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Finding yourself is the First Step to Finding your Tribe! We are balls of actual physical energy. And like Laird Hamilton in this video, he was just this ball of energy going for it! He was living his life to the fullest as a child and as an adult.  And this is what drew people to him naturally!  Well, what kind of people?  His kind of people, his vibe literally!  And this is how you find your tribe! You just go out there, do you thing the way you do it and all the rest will fall into place!  What...

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Injuries Should Completely Heal Over Time How to Heal the Pain after the Injury has Healed! Pain is a signal that something has not Healed! A. It could be that physically something Hasn't healed yet! Or B. It could be a Signal that Emotions are still connected to the Injury that need to be healed! If you have old injuries that still hurt, believe it or not but they should not have pain at all once they are completely healed. I know, sounds odd right? So then why do some people have pain years and years later after their injury has...

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