Why do Narcissists Hate Authentic People?

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Why do Narcissists Hate Authentic People?

Narcissist don't like Authentic, Genuine people because Narcissists are Fake!

Narcissists Hate Authentic people...

Narcissists will constantly tell you they are Authentic, Genuine and Real over and over and over... if someone was so genuine and authentic, why in the hell do they have to tell you so many times? Why do they have to tell you even once? Answer: Because they are Fake narcissists wearing a fake mask to trick you into trusting them!!!

Another Scam they use is constantly telling you they are Empaths!! They are not... I've been an Empath my entire life and almost never tell anyone I am an Empath....

The Veil is being Lifted in the Year 2020 Perfect Eye Sight!

A Spiritual Awakening is beginning...

More and more are Awakening to seeing their "Invisible Enemies!" And now they are taking back their Power and living a Full Life by Finally Destroying the Narcissists!

Once was Blind, Now I See...

The Light is Shining and the Veil of Deceit is Failing and they are being Revealed!

Wake up!!

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