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And Change your Life!!   If there was one thing the Pickup Artist Community and Personal Development / Tony Robbins Community does, It's getting you to Take Action!!! Take Massive Action!!!   The #1 thing that helped me get over my social anxiety and develop social skills is this 1 single sentence. "Do one thing that scares you Every Day!!!"   I can not tell you how much this will change your life!   Now I don't mean to act or fake and do something you do every single day and act like it's a scary thing like something you...

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"Let Go & Become Who You Are Within - Life is Power" Inside you there is a very, very Powerful Being! Someone, something so Powerful that you can & will achieve any Real, True Dream that comes from your Core! No, I did not say Fantasy or something you don't Truly want from the Deepest Depths of who you truly are within!  MGK International, Myself, Mike Kollin, this is not just a Dating Site or how to meet women or save your marriage.  This is a Personal Development and Life Changing Course & Business.   "In order to become who...

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Can you Be Ok with not knowing? Are you stuck in life? Is life passing you by? Has something put you on hold or has you not moving in a direction or fully going for it and going after your dreams with Gusto? Well, this is the #1 thing that stops most people and the fix is super easy! One of the Biggest learnings I have ever learned from a Healer is being ok with not knowing? I have been working with a few people recently and it just dawned on me how many people hold themselves back simply because...

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