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There is simply to much pain in the world right now. And a lot of it is simply do to complete and total misunderstanding. To much fighting, too much hurt and pain and suffering on all levels. Men and women simply do not understand each other at all. When I say we literally speak to completely different languages, I mean it! See, one of the things that most people simply do not understand is that the only way to end the wars outside is by ending the war inside!!! This is the Greatest truth you must come to understand in...

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Ok, over the years, my clients will eventually call me back and tell me how they used these same techniques to make more sales or to gain more social power or to get a raise and even get that job position they have always dreamed of! And, I always and I mean almost on a daily basis get free stuff every where! Last night, I was at whole foods and I was doing my normal thing and suddenly the girl/cashier offered me a free shot block, which is my most favorite food thing right now, made by Clif bars company!...

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