So getting louder and louder just confuses her more and more and more...

When a man is not understood or heard, he yells Louder with more volume and longer!!!

When a woman is not understood, she goes more in depth and describes the situation with more descriptive words. That's the Right Brain in Action!

Remember, the Male brain was designed to "Get to the Point."  

The Female Brain was designed to be more in depth, longer, more descriptive communication. Simply meaning more Adjectives and adverbs. For Example. It's not (Male Version) "A Beautiful Green Leaf". It's (Female Version) a Powerful, Electric Green with lightning energy shooting through it giving it a light electric green glow - Leaf." Describe, Describe, Describe. 

#1 Now once Julie began to understand that the way men express their Emotions is Direct, to the point in short phrases or even single words, she began to realize & said, "He does this all the time!" And a look of Relief came over her face and she took a deep, relaxing breath & sighed a good sigh... 

#2 When she also realized that the Male Visual Cortex is more developed, and that men can read and feel & understand another males Emotions simply with a look or a single word, she began to realize that he was expressing his Love to her all along in the male way. 

#3 She also began to realize that men and women vastly communicate and express their emotions and feelings all the time in a different manner. 

She Began to realize that He expressed his Love Deeply in the male language and way!

So in short, Julie's husband did Love her very much so and in depth in the male way. 

She began to realize that when he came home and said something with passion, that is exactly what he meant. That to a man A. Means A.

In other words, "I Love You means I Love you!" 

NOTE: Now of course the rest of my course is to teach men how to communicate in the Internal, More Emotionally Fulfilling Way so you can receive his Love Fully & Completely and Feel whole and Complete through a Deeper, More Meaningful level of "EMOTIONALLY FULFILLING" Communication - in the Female way of Receiving love.

Emotional Fulfillment Coming Soon!!

But First... 

Don't give up on Love! Not yet!

Go to corner store, back in 5 minutes and she is pissed off!!! Raaaaa Cave girl...

Ok, I am sure both men & women can relate to what I am about to share with you! In fact, I am going to ask men this question.

Why do you think, when you go to the Corner store and immediately come back in less than 7 minutes, she is suddenly all pissed off and angry with you?

Ok, so let's say you are with your Sweet Heart all cuddled up on the couch. You get up and you say to her, "I'm going to the corner store to get some ice cream for us." And she looks at you and nods and says, "Ok!" 

So you get up, run to the corner store which is only 2 doors down from your place. So you walk in 30 seconds later, grab some ice cream and lucky for you, nobody is in line. The clerk rings you up and "Bamm" you are out the door and back at your place in less than 5 minutes. 

You walk in with a big smile on your face and you show her the Rich, Smooth n Delicious - Creamy Ice Cream. But something is wrong. She is upset. She's mad. She is... she's angry! At you!!! Huh????

So you say, "What's wrong?" And she just gives you this deep, dark look of death. And you are thinking, "What in the hell could have possibly gone wrong? I was only gone for less than 5 minutes!!! 

So out of No where she throws a left hook, verbally, out of Nowhere and she says, "Are you Fucking the Cashier girl at the corner store?" 

"Houston! We have a Problem!"

"Roger that!" 

So your Brain spins in circles at at least 100 mph... and suddenly your heart is pounding and you are thinking to yourself, "WTF??? How in the hell could she possibly think I had sex with the Girl at the corner store? I was there and back in less than 5 minutes??? I mean, I'm quick but I'm not that Quick!!" 

So like an idiot, with your heart pounding, sweat starting, breathing shallow, out loud you say, "No!!! How in the hell could I possibly have had sex with the girl at the corner store? I was only gone 5 minutes!!!"

End Scene

Let's take a scientific look at this! 

In other words, "What in the Hell just Happened??? She was all happy and cuddly before I left and within 5 minutes she is in a full on Rage!!! At Me!!!" 

Well, believe it or not, there is actually a Real & Logical Answer. And trust me, it will actually make complete sense! You Bastard you! hehehe...  just kidding! 💕 

Ok, so maybe you are not a Rat Bastard. Maybe you actually just went to the corner store and did just get some Rich, Smooth n Delicious Chocolate, Thick Ganache Chocolate to taste to your Hearts Pleasure and Desire. And that's all ok, sincerely it is. But it's Still fun to call you Rat Bastard...  hehe... 😂 

Ok, ok, let's get serious now! 

So what in the Hell just happened??? 

Well, here's how the Female Brain Functions. 

Remember how I said the Left, Logical Male Brain is Direct? 

Remember how I said the Left Male Brain Means what it says? So if it says A, it Literally means A? 

Well the Right Female Brain doesn't do that... hahaha...

In fact... ok guys, men, I Know this is going to sound really, really hard to believe, but!!! 

The Right, Female Brains Function Does Not Mean A whether you say it to her or she says it! 😊 (If a woman is in her Left Brain, it does mean A. But... She has 2 brains, left and right and they both function at the same time.

Generally, since a woman's mind is wired differently than yours, here is how it usually works. I say usually lightly for this blog. 

When you say A. to her, Her Logical Left brain is just like yours and it goes, "Ok!" Then her right brain asks, "What does that Really Mean? Or What is a Deeper Meaning of that?" And if you don't tell her, man you are in deep, deep, deeeeeeeeeep Trouble!!! 

Because I am telling you, there is no worse torture to the Right Female Brain than not giving her the Meaning of what you just said! 

Here is what it actually does? 

The Right brain is constantly, Always asking 1 of 2 questions which are both basically the same question. 

The Right Brains Job is designed to look for Deeper Meaning!

And remember, the right brain is about "All" The Options & Possibilities! 

So it is always... Ok, let me make this clear.  IT IS ALWAYS Looking for Deeper Meaning!!!

And! And!!! And!!! If you don't tell her what that means, I absolutely Guarantee you, she will land on the absolute worse possibility available. And your Ass is Grass!! 

It's all about Meaning for this Brain. 

Here are the 2 Questions: 

"What does that Really mean?" 


"What is a Deeper Spiritual Meaning of this?"

The Right Brain is looking for a Deeper, More Emotionally Fulfilling / Meaningful or Spiritual Meaning. 

And you know what? That is Freaking Awesome! I mean to work a career or Job and actually get enriching, meaningfulness out of your work. What an Awesome, Awesome thing to do. 

To search for, look for actual Meaningfulness in your words in your actions, even in the way, your tone, tempo and rhythm, is what life is all about. 

See, the Right Female Brain is what took us out of the Caveman Era where we men were simply satisfied with enough food a cave and sex! It's true. 

It is the sole reason why we have Air Conditioners and Heaters and carpets and soft couches, vehicles, grocery stores, & Pizza!!!!!! etc..

Cavemen just put up with -25 degree temperatures or 110 degree weather, plain, dry food and sleeping on the ground in a cave, etc..

The Cave Woman Demanded a Better life so we could function on a higher level. A higher Human level. And People, as tears roll down my face in Starbucks, We made it! 

We don't have to scratch and claw for survival every minute of the day. 

See, there is a Larger, Grander scheme to everything. We are not just here to survive, eat food and have sex! Although maybe that's not such a bad thing! hahaha...

We are here to Express ourselves, regardless of what that is. We are here to Create! And I mean Create & Express our thoughts, desires, dreams and Feelings whether that be creating a new song, new lyrics, to create an Architectural Monument that is famous world wide or to simply create a New Course that Wins a Nobel Peace Prize by teaching men and women to finally for the first time in the History of mankind to finally learn how to actually communicate with each other and actually Understand each other and Love each other! 

And that my Friends is THIS COURSE That I and ONLY I Can Teach! 


We sincerely are at an Awesome, Awesome point in Time in Human Development... we are right there... 

We are now at a point in time where we can focus on being Human. And that's all due to the Right, Female's Emotionally Fulfilling Brain that is constantly looking for a more Meaningful purpose to Life and creating more Meaningful, Purposeful experiences in life instead of just working day and night week after week, month after month, year after year til the day we die.

And yes, it's the Left Brain that brings the Creative idea's into Reality!

"Do you want to Live????"

Then it's time to Wake up and Feel, See, Hear, Smell & even Taste the Flavors and Colors of Life! Open up to the Right Brain, the 5 senses communication processor.

