Welcome 2015 Mike & David Understanding Women #3 & 4 Pickup & Dating

Hello and Welcome to 2015 I hope you are all doing very well... I just uploaded a few videos on youtube from a conversation with a client, David and I had in a cafe in San Francisco near China Town! Enjoy!!! Here is #3 then #4!!         Come take my Powerful Course that makes it really easy to learn how to meet, attract and Romance cute ladies who are sweet and fun to meet! There is an Easy way to feel comfortable which allows her to feel comfortable meeting you! I am a Male to Female Communication Expert and Dating / Relationship Coach. Highly Trained in NLP, Hypnosis, communications and Linguistic with over 41 certifications in Personal Development coaching. (This course is a step above Pickup artist / PUA It's a nice addition to what you may already know and is a lot easier to shift into!) This video was shot in San Francisco California

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