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Manifestation, Meditation and Consciousness   I have been fortunate to compete and fight on the National Level and win! I have also been a straight A student, lead in Choir, music and art. I was lucky to move around as a kid til I was a teenager and experience widely different things, practices, arts, fight sports from Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Football, Racing etc.. And now a business owner, Life coach, Personal Development Coach, Hypnotherapist etc. etc.. My overall point / purpose is that there is a Common Thread through everything you are doing in your life! As I watch this...

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One of the things that I have become very aware of over the years is the fact that we definitely are manifesting our existence and our individual realities. We are all players in the Game! And you too can change your life with the right mindset! For now, one of the top lessons is to realize that you are the one who has created your life and world by the thoughts that you hold. Your "Intentions" create your reality! So the question is, "What are you Intending on a Daily basis?" Because that's what you will create. More on this...

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