The Flu has Killed far More People than Coronavirus.

There is Really Good news people!!! 

We will Survive this! We will Thrive! We will make it through this with Flying Colors! I personally believe we will fly past this so fast we will look back within months and realize we were worrying for nothing!

I have absolute Full Faith we are going to make it through is with Flying Colors!

The Sun will Shine Soon enough!! I believe the world is on the verge of waking up to a better way, a better Spirit and a Greater Heart! The Sun is about to Shine! I Love you!!! ❤

Just Look at the Numbers

As of to this date: March 5, 2020

500 Corona Deaths vs 18,000 Flu deaths in the United States alone. 

Even China's death rate from the Corona is very low compared to their death rate from the Flu!!! 

This is Good News!!! 

The flu has killed far more people than coronavirus. So why all the frenzy about COVID-19?

Please Read this article from Los Angeles Times.

 So for the health of others who are older or who have weakened immune systems, stay inside for now and stay healthy!

But please, please do not worry! Enjoy this time as a time of rest and relaxation because I believe the world is going to become a much happier place within weeks to months after this!

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The Air is Fresh, the Sky is clear! 

Enjoy it!

Mike Kollin


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