I just wrote this email and message to a friend of mine who is recently single and has broken up with her Love! She is taking it very, very, very hard. As all or most of us have experienced losing someone we love more than life itself... I know it seems like life is nothing but pain when we are at this point. And may even say, what's the point of all of this if it doesn't work out? Well, that is a very, very, very powerful and great question. Because those powerful questions coming from our powerful pain is exactly what will lead us into a deeper, more amazing journey in life that will help us to learn and grow and expand. Now, I am not one of those people who just blindly say, "Oh, you are going to grow so much and learn so much more", without also saying, "And, you are going to create the greatest life worth living." "You are going to be happier than you could or have ever, ever imagined!" "Your life is going to prosper from this and you are going to have so much more power over yourself, your life and life in general." "And all of that will open you up to living the life of your dreams." I do personally know this from a personal or a lot of personal painful experiences that just wouldn't end. Some how, some way, I made it through all of it. I will tell you this, it wasn't easy, but every ounce of energy of facing myself, being honest with myself and seeing my own faults and my own patterns that were creating all this pain and hurt is exactly what made the biggest difference in my life! I did every form of therapy I could find. I did the techniques and exercises like my life depended on it, because in a way it did... I wanted so much more from life than just pain. You can begin to change your life right now simply by picking up a book on personal development, relationship, communication, etc. Also by finding a really, really good energy healer or therapist or NLP trainer or Hypnotherapist who is highly, highly trained, just like me! Find someone who is very, very grounded and knows what they are doing; someone who will  hold you accountable and keep you honest with yourself. Because that is The Secret To overcoming all your challenges and is absolutely necessary for breaking your Negative patterns. But, remember, your patterns are also a gift. If you can begin to see your own negative patterns and how they attract and create these painful situations, you have just found the key to creating a life worth living! Here's the letter to my friend:

WEll, we have all been hurt and lost love that really, really, really mad us sad, cry and hurt really, really bad... Find a way to make it through this and learn everything you can from this... Find a coach, a therapist, read books on relationships, dating, personal development...

But mostly you need to learn what it is that you need to learn about you and heal inside...what are your patterns that draw and or create these situations that hurt so badly, yet are powerfully wanting to teach you something so powerful that it will open you up to a larger, greater existence on this planet...

 Keep on searching, keep on learning and growing and in a few years, maybe a few more, you will look back to today, to this email and realize how much you have grown and how much more powerful you are as a person and spirit and soul... And how much more power you have over your life, your choices and your existence... Life can and will be a lot more happier and funner... Trust me, I know, I have been there and now I am here!

 Take the steps!

 Bless you!

Mike Kollin!

To all of you Bless you and may you find your patterns and see them and then watch them melt and disappear and watch the power come back into your heart, hands and mind. It's your power! So learn how to use it for a better, happier and more successful life! Your Love and Relationship Coach and NLP Trainer/Master Hypnotherapist! P.s. with the New Discoveries Taught in my course, you will find an amazing insight into what causes so much misunderstood pain and can then learn how to create a much more powerful loving relationship! These New Answers Will Heal your Heart and Relationship! Come learn how!

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