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Jesus said, "I AM" the way! = The Left logical brain is open to the Right Emotional Spiritual Brain. When the Mind is first "Open" to the Right Open Brain that is the I Am Jesus spoke of... The Forehead is the I the Open Heart is the Am. This is when the 2 become 1. You can not enter through the gates of Heaven unless you first become One. At + One = Atonement! It literally means At Onement! You must become ONE with yourself.The left and right Hemispheres must be open to one another and on the same...

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Crack The Female Code

The Answer to Love - There's a Code. It's Hidden!
Elite Dating and Relationship Coaching for Romance, Love and Emotional Healing!

There's a Hidden Code to Romance, Love and Romantic Seduction!

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Road Trip Across New Bay Bridge | Awesome View of Sunset | Party Shots and Video 🐹👻😊

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This TV Show Lucifer is Therapeutic / Therapy Have you ever noticed how this entire TV Show is about Healing Therapy? It has to do with the Dark Side of us and how we begin to heal it slowly over time! As I wrote in my last blog this show is about Shadow. Revealing the Hidden parts of us we Deny and Hide from our Conscious Awareness!  One of the things that is being taught in this series is how we have to learn how to Love Ourselves and Fully Embrace who we are. Because if we can't Love ourselves,...

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Finding the Right Mate by Being Yourself 100% | Emotional Freedom 💖 There's a Better way to Meet your Perfect Partner for the Best Relationship! It's by being Yourself 100% of the time so they can truly get to know you for who you really are! Watch this Quick Video and Learn some Powerful Understandings that will save you a Lot of Pain and Suffering in Dating, Relationships, Business and Life!Mike Kollin

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