We have air conditioning. We have Comforters. We have California King Sized Beds. We have cars that go 200 mph with 600 Horse power or more. And those cars have Air Conditioning in them and heaters! Wow!!!

We have Modern Caves Called Houses and Condo's and Apartments that have soft carpet to walk on. We have these amazing things called Kitchens where we store food, heat food, cook food, freeze food so we don't have to go hunting every single day. We have grocery stores to do that now! hahaha.... 

Ladies!! Right Brain!!! From the Fullness of My Heart, Thank you very, very much for pushing us, leading us, guiding us, Forcing us to continually move forward to bettering ourselves and our lives! We are all Much, Much Better off for it! 

Emotional Fulfillment Continued

So the Right Brain is constantly looking for a Deeper Meaning to what you say, do, express to her or don't express to her. 

So when you say, "I am going to the Grocery store to get some ice-cream... when you leave, here's what happens. 

Her left brain acknowledges that. And as you walk out the door her right brain begins to ask, "Well, what does that really mean?" Or "What is a Deeper meaning of that?" 

And when you do not tell her, 1 of the most agonizing experiences begins to slowly spiral out of control. And it goes something like this:

Her: "Is he mad at me? Maybe he just needs some space? What does that mean? Is something wrong? Is he mad at me? What does that mean? Did I do something wrong? What did I do? Wait... is he having problems at work? What does that mean? Does that mean he is going to lose his job? Did he get fired? What does that mean? How are we going to pay the Bills? How come he went to that store? Is he having sex with the Girl behind the counter? What does that mean? Does that mean he's going to leave me?" 

And in you walk.... and she says out loud, "Are you having sex with the cashier girl???" 

See, there are 2 things happening.

Remember, the Right Brain is on Auto Pilot when it comes to

#1 "Looking for a Deeper Meaning!!!" 

#2 The Right Brain is WIDE OPEN and sees and looks for all the Options and possibilities! And there are Trillions of them; options! And it goes into overdrive to figure out which one it is. It burns up a ton of energy and causes a ton of worries for her if you don't tell her. All you have to say is, "I am going to the Store to get us some Ice Cream. And what that means is I am going to the Store to get Ice Cream!" 

Now the Male brain either just melted down because that doesn't make any sense to the male brain or he thinks I accidentally re-wrote the same thing on accident and that must be a typo! 

So guys, here is what is going on. Again, her Left Logical brain is just like yours. And when You say A, it understands A. A Means A. 

In other words, her left brain Understood that when you said, you were going to get ice cream at the corner store, that you were going to the corner store to get ice cream. That's it. 

But her Right brain automatically asks over and over and over and and over and over and over.... "What does that mean? Or what is a Deeper Meaning of that? And what does that mean? What does that really mean?" etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. Because that's what the Right Brain does until it gets completion and or meaning in the Right Brain way! Period. 

So then it goes, "What does that mean? Well it could mean he is upset? Oh well what does that Mean? It could mean he is thinking about something? Well what does that mean? It could mean he is having problems at work? Well what could that really Mean? That could mean he is getting laid off? Well what does that mean? Well that means he won't be able to pay the mortgage or rent? What does that mean? That means we will have to move or be homeless? etc. etc. etc. etc. etc." 

Then it goes to another totally separate possibility, "Corner store? What does he want to go to the corner store for? How come it's this store why not the other store? Well, what could that mean? Maybe he wants to talk to someone there? What could that mean? Maybe he likes someone there? Hey wait a minute, doesn't the Ice Cream girl work at the Ice cream store? Wait? Does he like the Ice cream girl? What could that mean? It could mean he likes the Ice Cream girl. What could that mean? Is he having sex with the Ice Cream Girl? Well what could that mean? Does he want to be in a Relationship with the Ice Cream girl? OMG!!! Does that mean he's going to leave me? Is he going to Leave me?!!!!" 

And in you walk! 

So all you have to do is simply say, "WHAT THAT MEANS IS" 

It goes like this A "MEANS" B. 

Now here is the Crazy and fun part. You get to make up whatever you want it to mean? There is no Right or Wrong answer here. Her Right Brain literally Just needs to know what that means, "TO YOU!!" That's it!!! 

And it actually doesn't have to make any logical sense at all. It's almost like putting your hand into a black bag and pulling out an answer and reading it off. It's just a process the right brain needs to go through to complete it's process and thus it stops. And now she can relax.

It NEEDS Meaning in order to complete function, to stop thinking. Otherwise guys you are in for a night of.... HELL!!!!! 

* Now here is the Super Cool thing. You can learn how to communicate this Meaning in a Positive way that Melts her heart and makes her Love you more than ever!!!

But that is for the Course!

Quick Note: The Reasons women think men are liars, is because the female form of communication requires you to communicate in a very specific pattern. And if you don't, it doesn't make sense to her brain, so she will automatically default to "He's Lying" even when you are not. 

So it would behoove you to take my course & learn how to Melt her heart and communicate in a way that gives her a Deeper More Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling Meaning through Right Brain Communication. 

So another thing that happens as you reflect back on Julie, is if you don't tell her what it Means, she automatically thinks something must be wrong even when nothing is wrong at all... 

And then her Right Brain goes on a Tour De Force of what could possibly be Wrong!!! "What does that mean? And what does that really mean? And what is a Deeper meaning of that?" And if you simply answer "NOTHING!!!!!!" Loudly, she doesn't believe you and continues her life long journey of figuring out "What's wrong!" 

All you have to say is, "Nothing is wrong & "What that Means" is, Nothing is wrong!" Or whatever you want to say in the second part. 

You could say, "Nothing is wrong & "What that Means" is that life is Awesome and Beautiful and so Awesomely Amazing and Massively, Powerfully Inspiring that I am so fired up that I sometimes get lost in my own Powerful, Enigmatic Imaginations not realizing that you are not with me inside my brain on this amazing Journey of Creative Fascination & Powerful Expression or Unifying Understanding, because I always feel so close to you it's as if we are completely and totally at one within! What I mean is, "I Love you!" 

Please Please, if you are only getting 1 single thing from this entire Writing, get, see, hear and feel & understand this:

Use the Phrase: "WHAT THAT MEANS IS" 

And then say something after that!!! Anything for now!!! Just talk and say and what that means is... and what that means is!

Then take my course! "And what that means is, if you don't take my course and learn how to communicate in this mentally stimulating & Deeper, more Meaningful and More Emotionally Fulfilling Language of Love that Satisfies her Emotionally keeps her happy Mentally and leaves her knowing her Man Loves her with all his heart and soul, then she will either Leave you physically as in leaving the relationship, or she will Leave you mentally and Emotionally and the Love will slowly begin to die and wilt and she won't have any real deep sex with you and you will both be living in a relationship that is dead... 

Sincerely and seriously men and women, 

Ok, so Ladies, the male brain does not do this so he doesn't understand what you are going through and because of that he has a hard time relating to why you are upset and or mad, until he takes this course!

But Please Ladies, Understand he is NOT wired the way you are, thus unless he takes this course, there is no way he can truly understand even a tiny bit about what you are going through. He understands and processes the world and his experiences the way a male experiences and processes life; exactly like you experience and process the world in the Female way which is Polar Opposite of the way you experience Life! 

 Ok, so Guys! Remember, A Does not Mean A!

I know, I know, sounds a bit Crazy. But for now, all you have to remember, is that A really "MEANS" B. And B is whatever it means to you! And that, sincerely is what she really wants, is to know what it "Means" to you! That's all...  

Ummmm.... except if she is the one talking... cuz then it is what it means to you and you have to have the Decipher code! 

What's that? You think I am joking? Ummm...well... No, I am not joking!

For now I am calling it "Crack The Female Code" where A does not mean A but it means B. Well except when she is in her Left, Logical Male brain, then A means A. 

And yes, you actually need to be able to tell when she is in her logical brain which processes directly vs. her non logical Right Brain which processes indirectly.

Now are you both starting to see the dilemma here? 

Mother Nature Purposely Created this Code. For the man who opens up to his right brain is the Man who has Power!!! And thus she gets more Meaningfulness and her Life and her Efforts are Worthwhile. 

Live a Life of Meaning that is Fulfilling! That is what this Journey is All about!!

Without taking my course There's No Way in Hell you could ever possibly understand each other let alone Romance each other or Turn each other on! I mean in the way that gives her Mental Stimulation & Emotionally Fulfilling Experiences on a Much Deeper Level.


