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Just a Fun Day in The Mission San Francisco Just wanted to get Away for the Day! In this quick video I show my mechanic briefly then drive into San Francisco for the day and take a walk showing you parts of the Mission in San Francisco.  And I talk about Energy Healing a bit to give you an idea of what it is like or some of it is like while sharing my personal experiences in my Journey in Energy Healing from Reiki, Huna and Pranic Healing! #honda #DelSol #D15B7 #D16Z6  

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Training and Coaching in Redondo Beach California Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a Great Summer. Believe it or not but right now is the Best time to Travel ever!! There is no Traffic! But it's starting to pick up. I have flown down to Long Beach and Driven down to the Greater Los Angeles Area 3 times to Long Beach, Gardena and Redondo Beach and have traveled without any problem at all.  My life and my business both are simply taking off!  I am having the time of my life and my business is doing better than...

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How to Be there for a Friend while they are in Emotional Pain Actually holding space for another person means allowing your awareness to "Let Go" and expand far, far out creating an energetic space for you and them to be in allowing energy to flow.... This same space allows healing to occur by allowing energy free movement and space. 💕 And yes as it says in the image, we literally open our hearts expand our awareness while offering unconditional Love and Support completely letting go of all judgement and control. Just physically be there for them with an Open Awareness...  Allowing them...

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Welcome to Rick and Nicoles Energy Healing Journey Powerful Healing Testimonial from a Client who was in Severe Pain for Years before He was Recommended to Mike Kollin. How Ricks Energy Healing sessions Healed him Physically and Emotionally and how that Helped Heal his Relationship and Family Emotionally! Please Enjoy this video and learn a little more about My Energy Healing Capabilities and how this can help your life Emotionally, Physically, Financially and Spiritually! If you have a Problem and you can't find an Answer, I can help you!   #EnergyHealing #EnergyMedicine #EmotionalHealing #SpiritualAwakening

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Life is short! I have had the absolute Most Unfortunate Fortune in Life! By the time I graduated from High school, 18 of my friends had died, mostly in car accidents! My girlfriends Brother whom she was really really close to died in a Car Accident when we were in 9th grade.... A girl I danced with the night before Graduation died with 3 other friends hours before our Graduation in a car accident... Then 18 months later my 4 best friends died... You might say, that's the reason I almost never even drink, at all... Today, another really good...

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