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Relationship Success | Synergy Alchemy When 2 or more People Come together it's Alchemy!Relationships should be when 2 people come together to give to each other to be there for each other to support each other! Love has no space for Jealousy or selfishness... It's not a Sacrifice! That is not what I am saying! It's like a Team Sport where you help each other win and succeed! Synergy is when 2 or More people come together on a common goal where it adds energy and is more than equal to 1+1=2. it's more like 1x2 to the 10th power....

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Love is the Doorway to your Power - Let Go of Fear and Open up to Love You are "LOVE!"And Love is "POWER!"Power literally comes from Love! "Love literally is the Answer to all your Needs, Desires and Goals! Love will Literally Heal the world and what we are going through now! Let go of the Fear and Open up to the Love in your heart to Receive the Light and Love of the Universe! And I promise you, All of this will disappear and the Truth will appear!" Love Opens an Artery in your Lower Brain. Now what this...

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  "Stop Getting your Ass Kicked in Dating and Relationships" There is a Brand New Answer and it Works!! Stop Kicking each others Ass!!!  I'm Serious! There's no reason to keep hurting each other and feeling empty inside only leaving you to both rip each others hearts apart!  Let's be honest, this is exactly what is happening in your relationship or past relationships isn't it????  Well it's because men and women are wired different neurologically. And this causes 3 very Powerful things to happen! #1 We are wired differently for Love! The way a man gives Love is not the...

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And Why Men Just Don't Get It!   What you are about to read is going to help you understand the Greatest Need Women Have & want from Love, Life and Relationships!  And what you are going to see in this Precious Video will make you Cry!  There's a Level of Emotional Emptiness that women Experience that you as a man Couldn't even Fathom let alone Possibly Understand!  But there is an Answer and I have it! And I want to teach it to you! I will do my very Best to Help You Understand what is going on between men...

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Yes, "The Most Important Thing in the World is Love"  I Know, I Know... Love has Hurt you, Badly!  And now you have your Shield up! And because of that you won't let Love in like you use to!    The Most Important thing yet the Most Misunderstood thing on the Planet, "LOVE!" The Next Most Important thing is Communication. The Next Most Important thing is Understanding. Because without Communication you Can't Have Understanding. Without Understanding you can't have Love. Through Communication you have Understanding. Through Understanding you have Love!  Together through Love, Communication & Understanding, You have everything you...

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