Have you ever found yourself in the Dog House and had no idea what you did wrong? Now you Know!

Now the Good Stuff! Emotional Fulfillment and More Oxytocin!!!! 

Now this is what it's all about. 

So what is going on inside your Neurology and bodies and inside your Hormones and Chemistry?

Inside Her Right brain is a little Devil waiting to come out! This is the Hidden girl within her. And she is playful and sneaky and!!! Can be very naughty if you know how to bring her out. And this in & of itself is an art.

And this is why "UNDERSTANDING HER" on this Hidden Level is so very, very Important because the most Seductive thing a man can do on any and every level is to be able to Truly, Truly understand the little girl within her behind the wall of Public Logic. 


You Deserve all the Love & Emotional Fulfillment you Need & Desire! 

Now we have to get him to

#1 Be Aware of what this is!!! 

Men Don't know that they don't know! 

It's like Being Blind, except you don't know that you are blind.

Because the Male Brain is Literally Blind & Disconnected from what this is, because he receives this same thing, Emotional Fulfillment, in the Complete Opposite way than you do! So he does it in the way he experiences Love & Emotional Fulfillment.

#2 After he realizes what it is, he has to Learn how to do this. And let me tell you right now, it's not easy for the male brain to learn how to communicate and express himself in this Powerful Way that gives him more Social and Business Power and fills your Heart with Love and Emotional Fulfillment creating a Meaningful Relationship together!

* Once he learns how to do this, give you mental stimulation & Emotional Fulfillment, he also Opens up to the Social Part of his brain and develops Greater Awareness, thus Greater Social Power that effects every area of his life!

What you have been waiting for is right here Now! 

The way a man Expresses his Love to a Woman is not the way a woman receives it.

No, I am not talking about NLP's Deep Love Strategy or the 5 Love Languages! I mean those are nice, but that's kindergarten stuff compared to what you'll will learn in my courses.

I am talking about Opening up the Heaven's, Clearing the clouds and confusion & Opening up your Heart of Hearts and Filling your Heart With the Deepest of Love. I am talking about "Emotional Fulfillment!" The only true and Real way a woman can be filled and complete and left feeling, knowing she is Deeply Loved with a sense of Wholeness and Fullness.

So what is Emotional Fulfillment?

Well, I will answer that speaking to men. 

Men, You know that Feeling you get after having sex? You know, where you feel Totally Relaxed and Content all over your entire body, where you just want to stay still, relax and even sleep? 

That's the same feeling she wants from you too. But she can't receive it from Sex! It has to be given to her in the Right Brain's Female "Internal Language!" This is what gives her Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling experiences with you!!!

You learn how to do this and you will have an Inspired woman who will do everything in her Power to Keep you, Hold onto you and Love you in every way she can!! Because now you are giving her what she Truly Needs & Desires from You. 

The is Emotional Currency. The same as when you go to the grocery store and put your food items up on the Conveyor Belt. You want the Food & the Cashier/Store wants MONEY IN EXCHANGE FOR THE GROCERIES/FOOD.

Now you have something she really really wants from you!!! And trust me, she is willing to give you what you want in exchange!! 

Now that's Power!!!

Give a woman what she truly Wants, Needs & Desires and you will be Surprised at how much she will Love you and give you what you want in a relationship! 

Wow! What a Concept! Both partners being Deeply and Completely Loved in the way they need and desire to be Loved feeling whole and complete and totally satisfied. 

Houston I think we found The Answer

The same feeling you get after sex is what she needs and wants through communication. She can't get it thought sex alone. She can only experience this from Right brain, Internal language/Communication, which you don't speak. And are not even Aware of. Yes, it's a Different Language and it's Processed, "Literally", in the Right Brains Emotional, 5 Senses Processor. 

Guys! Did you know women wait years and years and years and years for this and never receive Love or rather Emotional Fulfillment from you? She never receives that same emotionally Fulfilling Feeling that you get from sex, ever!

She tries to teach it to you. She takes you to seminars. She Prays, hopes, wishes... but to no avail... 

Imagine being married to the woman of your dreams, except, you never, ever, ever have sex! That's what it's like for a woman in a relationship with a man. No Love. 

That's why she is so pissed off at you and yells at you and screams and cries. She not mad because of the garbage you forgot to take out last night. She's mad because she isn't getting Love, IN THE FEMALE WAY! 

She Can Not Neurologically Receive Love in the Male way that men Give and Express and Receive Love!!! It is Literally NOT POSSIBLE!!!! 

She Can Only Receive Love in the Female Way!

How would you feel after being married for 5, 10 or 25 years and never being Loved and feeling that Deeper, More Meaningful Love from her?

Imagine being Married for 5 years or longer and never Having Sex or Making Love to your Wife, not even once!!! Yet she is right next to you in bed sleeping every night! And on top of that, She is completely Happy, Satisfied, Deeply Loved and Completely Content within the Relationship. And yet she never kisses you or touches you or has sex with you. And you are left there feeling Empty, Alone and Disconnected from the relationship, completely the opposite of what she is feeling.

You would be pissed off too... 

This is why some women cut off sex. On some level she knows you receive emotional fulfillment and love from her when you have sex. She wants you to feel what she is going through. 

Problem is you don't know what this is let alone how to speak this language. But women don't know that. They assume, believe that you do know what this is and how to do it because she is wired that way. So she believes you are too. We all do that. It's Called Projection and seeing & experiencing the world through our own eyes because that's the way we are wired not knowing you are wired differently!

We are all wired the way we are wired and we assume they are wired that way to because that's all we know. Thus we love them in the way we are loved. And this clearly does not work at all... 


We are Wired Differently

 So here is what's going on Neurologically. 


#1 We process communication in 2 different parts of our Brain and in 2 completely different ways as different as the IBM Computers Linear Processor and the Apples Non Linear Language, Multi Pictures / Multi Tasking Big Picture Computers Processor. 

#2 We give & receive Love in the complete and total Opposite way! 

The External Linear, Male Logical way vs. The Internal, Non Linear, Non Logical Female Way!

The way men give Love is not the way women receive Love! 

She needs that Love guys! Come on!! 

#3 Our Mating Systems are wired to 2 different parts of our Brain.

What men think is Romance is not Romantic to Women.

#1 Language / Communication

First of all, most men most of the time are stuck in their Logical, Left Brain. I know, I know I hear it all the time. "Oh I am different. I am not like other guys, I am very right brain. I'm very Creative.

Well, I would believe you if you would communicate that in the Right Brains "Internal" Expansive Language. And if Neurologically your eyes were dilated and your Skin Tonus and your Body Language was in the Right Brain Creative way. 

Yes, there's a right brain tonality and left Brain Tonality! 

The Logical, Left Brain tonality is like you are talking through your nose and is like talking through a tube. It has no inflection, monotone. It's mechanical. 

When you are in your right brain your tone changes and has inflections in tones. It changes and it comes from your body, chest area more and is more open and relaxed and natural.

There is a skin tonus that is left brain and another one that is right brain. When you are in your logical, linear brain your skin tone is tighter, more angular, ready for battle, totally focused and "UPTIGHT!!!" 

When you are in your right brain, your skin tone is relaxed, softer and causes your face to be a bit rounder vs angular like when you are in your logical left brain. 

Even your body language changes. 

When you are in your mechanical logical, linear brain, your body language is, well, Mechanical, Un-Natural. It's tight and rigid. Thus it makes her feel tight and rigid. 

See, her brain processes through her right brain's "EMOTIONAL PROCESSOR!!!" 

Thus your tone, body language and the waaaaaaaay you say and do stuff makes her body feel what you are expressing. 

Even if you are expressing Love, if you do it in the male, logical, mechanical way it will make her feel uptight and rigid, stiff. And she doesn't like that. And that will not loosen her up for Love Making and Passionate Sex! 

You have to get her to Relax & Open up!

I mean if you want to make Love to her!

Except, the way you do that is "NOT" by getting her to relax!!!

The way you get her to Relax is by "RELAXING YOUR-SELF!!" And by Opening up TO Your "SELF!!!"  

Learning how to Open up and Ground your "SELF" mentally & emotionally is the key to opening up, breathing deeply and feeling good inside your "SELF!"

