The CoronaVirus Spike is Coming! | What you Need to Know

Okay, Here Comes the CoronaVirus Spike!

What you Need to Know!

The Good News is it will Drop off just like it did in China!! 

More Good News is we had Pre-Warning and we have been preparing and taking actions as a country and as a world to lessen the impact! 

Last Warning!!!

Get your Food, Meat, Eggs, Milk, get your water, toilet paper and Stay inside, Stay away from people. 

Self Isolate!

Follow the Stay at Home Orders!

We are on Lockdown for a Reason!

Watch my video in depth and you will see the Actual Reason why our Governments and doctors are telling us to stay inside!

There is Good News on What's about to Happen with the CoronaVirus Spike!

Michael Levitt Analysis: Humanity Will Survive

Like all Bacteria and Virus's there has to be a Spike and then there is a Rapid Drop immediately after like Michael Levitt Nobel laureate and Stanford Professor of Biology states in his interview. 

Michael Levitt Nobel Laureate Stanford Professor Corona Is Slowing Down, Humanity Will Survive

When Asked to help out with the Virus Explosion in China Michael Levitt predicted there was going to be a Spike and then a Drop off in infections and deaths in China and he was correct. 

Now it's our turn!!

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Army Corps of Engineers races to provide 10,000 hospital rooms for coronavirus response

Army Corps of Engineers races to provide 10,000 hospital rooms for coronavirus response


Key Word Races

Make no mistake!! This is coming and it's coming fast!!!

Watch my video above! Very, Very important! It explains how virus's and bacteria explode into a Spike!!!

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The Good News

As of to this date: March 5, 2020

500 Corona Deaths vs 18,000 Flu deaths in the United States alone. 

Even China's death rate from the Corona is very low compared to their death rate from the Flu!!! 

This is Good News!!!

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Stay Inside!

Good Luck Everyone!! We Will Make it through this!!! 

The Spike has already started and it's here, so again, Stay inside!!! 



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