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You only Get 1 Chance at this Life! So live life to the Fullest and Enjoy it!  This song Brings me back to the early, earl 2000's til around 2015 or so...  Life was soooooooooooo Fun!!! I have lived such a full life Boxing and Kickboxing and Winning on the National Level and traveling a lot! I have met and trained with World Champions and studied under the Masters in Multiple arts from Fighting to NLP, Hypnosis and also Jumped from Planes in the Airborne Infantry! I have fought and won! I have fought and lost! But mostly I won! I did...

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Napa Valley Car Show Summer June 2020 Going back home is a Good thing Now! I had a Great Time simply visiting these 2 guys Jeff Rambo and Rob Hefner, Great Friends from High School I haven't seen since High School. Best Decision I made in a long time to just drive home and see some friends and bump into a few other friends from way, way, way back when 1987'. Live your lives Now! Do not wait! Just get out there and Live!  Best Wishes to you all... 💕   The Book that Changed it All "Crack The Female...

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It's OK to have small fights, but it's much better to have a healthy love life!

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There is a Real Answer to Romance & Love! It's only taught in my course!!! Part of the reason is that men have lost the art of communication and awareness and are not as tuned in as they use to be, is because of computers. Emotional Fulfillment is now Possible in Relationships between men and women! The modern world is all about computers and digital technology, thus putting him and allowing him to solely rely on his left brain / logic. Thus men are a lot more logical now thus have lost the Greater Awareness and sensing of the Right brain. Men...

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Last night I went for a walk late at night when it was it's darkest. And all I could see was the darkness. I began to look up to the moon and stars and they were crystal clear and super bright shining through the darkness... Such Clarity.... And then I looked at the houses with the cutest, tiniest, brightest shining crystal clear bright white Christmas lights happily shining, smiling, penetrating through the nights darkness.... And then I got it.... You are "THE LIGHT" shining through the darkness... All that space is dark but you are a shining light because the...

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