Once you can do this, it will all fall into place naturally. She will feel "What you are Feeling" inside. And then she will feel relaxed herself and begin to breath deeply, slow down and feel comfortable with you! 

Most guys try to impress women! Wrong Move!!! Stop!!!

This is the males very Limited way to trying to attract women! But there is a Major Problem. It closes you off into your logical, linear brain. And thus turns her off. Let's look into this and find out what the real problem is with this.

Mating Systems.

Ok, Stop!!!!! I have a question and I want you to go get a pen and paper or  write it on your computer! Seriously! This is important for your understanding, learning and Romantic Seduction Development! 

Now, when I ask this question, I want you to immediately blurt out the answer or answers. You can have more than 1.

Remember it has to be immediate and fast, right away, write it down, say it out loud.... it can be more than one answer / thought or just 1. 


What are Words??? Go go go!!! Write it down Now!!!

Words are...... 

Words are......

Words are......

Ok, so what did you write down? We'll get back to this, First, Let's continue... 

The Male Mating System is Directly Connected to his Eyes through the Optic Nerve.

Both the Male & Female Mating systems are in our Fight & Flight Brain. This is the Lower Reptilian Brain on the brain stem. 

This brain's job is to keep us alive and to ensure we reproduce! 

It is called the Fight or Flight System because it shuts down an important artery in your lower brain that feeds the higher brain blood which is fuel to the brain. 

If you are in Danger, this lower brain will shut or narrow the artery to redirect the blood flow to your body and it's muscles to make you stronger and faster. It also sends the blood from your gut / intestines to your muscles as well to give you a lot of fuel to your musculature system. Thus you are a lot stronger to fight and have more energy to run. Thus Fight or Flight system. 

This is why it's important to learn how to relax, calm down and open up. Because then you can open up to your higher, Much more Powerful Brain Computer, the Left, the Right and also the Lower Reptilian brain. Thus you are Operating on Full capacity, operating on all 3 computers. 

Now you might think this is 2 times or 3 times the power. You would be wrong. When you combine the left with the Right Brain's Power and the Lower Region, you are more like 10 to the 10th to the 10th Power! 

You have a much greater awareness when operating off of the Higher Human Brain and all systems are on. When you are in this space or state of mind, the higher regions are in control. The only time you will operate off of the Lower brain is when you are in danger or believe you are in a dangerous situation. Then you lose all higher reasoning. And this is not good.

Now as a Competitive Fighter, Boxer, Kick-boxer and athlete, we were always told, especially in boxing and kickboxing to relax, stay calm, breath. 

Why? Because if you go into a fear state, you panic and now you are operating off of instinct from the lower brain. Not good. And it turns her off sexually!!

So yes, even in boxing you have to stay calm and clear. We call this being in The Zone!

So as a male if you really learn how to be "INTERNAL" open to your Right brain and can stay calm and very grounded in exciting situations, parties, clubs, aggressive situations, it will attract the female mating system to you! She will find herself very attracted to you! 

Being Mentally & Emotionally Grounded is a very Attractive way of being to her!! Meaning being open, having the artery open and flowing blood to your larger hemispheres and thus you are open to your Emotional, 5 senses right brain!

Unfortunately most men don't even know what this is let alone how to do it! In fact the male brain naturally and instinctual does the complete opposite and uses Male Push "External " Energy which turns women off in the attraction stage and in Marriages

Her Mating System is Connected to the Right Brain

Because when you are in your logical brain, it forces her to go into her Logical Left Brain in order to Understand you and process in the same processor! Thus Disconnecting her from her Mating system, which is directly connected to her RIGHT BRAIN!!! 

See, if you are in your Right Brain, she will automatically go into her RIGHT BRAIN in order to Understand you and process in the same way you are processing and speaking the same language so she can understand you. 

And THUS!!! She is Automatically connected to her Mating System, because she is listening to you in the Right Brain Language!

I mean, you do know what this means right? It means she automatically gets Turned on SEXUALLY simply by being in her right brain simply by talking to her in this way in this language! But! You have to actually be in this part of your Brain! You can't fake it! 

Mother Nature did this so she would mate with a male who is Open to his Right Brain!!! 

But Why?

A male who has opened up to his Right Brain NOW has a Broader Range of Communication which means he can now Communicate with a Broader Range of People and can Understand them and have the ability to communicate with them. Thus he moves up the Tribal / Corporate Ladder of success and goes higher and higher. 

Why? Because men who can speak & successfully communicate to a Broader Range of people can More Effectively lead a Broader range of people!

Which means he can lead a larger group of people because he can shift levels of Communication and thus effectively communicate in a way that the entire group understand what's going on and what they need to do to help the Tribe / Corporation / Military, etc..

And now he has "SOCIAL POWER!!" 

Yes men the way to Gain Greater Social Power is through the Right Brain!! Because, the Right Brain is THE SOCIAL BRAIN!! And that's why it turns her on sexually. The logical brain is the Do what you are told, follower brain. And that turns her off sexually! 

Now why would her mating system be attracted to & Powerfully Sexually turned on by a mate who has this ability?

Because her Mating System is Hard wired for 1 thing and 1 thing only! To find a mate who can provide a Better Future for her Children. She is hard wired to give her offspring the Greatest of Possibilities for their futures and to 1 day Mate with a Strong, Smart mate and Reproduce healthy, smart babies again! 

And thus a mate who has Greater Social Power, Greater Position has more:

: He is more Protected than the others. In fact those who are in their logical brains will sacrifice their lives to protect him from harm. 

: Has more Options if he loses his job because he has a lot of friends who will help him find another job or offer him a job and help him

: Who do you think is going to get the finest and most food for himself and his family? Yep the Guy higher on the social ladder. 

Now ladies, do you want to know how his mating system is connected?

Well, as I spoke before, both of our mating systems are in the Lower Reptilian Brain, but his is connected / neurologically wired differently than yours. And this creates a major problem when it comes to him Loving you and romantically turning you on Sexually.


#1 He tries to Love you in the Male way, which is not the way women are Loved at all... It leaves you feeling empty!

Let me Guess. That's why you are reading this Book. You do not feel Mentally Stimulated and Emotionally Fulfilled in your Communication with him do you?

#2 He tries to Turn you on Sexually, Romance you in the External, Linear, Disconnected male way, which turns you off sexually and upsets you! Because to you, this is a Shortcut right? 

Well, the way a man's mating system is hard wired, is to his Optic Nerve, which is directly connected to his Eyes! And thus he is Sexually turned on Visually, not Auditorilly like you are through Communication. 

Thus he gets his hair cut. Puts on his best suit. Clean up, shaves to VISUALLY "LOOK" good for you because that's the way his mating system is triggered and turned on Sexually!!! 

Now Wait! There's an answer and you are going to Love it, but First! 

"Ok, So Why did Mother Nature Make his Mating System Visual?"

Because his mating system is looking for a female who has a healthy, physical Body to mate with!!! 


Well if she has cancer or her hair is falling out or if her finger nails are turning color and the light in her eyes is dull, etc. it's giving signals to his mating system that this body might not be a good body to impregnate for the child.

Because he is going to impregnate you with the child. Because the child is going to be created inside you. Thus if you have a healthy womb/body, it improves the chance of a healthy Strong Child that can one day grow up strong, healthy and intelligent and one day Reproduce once again more healthy, strong, intelligent children! 

Thus he is turned on Sexually Visually!

Now where does the Fail, Problems, Frustrating, Raging, Anger come from??? 

Well Ding Dong's! You both keep trying to turn each other on and Love each other and communicate with each other in the way You Communicate, Receive Love and are turned on Sexually!!! Not the way they are Turned on Sexually or the way they are Loved, Communicate, etc..

They are not Sexually turned on the way you are Sexually turned on or Communicate in the way you communicate or Loved int eh same way you are Loved! You have to learn how to do it in the way they are Loved, Turned on and communicate.

See, he Pays for an expensive dinner and buys you things to turn you on Sexually!!! Hahahaha... Because those are Visual... He honestly thinks a dead piece of steak on a piece of China will turn you on sexually. Especially if it's super expensive! hehe... I'm not kidding! 

See, the Male Brain Values Money, External Things. And thus he believes you are sexually attracted to things. Now as my ex girlfriend would call them, "Thingy's" meaning, why are men like this? 

