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And Change your Life!!   If there was one thing the Pickup Artist Community and Personal Development / Tony Robbins Community does, It's getting you to Take Action!!! Take Massive Action!!!   The #1 thing that helped me get over my social anxiety and develop social skills is this 1 single sentence. "Do one thing that scares you Every Day!!!"   I can not tell you how much this will change your life!   Now I don't mean to act or fake and do something you do every single day and act like it's a scary thing like something you...

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  She Came & She has Conquered!  Ladies, my Humble respect to your Internal Power As some of you, my students, have become Highly Aware of, the Right Brain Completely Out thinks and Dominates the Left, In the Box, Tiny, Logical Brain. She will out think you! She will out Fight You! She will out Seduce you! She will out earn you!! And she Will out compete you! Wake up men!  Female Power is Here to Stay Women come in all shapes and Sizes! And for 1 reason. To out conquer you in every area of life! And they already have!...

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"Let Go & Become Who You Are Within - Life is Power" Inside you there is a very, very Powerful Being! Someone, something so Powerful that you can & will achieve any Real, True Dream that comes from your Core! No, I did not say Fantasy or something you don't Truly want from the Deepest Depths of who you truly are within!  MGK International, Myself, Mike Kollin, this is not just a Dating Site or how to meet women or save your marriage.  This is a Personal Development and Life Changing Course & Business.   "In order to become who...

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Can you Be Ok with not knowing? Are you stuck in life? Is life passing you by? Has something put you on hold or has you not moving in a direction or fully going for it and going after your dreams with Gusto? Well, this is the #1 thing that stops most people and the fix is super easy! One of the Biggest learnings I have ever learned from a Healer is being ok with not knowing? I have been working with a few people recently and it just dawned on me how many people hold themselves back simply because...

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