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My Toughest Kickboxing Fight Step into Your Power and Kick Ass in 20201 | Conscious Power 🔥🔥 Overcoming your Fears and Doubts in Real Life Situations! "Real Life Fighting Experience in Kickboxing with Leg Kicks! Living an Awesome life with an Awesome Coach. Jacob "Stitch" Duran!" 🔥🔥 The Video Tells the Story all by itself! Living your Best Life shouldn't just be something you post, it should be something you actual Do and Live! I'm an NLP Trainer, Master Hypnotherapist, formerly a Top competitor on the National Level and have Lived Life to the Fullest! When we say we can help you change,...

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Manifestation, Meditation and Consciousness   I have been fortunate to compete and fight on the National Level and win! I have also been a straight A student, lead in Choir, music and art. I was lucky to move around as a kid til I was a teenager and experience widely different things, practices, arts, fight sports from Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Football, Racing etc.. And now a business owner, Life coach, Personal Development Coach, Hypnotherapist etc. etc.. My overall point / purpose is that there is a Common Thread through everything you are doing in your life! As I watch this...

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