Now remember, the Male Brain is the External Brain. This is why he is attracted to Gold, Money and "EXTERNAL" Power. This is also why he is attracted to your External Body... vs. your Emotions and Feelings!! 

Note: Again, Men do Love you, but they Love and Express their Love in the male way, A LOT!!! So remember, he's Loving you Deeply but in the Male way that your system does not Receive Emotionally as Love! 

He has no clue that it's EMOTIONAL FULFILLMENT that leads you to Making Love, having Powerful, Passionate sex!!! 

Furthermore he has no clue there is a language called, "The Right Brains' INTERNAL LANGUAGE that gives you Mental Stimulation & Emotional Fulfillment! 

What's worse he has no idea what those 2 phrases mean or any of the phrases I have been using! Because he doesn't do Double pictures! 

He has no Clue! I mean NONE!!!! That these words are Sexual in Nature at all. 

Trust me I KNOW!!! I have been teaching this to men with their masters and Doctorate Degrees in Psychology and Communication, Logical Left Brain Communication, for decades. Even these guys, they Don't know!!!! 

When you say Communication he is Hearing Logical, Rules, Structured, Organized, proper English / communication. Not Romantic, Emotionally Fulfilling Right Brain Communication.

They don't know that:

Mentally Stimulating is kind of like sexually stimulating experience down there! He doesn't know that word and words and phrases like that are..... ok, I have to say it directly here. He doesn't know that:

Mentally Stimulating = a Similar, Sexual, Clitoral / Body type Stimulation like effect with his Words alone... Zinggggggg... Smoooothly Exciting... 

He doesn't know that words like:

Solid, Grounded, Whole & Complete, Give you a sense of Emotional Fulfillment or even what Emotional Fulfillment is. He doesn't know that these words mean anything let alone lead to sex or at least Leads to Sexual Fulfillment! If he knew what this meant, he working his butt of to learn how to do this! He doesn't know!!! Yet he's probably reading this right now!! hahaha...

Ladies, TRUST ME!!! He Wants to Love you in the way you Need, Desire and Want to Be LOVED!!!

He just doesn't have a clue that any of this even exists let alone what it is!

And all these years when you were speaking in the Right Brain Foreign language to him, you Assumed he Had a Clue what in the hell you were saying let alone understood you! 




But He can Learn how to Open up to his Right Brain! 

He can Learn how to Understand you & Speak the Language of Indirect Communication, Romance Love and Finally have a Conversation of Clarity and Understanding with you!

If there is 1 thing I have shared with you, Men & Women Can Learn how To Communicate Effectively with each other with my New Discoveries! 

Now, Our Job is to Get him to See, Hear, Feel & Understand "What is going on!!!" 

Once he Understands this and has the Ability to do this and see this, Trust me, He will Willingly Want to Love you in this way and Express his Love to you in this way!!

Men are Good, Very Good People... they just don't understand. But then, Again, Neither did you! 

We all Have something to learn here! 

* Guys! It's a Secret Society!! Do you want to Join?

All are Welcome but all must Speak, Understand, See and Know the language and ways of the Hidden Right Brain World. But! It's Worth it! It's Fun, Enriching and Makes Life Meaningful once again. The reason we are here!

Because his Brain is not wired to Feel Words & Communication. 

This is why he doesn't speak in these terms in this way, using the "Internal Language to turn you on Sexually and Melt Your Heart with Emotional Fulfillment!" 

If he knew what this did for you, Trust me, he would work his ass off to learn how to do this and understands this way of thinking, speaking and processing. Trust me, "Men will do Almost anything to Make you Happy & Turn you on Sexually!!!"

Unfortunately he isn't wired this way so he "HAS NO CLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

Not Yet! Not Yet! But He Will and A Transformation will Occur within you Both!!

That's why men work and work and work and sacrifice to make more money, more money because they think the more expensive the gift is, the more he is Loving you! This is the Males Way or Expressing his Love for You. At least one of the ways!

And he is always shocked that you don't appreciate it. This is the male way of Loving you, EXTERNALLY THROUGH THINGS!!! 


This is why "Men Just Don't Get it!!!"

But he Can Learn how to do this!!! And I mean he can learn not only how to do this but do it in a way that gives You everything you want, Need and Sexually Desire! 

You know, when a woman says that "Sex is all in the Mind!" I Finally Understand What that means!" Wow!!! Or the Brain is the Largest Sex Organ? Wow!! Yes!! Very, Very True!! 

There  is so much I want to put into this book but it was meant to be an intro, 40 pages or so but we have already gone way passed that! We are committed to much more than that... 

If he knew how Sensual, Sexual and Powerful talking "Indirectly is" trust me he would do it!!! But his brain is not wired that way! But it doesn't matter, because once he understands how Powerful it is for you Emotionally he will bust his ass to speak this language in this hidden, indirect way!

P.s. do you realize all those words are Evil to him! Hidden? Indirect? Evil, bad, because he doesn't know why anyone would speak indirectly in the hidden way!

Why would anyone say A. but Not Mean A? is the male motto! He just doesn't know! That's all. Wait til he does know! Hahahahaha.... 


Emotional Fulfillment is Here Now

"We made it"


What are Words?

Words are Emotions

This Piece / Section of writing you are about to read right here is the  most important or the Culmination of what's going on and:


And why there's so much Hurt & Pain Between Men & Women!! 

 Men Receive Love & Emotional Fulfillment Through Sex!

(Remember, the phrase "Emotional Fulfillment is a Foreign word to him, he calls it Love!)


Oxytocin = The Stimulating Chemical of [Love & Emotional Fulfillment!]

He Receives Love through Sex! Yes, seriously he does!

Ok, so what's going on and what do I mean when I say he receives Love through Sex?

Ok, I may repeat a few things here in this section, so bear with me. 

Ok, ladies, remember when I said, earlier, in the first section or book/blog that women talk, talk, talk because their body is releasing a chemical in your body that acts similar or like Caffeine to you? And how it Stimulates your mind and gives you a high? 

Well this same chemical, Oxytocin, acts differently with men. In fact it does the complete and total opposite thing with men. It does not act like a Stimulant, like 5 cups of coffee or black tea! "Zooooooommm..."

To men, Oxytocin acts like a Relaxant! A very, very Powerful Relaxing Relaxant! 

Ok men listen up, because what you are about to learn is why women get mad and hurt and sad and no matter what you do or how much you Love her she Leaves!

Here's what happens!

When a man has Sex and has an Orgasm something very magical happens, more so than you thought! Chemistry and Drugs are an Amazing thing!

When a man has an Orgasm, the Chemical Oxytocin is Released into his Blood Stream. And for men this Relaxes his entire body and opens him up completely! 

It relaxes his muscles, relaxes his mind and more specifically it does something very uniquely different or in a way the same as the female system, just from the Opposite Direction.

And that's what this entire Course is about!

We are both looking for the Same Thing, Love & Emotional Fulfillment.

We just Open up to hit and Receive and Experience it from the Opposite Direction! 

The Good News is, He Does want you to Experience this as much as Possible! He just doesn't know you are not receiving this like he is!

Is it a Spiritual Challenge to Open us up to Spirit?

I admit, why is it that men and women are so totally Oblivious to the others Needs when we have been living together and intimately connecting to each other for so many thousands and thousands of years. And yet we are clueless when it comes to the our partners Need  and Way to Receive Love & Emotional Fulfillment?

Did God Play a Mean Trick on Men and women, because I can personally tell you, it sincerely seems at times like this thing called life is the cruelest of all Teachers! 

To give your Absolute Heart and soul and Everything You have in your Entire Mind, Body and Soul to Love your Partner and make your Partner Happy and only end up in Vicious fighting, yelling, screaming and tears only to be Left all alone... Divorced, separated, dividing families and children... 

Without doing a 12 hour seminar, I sincerely can not make this any more clear than what I am about to show you in a few paragraphs or sentences from her! But, I do believe you will have a Powerful Idea of what is going on and there is an Answer!

I can tell you, when men learn how to Open up and connect with her in the Female way, both partners can receive Love & Complete Emotional Fulfillment! 

Purpose To Find Your "SELF WITHIN" YOU

If you can't find yourself, how do you expect your Partner to find your Self let alone you find your partner... it doesn't work that way.

