Walk into Their Darkness and Light that Shit up!!!

Don't Dim Your Light to Walk into their Darkness. Walk into their Darkness and Light that Shit up!

Light that Shit up and Watch them Run!!!

What you haven't realized is they Try to Dim your LIght because it Reveals their Darkness! So Light that Shit up with Happiness, Love Truth and TRUE POWER!!!
BE AWESOME!!! The Shift is Happening Now!! Here it comes!!

P.s. it Scares the Living Crap out of them that's why they get so much Anxiety Around you!!! 🤣🤣🤣

It's Time to Step into Your Baddassery!!! 

Destroying the Narcissists is our Goal, our Aim and our Mission!
Amen Jesus Awesome!

Say Yes Awesome!!

#LetTheLightShineOnYou #KickAssin20201 #EmpoweredBaddass #EmpoweredEmpaths #AngryEmpaths

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