Tips on how to Succesfully meet girls online!

Yes, there are very distinct and simple ways to meet girls on line! If you don't know the key secrets to meeting girls online, then you are just wasting your time, a lot of time! See, by nature, girls like to chit chat and talk a lot! The reason is, #1 it helps them to feel comfortable with you by getting to know you! The other reason is, #2 Women actually get turned on sexually if you know how to communicate in a romantic or sensual way. But, for now, I will teach you some easier tips for actually attracting and meeting women online so you are not one of those guys who spends hours and hours doing nothing but sending messages and talking back and forth forever. Now, remember, women by nature are completely different from men and once you start to see this side of women, then the door of opportunity will begin to open. So, #1 you need to understand basic female psychology. [caption id="attachment_554" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="How he met the girl of his dreams!"]How to meet the girl of your Dreams![/caption] Secret #1 This Secret is your profile pictures. Now most sites like Plenty of Fish will let you use more than 1 picture. Now, this one picture I am going to tell you about, women absolutely love and can't get enough of, and it will surprise you. This picture is a picture of you sleeping. Yep, that's right. It makes women's hearts melt when they see a picture of you sleeping. It shows your more gentle, more vulnerable side and opens her up to getting to know you better. Because she see's you more as a human with frailties and vulnerabilities vs. one big, overbearing caveman all the time! This one is simple, effective and simply, it works. So get that sleeping beauty picture up now! Now, Secret #2 Will seem completely counter intuitive to all the other experts. And maybe to you also. See, there is a powerful trigger in the females mating system that triggers her to want to have sex with you and mate with you! And I call that the cat and mouse game. It's where you act or play hard to get. See, if you just throw yourself at women, they will run away. In other words, if you buy her flowers, chocolates, pay for dinner, and act serious and desperate all the time, it is a major, major turn off! Now the cat and mouse game is literally just like the cat chasing the mouse. Have you ever watched a cat sneak up on an unaware mouse? The cat is all excited and pumped up and poised for the kill. Then all of a sudden when the mouse last expects it, the Cat pounces onto the mouse and goes in for the kill. Yes, guy women love, love, love the chase. If you dont' believe me, pull up some old shows about dating and relationships where women say the man shouldn't be so easy, because women love the chase. I just went to a dating and relationship workshop last month in San Francisco where one of the main speakers said, "It's a total turn on when the girl has to work for it, when she has to pull it out of him and get him interested." She also said, "Even if you are turned on and like her, don't let her know it, because it's much more erotic when a girl has to arouse you!" So damn it guys, don't be so damn eager! Back off, let her come to you, play hard to get and stop buying her stuff! Now, how does this apply to online dating! Now, here's the counter intuitive part that the experts will disagree with me. But then again, what do they know? They are experts at marketing and writing books. I am an expert at teaching you how to meet girls and get laid. Now watch this. Most of the experts will tell you to click the "Long Term" button on the site because that's what women want is long term relationships. Yes, that is true. But, if they don't earn it, if there is not a chase, in fact a major chase, then she wont' value you and will not be attracted to you! See, she has to chase you and feel like she has won you over and beat all the other girls in the competition for you! So, if you are not out there dating other girls, she is not interested at all. Trust me on this one. If you don't believe me, try it, See what happens! And judge by the results on the amount of girls who respond. That's what I always say, "Pay attention to what works, results!" Now specifically for Plenty of Fish, in the first one, in the box "For", put "Dating". Then in the "Intent" section put "Looking for a relationship". This does a few things. #1 You are a chase, she has to chase you and capture you and win you over, which is a huge turn on for women. #2 When you put "Looking for a relationship", it leaves it open to date you, be in a relationship and also a possible long term relationship. In other words, this way she can go through all the steps to getting into a long term relationship with you, because dating is not long term and being in a relationship in the early stages, to a women, is not considered long term. It's an in between stage where she can see what it's like to be in a long term relationship with you. This is like a medium trial period. On that note, I do agree, never, ever put "intimate encounters" or "Hang out", because those are both major turn offs! Secret #3 The best place to meet women, is actually in person at coffee shops or cafe's or malls where they are shopping and happy or other local place. But, we are talking online here. So, the best place to meet women, is in the forums. And that's where all the women are and zero guys or very little. Now specifically, I am talking the forums for specifically for dating questions. This is a gold mine. These women are serious about dating and want to find a quality guy and actually date. A lot of girls online are there because they are bored and have zero intention to meet you or anyone. Remember, women love to talk, gab and chat! Now, all you have to do is send them a message and start up a conversation. You are much more likely to be taken seriously here than in online dating sites. Secret #4 Do not send women, a rose or gift on these sites. Plenty of fish has this thing where you earn points and get a flower or 2 per month and you get to pick the special girl to receive it and you send it to her. "DON'T!" Why? Because it destroys the chase. It tells her you have already fallen for her and love her! Thus there is no game and no chase so she moves on and gets bored with you. Secret #5  Again, this one may go against most of the experts advice. I say, "Do not fill out Match information. Personally, I have never, ever done this since the first time. #1 It takes forever. #2 Many women take these things seriously and if you are not a match, they will not even respond let alone send your a message. #3 Again, it destroys the Cat and Mouse game and kills the thrill of the chase. Now, I personally find that much more women respond when you do these 5 things. But, you have to be congruent. You can't put up dating to create the chase and then respond right away and send messages that say you are totally into her and she's so hot and beautiful and you want to buy dinner! NO! NO! NO! Nothing says desperation than this! Sheesh! Instead, play aloof. What you should do, is literally become like a girl. Take a step back and say, "Well, who are you?" "How do I know you are not a psycho?" "Are you cool?" "Are you a fun person?" "WHat makes you a fun person?" "Are you playful?" "Are you naturally affectionate and do you have a sweet personality or cute, etc. etc. See, #1 You need to stop for a second and ask yourself what you like! I mean seriously, if you could date any girl that you like, what would she be like. Would she be cute? Would she be Beautiful or Exotic? Do you like girls with a big chest or petite, tiny girls? Would she have a serious personality? Would she be an intellectual or more on the cute personality side? I guess what I am saying, is that you need to start having boundaries and date the kind of women you like and are attracted to. Nothing makes a guy more attractive than a guy who has boundaries and chooses the women he likes. So when you get online, have that attitude of, "Hey, I dont' know you!" "I don't know if you are a good person or a nut job!" "I need to get to know you!" With this overall attitude, you are actually coming from a place of genuineness instead of just trying to get laid. And it triggers her mating system via the Cat and Mouse game. Trust me, if you connect with a girl who actually fits your personality and what you like in a girl mentally, emotionally and physically, you both are more likely to have a much better time than if you are just looking to get laid and tell her what she wants to hear. And this will attract  more women to you than you could imagine!

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