Once you Open up to who you truly are within, then suddenly you Can Be yourself and Express Your "SELF" and Love yourself.

And this and only this is when your partner or anyone can Truly Discover you and then Love you! 

A Famous Philosopher  once wrote, 

"Know Thyself" 

This is the Goal of Nature and Life!


All the Love, Joy, Power and Happiness you have so Desperately been looking for is not out there! 

You step into your Power once you "Look Within" and Find your - "SELF" Within.

Awaken to the Real You

This Journey is a Self Discovery Journey!

That is the Master Key to everything you have ever wanted on this planet and in this Life you have right now! 

You are here to Find YOU! 

Once you do that then others can Find you & Love you! 

See, if you can't know you how can you expect someone else to know you or find you?

If you can't find you let alone Love you, how can anyone else!

Once you find your "Self" then you can Express yourself for all to See, hear, Feel and Know! 

Thus you can Connect on a Higher, Healthier, Happier Level of what you have always wanted.

This Journey is a Difficult almost Battle if you will, until you Surrender, Completely Let go and thus the Door will Open... 

See, this is how it works.

All your Life you have been Holding the Door closed by Trying to Hard and fighting this Battle with "YOU!"

Once you Surrender to this Battle you will finally find you And Stop into Your Power and who you truly are!

"This is The Art of Letting Go"

Once you Fall in Love with You, then you will Know Love!

You will finally Be Whole and Complete!

And can now share this with someone else.

And then you can Fall in Love with someone else and have a whole and complete relationship that is meaningful, filled with Happiness, Love & Joy!  

The #1 Key WE Work on in our Courses is "Letting Go!"

In fact, this is what Happens to men when they Make Love to you... they "Let Go and open up to themselves and this is what the Joy is all about that makes them not want to talk or engage in conversation because they have finally found and connected with themselves. 

But, I can teach men how to Open up before sex to connect with you mentally First, then Emotionally, then Make Love with you and now you are both Whole and Complete and Deeply Connected within Yourselves and Each Other!

This is the Journey of Life!

Back to Oxytocin & Men

Oxytocin when it floods into his system, his entire body, not only does it relax his muscles and entire body, but more importantly when the Oxytocin goes up into his brain it hits an artery which is controlled by the Lower Reptilian Brain. And what it does, is it relaxes this artery as well and allows the artery to open up. And this allows the Blood to flow up into his larger Human brain and thus opens him up to his right brain.

And now he is, Unconsciously, inside of and operating from his right brain! Now he is Feeling Emotions and is Feeling, what he calls Love, better known to women as "Emotional Fulfillment!" 

He is Relaxed, Calm, Satisfied and Feels Whole and Complete and Deeply Mentally & Emotionally Connected to you on the Deepest, Deepest of Levels! 

Apollo, "Houston we have Reached the Moon!!! We have Touch-Down!"

Houston, "Roger That!"

Her, "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaait a minute!!!!! Reached the Moon???? Touch-Down???? No we haven't!!! I haven't!! What about meeeeeeeeeeee???"

Ladies, Shhhhhhhhhhh..... quiet!!! He's falling asleep!!!

And thus the Battle Between Mars & Venus Begins!!! And Venus is Pissed!!! Cuz guys she isn't receiving any Emotional Fulfillment this way!

See, women Can Not and Will never Reach or Receive Mentally Stimulating & Emotionally Fulfilling Connections through sex alone! It is Neurologically Impossible!!! 

Apollo, "Houston? We have a problem! Venus is not here!" 

Venus says, "You're damn Right I'm not there, I haven't even had Lift Off!!! We've Landed? In your Dreams Buddy!!!"


Ok, see, women can not Receive Emotional Fulfillment and Feel Complete and Deeply Connected through Sex alone. It's not possible. But a Man can.

See, what happens for men, is after sex he opens up to his heart and feels these Amazing Emotions. Technically what happens, when the artery opens up and allows the blood to flow into his larger hemispheres, this allows him to open up to this Right Brain, the Emotional Processor. 

Now he might not say that, all he knows, is he is feeling good. And the Last thing he wants to do is Talk!!!

Now you as a woman might think, "What? Wait a Minute? So you are telling me now that he is in his right brain, which means he can now communicate in the hidden, stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling Internal language, he doesn't want to talk????? What?????? Nooooooooo!!!!" 

Ok, hold on Ladies! There's an actual Reason. And an answer for you! So hold on!

See, when men open up to their Right Brain after sex, he is feeling Warm, Soft, Totally Relaxing, Smooth, Warm, Emotionally Fulfilling Love!!! He is Feeling Love!!!!! And it Feels Good!!! 

The reason he usually falls asleep, is because as I said before, Oxytocin acts as a Relaxant! Thus he either A. Falls Asleep or B. just wants to lay there and Enjoy This Amazing Full Body Feeling he is Having Inside Now!!! 

The last thing he wants to do right now is talk. 

Reason: Because when a man begins to talk, by default it brings him back into his logical brain and thus out of his right emotional fulfilling brain which feels so good! And that's the last thing he wants to do right now! Right now he wants to stay in his Right Brain, Thus being Mentally & Emotionally Grounded and Feeling these Amazing Feelings of Love  & Emotional Fulfillment all over his mind & body! 

MEN!!!! You know this Amazing Feeling you Feel after Having Sex with her? This is exactly what she wants to Feel from You!!! But She can not Feel this through sex Alone!! She MUST do it through Communication. First Mentally Stimulating Conversation that stimulate her mind, body & imaginations!!! 

Then she needs to Open up Emotionally to you through the Hidden Right Brain language of Love & Emotional Fulfillment. If you can learn how to Successfully learn how to speak to her hear in the Mentally Stimulating, Exciting and Loving Way, she will Melt into you like you have never seen in your Entire life! 

This is what women Never, ever, ever Receive from men?

Guys!!! Imagine Being Married to a Beautiful woman, the woman of your Wildest, Dreams and Desires that absolutely completes your heart in every way imaginable. Imagine she is married to you, lives with you and sleeps with you in the same Bed every single night. And she is as loving, kind and sweet as possible. 

Now imagine that you never, ever, ever, ever Make Love to her for 5 years, 8 years, 10 years, 15, 25 years.... 

And all you want to do is Make Love to your Chosen Wife! But She won't do it!!! And she literally can't understand for the life of her what in the Hell are you talking about? Sex? She says, "Yeah, Yeah, I understand, I Loooooooooove you!!!!!!" She says... "I Loooooooove you!"

And she is looking at you like, "What's wrong? I don't understand! Aren't you Happy? I'm Happy! I mean I said, "I Love You!" "Aren't you feeling total love and fulfillment now? I mean, I am getting all this Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling Love and I am 100% Complete!!!", she says.

And what's worse, she thinks that Because she is totally Fulfilled and Happy and Content, simply by talking, you are too!!! But you are not! Your Wife has never, ever Had sex with you or Made Love to you!!! 

And for the life of her she truly, truly believes she understands what you mean so she buys you a car and a house and she give you a cake and flowers and wine! But never, ever, ever, ever any sex! Never!!!! 

This is what Women are Going through!!!!!!! YOU NEVER LOVE HER!!!!! 
But you Can learn How!!! 
So you scream, "Why won't you LOVE ME????????
And she screams back, "Well, I just made you a Cake and said "I Love You!" What more do you want??????
Sound Familiar?

I bet you would be Yelling and Screaming and Smashing shit too! I bet you would even find another partner to fulfill this Powerful Need wouldn't you!

See, guys! When you have sex and are in the after glow and are complete and content, well, She can see that you are feeling this special Emotional Fulfillment and Glow! But she isn't feeling it. And it pisses her off after a while! I mean, "What about Her? is what she's thinking". Because she believes you know how to do this form of Love & Right Brain Emotional Fulfillment, But you don't. And she is not aware of that! 

This is why women are yelling and screaming and cutting of Sex from you!!! She is not yelling at you for not taking out the garbage! Trust me, it's not the Freaking Garbage for crying out loud!

Women do not Receive Deep, Emotionally Fulfilling Love from Men, Period!

Imagine being married to your wife for decades and she refuses to Love you! And yet, she feels totally Loved and Content & Emotionally Fulfilled from You! 

How would you feel?

