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Meeting Cute Women is Easy! Here's an Awesome Influence and Communication tip that is very healthy for all interactions in relationships, business, sales or just everyday communication experiences. It helps open the door to effective communication and clarity in conversations so at least they will truly listen to understand you and what you are sharing with them! Now, first of all, most people suck at listening, but don't even know it. In fact, I think this is going to shock you and open you up to what listening actually is. That is part II  Now, have you ever had a conversation...

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I can't tell you how many times I have heard this over the last 20 years. I will meet a guy who asks me what I do for a living and I tell him, "I specialize in communication between men and women." And he will laugh and say, wow, I just got divorced for the 2nd time. And then I will go into how learning how to communicate with women will massively change his life. I usually get a lost, confused, bored look from them. And they will then say, "No, No, I just need to find the right women...

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