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It's not Over? The Battle is Just Beginning! Sadly they don't know they're about to Learn the Battle is just About to Begin! Escaping from Narcissists takes Real Understanding and Knowing What to do and How to Deal with them! You have to Take Back your Power and Ferociously Take Back your Life! Beautiful is the Day the Empath Awakens to his / her Powers from Within their Spirit and very Soul and Finally Step into their Power and Ferociously Takes Back their Power!  - Mike Kollin A very Good friend called me to his Home this week! The News...

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This TV Show Lucifer is Therapeutic / Therapy Have you ever noticed how this entire TV Show is about Healing Therapy? It has to do with the Dark Side of us and how we begin to heal it slowly over time! As I wrote in my last blog this show is about Shadow. Revealing the Hidden parts of us we Deny and Hide from our Conscious Awareness!  One of the things that is being taught in this series is how we have to learn how to Love Ourselves and Fully Embrace who we are. Because if we can't Love ourselves,...

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From Dark to Light This is Shadow Work! When I talk about Shadow work, I don't mean Carl Youngian Style.  I mean Energy Healing a Deep, Deep Release from a Gentle Opening of your Heart and Soul and the Hidden Fears, Hurts, Pains and even Shame from within, including all the Anger and Hate and even Violent thoughts and Possible desires to hurt someone or yourself! This TV Series is all about Therapy and Healing! One of the Styles of healing work that I am trained in is Ericksonian  Hypnosis and also NLP! One of the tools we use and...

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Where did the Emotions and Feelings Go? Are you almost Afraid to have Feelings or any kind of Emotion? Has society punished you for Being Open Minded and Open Emotionally! They Shut you Down because they Shut themselves Down! (This is how they Limited your Power!) I'll Show you how to Open Back up to Your Power!It's Hidden Inside you but I will Show you How! Is the World turning into 1 Giant computer? Are people losing touch with reality because they are losing touch with their Emotions and Feelings? Yes! They are! And yes there is an unspoken and...

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Either way the Great Awakening Has Begun! More and more people are calling me telling me they are going through a major life changing shift and they can't explain it, asking for help to get through this! This is a Spiritual Awakening and we are going through it! Watch this video above as I piece together a few different pieces of this puzzle and take a look at the bigger picture! Enjoy!! #GreatAwakening #SpiritualAwakening #EmotionalHealing

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