:End Note

By Nature the Male is born using his Logical Left Brain. And thus when he talks by default he goes into his logical, left brain. Unless he takes my course and learns how to open up & process from his right brain, which is a challenge, trust me. But it is very possible! 

Now, it gets worse before it gets better, but it will get better. 

Ok, so how do I say this? Well... Ok!

Since he feels these Amazing Feelings after Sex and Feels these warm, loving, Emotionally Fulfilling Feelings all over & inside his Mind and Body, Emotional Fulfillment, well... he Assumes you are experiencing the same feelings!

And this is why most men are absolutely totally shocked and caught off guard when you ask for a Divorce! 

Years ago there was an article in a Yahoo Relationship Blog called Shine. And in the article is said that Women know 6 months to 2 years in advance that the relationship is over. And when the woman finally asks for a divorce or breaks up with the male, the male is totally, complete caught off guard and shocked because he had no clue anything was wrong with the relationship. 

I find that women are just as shocked that he didn't know. Her usual response is, "How could you not have seen it?"

See, when he makes Love to you and has an orgasm, he's feeling Amazing Feelings of Love and Emotional Fulfillment all over inside and out of his entire mind and body! He is Content! 

So he assumes you are too! And thus he Assumes and Believes Everything is Great in the Relationship. 

And yet for years you could be absolutely Miserable and he won't know!

That's right! After you yell and scream and complain, he just blocks it out. You know what he says to his buddies and even you?

So his buddy Tom says, "How's your wife?" He says, "Ahhhh... you know, typical. You know, bitching, complaining and yelling as usual. You know how women are!"

He never once thought, "Hey! Wait! She's yelling at me, A Lot!!! Maybe something wrong!" hahahaha..... 

Ladies, I have to tell you something. After men take my course, they all get this look at some point during the course like, "Wow! She did tell me that! And that and that and that. I just didn't listen." hahahahahaha...

A lot of my clients who were married and divorced will tell me, usually after the 6th or 7th session, "If I took your course, I'd still be married. She was saying this to me for years. I just didn't understand her."

So when, he, Apollo touches down on the Moon he Assumes you did too!

But! You, she, didn't! He doesn't even notice this because right now all he wants to do is enjoy these amazing Feelings! 

* I think the worst part of this or tease is that now he is Open and Inside/operating from his right brain. So at least unconsciously he would communicate in this way you like, enjoy & Understand. And he would also clearly understand you! At least until he goes back over to his left brain, which is why he doesn't want to talk because it will bring him out of his right brain and take him away from these good feelings. 

The way a woman Receives Emotional Fulfillment

Now here is the part that Blew me away When I learned it. What Blew me away even more is that women inherently know this and they don't' have to be taught it. 

So first, the way a man Receives Emotional fulfillment is through Sex! 

Now I know you probably were told by your Grandmothers or mothers, "The Way to a man's heart is through the Belly or stomach!" Well, sadly this isn't true! But it's close! You just have to go south a little bit more! 

As we have already learned, The Doorway, Literally to a man's Heart is SEX!!! Orgasms!! 

What Blew me away about discovering how a woman Received Love & Emotional Fulfillment is that Women are very, very aware and clearly conscious of how they go through their process!

Why? Because I and Men have no clue how they/we open up to and receive Emotional Fulfillment! 

Hell, we don't even know what that word means! All we know is we Love Sex because it makes us feel soooooooo good! 

So the way a woman goes through her natural processes is like this:

#1 Mental Connection - Mentally Stimulating conversation

#2 Emotional Connections - Emotionally Fulfilling Communication

#3 Sexual Connection - Sex

So first a woman is looking to get to know a man on a mental level. So if he can carry a stimulating Conversation she will stick around enough to find out more about who he is.

So step #1 Mental Connection She is Literally making a Mental Connection to his forehead. 

So imagine a line is being drawn from his forehead to her forehead. 

This is the First step to getting to know a woman, which is considered correct or proper in the female world to the extent of, "Well of course this is the first step!" (Most men don't want to do this step, sincerely, they don't understand why?)

To a man he's like What? Proper? Steps? Why?

Well, there is an answer to that question. 

The reason is this allows her to keep her Emotional Shields up and get to know you on a surface level, mental level. You know the place you are at allllllllllllll the time, cuz you don't want to get hurt emotionally. Well, neither does she! 

This protects her Emotionally so she doesn't get her heart hurt! 😭

Note: this level by the way is the Logical Left Brain Level. And this is where Pickup Artist courses are at. And this is why men love those courses. But there is 1 major problem. There is no Right Brain Internal teachings. Thus they can't Keep the Girl. Cuz she needs Emotional Fulfillment through the Secret Passageway that I teach in my course.

See, mother nature made a Lock Box / Protection device in her forehead. First you have to get to know her and she has to get to know you on this level. 

Now what is this level? This is when she is in her Logical, Left, Male Brain. Yep, women go into their left brain first to get to know you a little bit! So she is protected. 

Well, she asks you surface level questions like, "Who are you? What's your name? Where are you from? Where did you grow up? Did you go to college? Are you close to her family? How tall are you? What's your Favorite color? How much money do you make? hahaha... What do you do for a living? 

* NOTE: Please Please understand, this is a Process she literally has to go through, she is wired this way!

So guys if you do 1 single thing, "TALK!!!! A Lot! Just keep talking!!!" It's better than not talking! At least it's a step. 

Now here's the deal she is not really that interested in all those surface level, external questions. What she's really interested in is:

Step #2 Emotional Connections - Now She Opens up to Connect with you Emotionally!

To get to know you for who you Truly are on the Inside, The Real You Within!

This is the Real Goal of the Female Mating system and the woman. She wants to know who you truly are within, the Real you!

Now this is a major Problem. Most men have spent an entire lifetime from a very, very young age to completely block themselves off from and keep themselves from stepping into themselves. Because, well, they don't want to feel Emotional Pain! 

Physical pain? Oh, No Problem! We can handle that! But feelings? Nope! 

Sad part is, if he only knew that Opening up to himself would give him a Tremendous Level of Power and the Edge in Social Power and Life! And his Sweet Heart would Feel a Level of Love and Contentment, with him, most other women in the modern world never feel... 

The Modern World has made the modern male more Logical and more Disconnected from himself. 

The Caveman, American Indian, Tribal people, even men up unto the 40's or so were a lot more Tuned in to their Right Brain because they had to be for survival. Even Cowboys and farmers have to be tuned in to their animals to know what is wrong with them. They had to her tuned into their right brain a lot! 

Because the more tuned into the right brain you are, the more you can read animals and people!

Now why did mother nature make her Sexually turned on and wired to be Powerfully Attracted to this  kind of male? 

Answer: Because he is the one who brought the food Home! He hunted, he had to deal with other cavemen and read them. He had to read his own animals, dogs, and her! 

A Caveman who can not smell danger from 50 yards, 100 yards away or more WAS A DEAD CAVEMAN! Thus she would be dead as well and her offspring dead too! 

A Caveman who can not see / notice an animal (Peripherally) through brush and trees a 1/2 mile away was a Caveman who was going to starve and thus his children starve and so does she! 

So if a Man can Read her, she, rather her system, mating system calms down, feels content because mother nature knows a man who can read a woman is a Right Brain, Tuned into his 5 senses Caveman & can read another man and will know if he is in danger or if the other man is going to lie to him or is taking advantage of him.

So this Same Same system that he can read her and let's her know he's a Quality Caveman is the same system that allows him to read animals, notice prey a mile away or notice when he's being lied to. A Caveman who can't do this can't survive. 

And in the modern world this is very True on the upper levels. Sure, you can have a job and do what you are told but to truly lead, read and understand other men to the extent you are their boss, leader and can deal with other tough, aggressive men who are out to take advantage of you and manipulate you, simply is a Right Brain Process!

Sad this is, the Modern male doesn't need to hunt or smell danger from miles away or notice an animal off to the right of his vision 1/2 a mile away or 1 mile away let alone be able to see, hear, feel or sense danger or food from any distance. 

All he has to do is go to the grocery store! And Worse!!! 

The way the Modern Male Takes Care of his wife and children is through modern technology and computers! 

No sensing at all. 

All he needs to do is follow the rules, do what he is told and make "MONEY!!!" 

And now he can Buy food, houses, clothing, etc. 

Which is all Logical, Left Brain Processing! 

The modern male simply does not and can not read or understand women!


