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You don't have any Problems except for those Problems that you Create and Attract! That's it!   Once you understand this truth you will realize you "Literally" Create your Life! I know it's so hard to accept the fact we created some pretty shitty experiences... but know this was something to learn from!   The learning?? To turn your life in the Direction of what you truly want and desire out of life!   To focus on creating better emotional states that you enjoy! To create Happiness, to put your focus, energy and heart on creating better emotions and feelings...

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Learn how to Love and Heal yourself First Learn how to Love and Heal Yourself First before you get into a Relationship! In this video I give you actual real life simple, easy techniques that changed my life and my clients lives to a much happier life and more fulfilling and meaningful life filled with more happiness and fun! I know they are so simple yet very powerful... Go ahead take some time and watch this video above... Thanks for watching... https://youtu.be/7akiwTbOIMU     Come find the Hidden Secrets She's always wanted you to know!       Get More Amazing...

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Life is short! I have had the absolute Most Unfortunate Fortune in Life! By the time I graduated from High school, 18 of my friends had died, mostly in car accidents! My girlfriends Brother whom she was really really close to died in a Car Accident when we were in 9th grade.... A girl I danced with the night before Graduation died with 3 other friends hours before our Graduation in a car accident... Then 18 months later my 4 best friends died... You might say, that's the reason I almost never even drink, at all... Today, another really good...

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