Most Modern women feel a high level of stress and anxiety it's not even funny! It's quite sad. Because he is up in his head and not emotionally grounded, open or aware. He is Oblivious to his surroundings and what is going on around him which puts her on high alert. Now she is doing the man's Job!

What most men don't realize, is that by hiding behind his logic and staying in his head, he is very, very Ungrounded. Meaning he is off balance and Socially very Weak! Stuck in his Head and this causes him stress as well.

What's worse is any woman or person who is around him long enough will become just like him, stuck in their head like him! Because in order for her or other people to communicate with you, they have to go into the same brain as him, who is in his logical brain. Thus she become ungrounded, and is taken out of her right, Emotionally grounded brain. And thus feels anxiety and stress. 

Be Careful of who you associate with for long periods of time.

And this is what women yell and scream about over years of this. They Can't Take it any Longer!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The Modern Male has a highly developed way to block out the incessant whining  and yelling. He just says, "Oh, you know women, they are just that way!" When in fact she is communicating to him loudly! But he never hears it! 

Because she desperately needs to feel Emotionally Grounded. 

The Power a man suddenly has when he finally learns how to become Mentally & Emotionally grounded will change his entire life! This is called Social Power. And it triggers her Mating System!

The women around him will suddenly be Naturally Drawn to Him, will Calm down and relax if you are Emotionally Grounded!

Men: Do you even know what this means? Or how to do it?

No worries! I'll teach it to you in my course!

Ladies I also help you with the same / similar techniques to help you develop a Powerful way of becoming Very Emotionally grounded, calm and clear.


Men hate it when women test them. Because men don't know why and for the most part I don't think women understand why they Constantly test men even if they've been married to him for years! It never stops! 

So why do women constantly play these little mind games and test men? Men hate it! 

Here's an answer in a real life example/metaphor. 

Down in South America, in the Jungles of Brazil, there is the type of bird or Hen that has a very specific way of eating in the morning. 

So in the jungles of Brazil the sun rises up and begins to warm the land and the wet due on the leaves begins to fall off... 

So this Hen, I forget it's name all gather together. And before they go down to the Floor of the Jungle, the make sure a few males, 3 or 4 are high up in the trees looking around to make sure no predators, i.e. Black Panther or Leopard,  sneak up on them when they are eating on the ground. 

So a few males Perch high up in the trees and have a full 360 view between them. And then all the other birds male and female swoop down through the morning mist unto the ground floor and begin to eat worms and bugs and seeds, etc... 

So they are down on the ground with Brush and thick, beautiful Lush plants with broad leaves and thin green grass's all around them. So when they go to pick at the ground with their beaks to get food, they can't see around them because of all the bush, brush, etc. so.... 

Every now and then a few females will glance upwards at the males to make sure the males are "IN PERIPHERAL VISION" are are "AWARE" of their surroundings to make sure now Predators are coming along to Kill them and eat them!

So when the females find out the males are going to sleep on the job, i.e.. going into their "LINEAR" Narrow Male Vision which makes the males Oblivious to their surroundings and putting the Females and children in Danger, the Females will Begin to Call at them, Scream at them, Yell at them in Real Life!!!! 

It's the same as "Hey!!! Wake up!! Open your eyes!!! Look around!!!"

To these Female Birds, a Male who is Oblivious and has the Blinders on because he is hiding in his linear, logical brain / system, like a Race horse who has blinders on each side of his eyes, is a male who is not worthy and neurological turns her "OFF SEXUALLY!!" 

Being an Oblivious, Linear Man, I Mean Male Bird is a major turn off to Women, I mean to Female Birds, if you know what I mean! 

And once the males Open their eyes up, take off their blinders and look around and are in their right brain sensing their environment and are tuned in to every nuance, the women, I mean female birds can Relax, calm down and proceed to eat in peace!

And thus afterword, because he is so Mentally & Emotionally Grounded he gets a wonderful Reward afterwards if you know what I Mean! SEXUALLY!

Thus we have Peace on Earth.

Men! Re-Read that and look in the mirror as you do! 



Remember in Step #1 above I mentioned:

This is the First step to getting to know a woman, which is considered correct or proper in the female world to the extent of, "Well of course this is the first step!" (Most men don't want to do this step, sincerely, they don't understand why?)

Well because men are wired to Go Directly: 

#1 To Sex First! Because that releases the Oxytocin and thus opens him up to

#2 His heart and emotions!

He "LITERALLY" doesn't understand why you want to talk so much!! He wants to take you home and have sex!! NOW!!!!


Note to Guys: 

Guys, when you meet a women and want sex immediately, it's a Major Turn off!

#1 Because there is no Chase for her! Women Love the Cat & Mouse Game! She Loves to work for it, get your attention, seduce you! 

But if you want Sex the first time you meet her, well, it's a turn off and here's why!

#2 It shows her that you are desperate! In fact if she can seduce you relatively fast as in the first time you meet, the first date, or the first few meetings or weeks, it tells her that you were to easy! 

And women don't like this. It's a Sexual turn off!

Why? Because her mating system is telling her. If he wants sex that fast, that badly, then he must be Desperate!

A man who is desperate for Sex or Love is not a Good mate!

It means to her mating system, he can't get other women to Have sex with him or Love him and be Good to Him! Which means you must not be a good mate as in Tuned in to the Environment, hunter, protector, etc..

All she knows is she for some reason isn't turned on sexually or attracted to you!

A man who is patient, calm, relaxed and not desperate at all does something entirely different! 

He tunes into her energy to get to know her for who she Truly is Within, the Real person behind the External, Logical Mask. Which means he wants to know if he, the real him inside really wants to get to know the real her inside!

And this tells her that the reason he is with her is because he is Choosing her, not because he has no other choice! 

Nothing tells a woman more that she is Wanted and Desired for who she is within, than a man who takes his time, doesn't rush into anything. 

A man who actually pays attention, is aware of who she is and notices her subtle communication, body language and other communication is the man who can read her, know her personally and thus will be able to Love her and Take care of her intimately!

Trust me, Mother Nature knows what she is doing!  

Step #3 - Sexual Connections




And thus she will make Love to "YOU". The Real you Within because Now you know how to Open up to who you truly are within. And that's who she wants to Make Love to. A Real Man who has Learn how to:




 Long Story Short

#1 Men Receive Emotional Fulfillment Through Sex!

#2 Women Receive Emotional Fulfillment Through Communication. The hidden right Brain, Emotionally Fulfilling Language. This is why women Love to Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk and Talk and Talk and Talk and Talk some more!

Because it turns her on Sexually. At the very least it releases Oxytocin into her system and she gets a caffeine like high and can't stop talking! 

Guys you can Learn how to do this! And she will be forever Grateful and know she is Loved by You!

And thus you will be her New Oxytocin Drug Dealer! 😍💕 


Which means more Happiness, Love and Pleasure for all.... 


The End




Back to Wild Bill... Well, it doesn't have to have a Deeper Spiritual Meaning! You Sir are Right, but it actually does, especially to her...

I want to Thank Carol Forsyth who forced 2 Love & Relationship books, by Leo Buscaglia, into my hands when I was 16 years old and told me to read them. I did. And I haven't stopped reading or learning about Love ever since.

You chose my Destiny in that very moment. 

- Thank you Mr.s Forsythe May you Rest in Peace with Love, 


Mike Kollin

Have you ever had a very serious conversations with your spouse, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. And you really hammered it out and you both "THOUGHT" you understood each other, only for the very next day you both blew up at each other yelled and screamed and said, "But you said this and it means that!" 

Well now you know why. She is saying A. & you are Hearing B.

Men & Women are Communicating in 2 different languages and receive Love Differently! We do not understand each other at all but we can learn how! 

 In all sincerity and respect... I know I attempt to use a lot of humor, but, the effects this will have on the world are enormous. 

When men and women can finally and truly Understand one another on all levels, Mentally, Emotionally & Physically and truly know how to Love each other, there will be a massive effect of Peace on the Planet. 

All the hurt and anger & Emptiness will begin to melt away. And Clarity, Understanding and Love will begin to Replace it and that will be experienced by those around these who are in this place.

Love will Heal the World

No, not Blind Love!

But Conscious Love where you know how to Love the other person in the way they need to be Loved. And Understand them in the way they need to Be Understood! 


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