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Napa Valley Car Show Summer June 2020 Going back home is a Good thing Now! I had a Great Time simply visiting these 2 guys Jeff Rambo and Rob Hefner, Great Friends from High School I haven't seen since High School. Best Decision I made in a long time to just drive home and see some friends and bump into a few other friends from way, way, way back when 1987'. Live your lives Now! Do not wait! Just get out there and Live!  Best Wishes to you all... 💕   The Book that Changed it All "Crack The Female...

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Dating Relationship Coaching | Kyle's Life Changing Breakthrough Kyle and I had a lot of fun making this short video! I hope it helps you loosen up and laugh as much as we did!!   For now, this is a Super Short Video on my Dating and Relationship Book "Crack The Female Code!" Just enjoy this video and buy my Book "Crack The Female Code!" It will open your eyes! Come find the Hidden Secrets She's always wanted you to know!       Get More Amazing Dating and Relationship Information on Mike Kollin's Youtube Channel        Call now...

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Ok guys!  You know how I talk about "Indirect Body Language / indirect self point & Indirect Communication?" You know, the massive, powerful exploding Volcano as I subtly self point to my groin. Watch this lady. She's not smooth at all, in fact quite direct. But I think that's good thing for you to realize how much women use indirect body language to point to theirselves sexually. Ie. her Breast & You! She says #1 @ 2:18 "The type of Content"= That literally means you because she is pointing to you the viewer as she is saying this.#2 Then at...

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"Here, Hold this Beer - I got this!" Click Here to buy The Ultimate Package Secret Dating Advice tips on how to get her Addicted to you and more importantly Chasing you! But in a Good way that her system likes! Now remember guys! "Men and women are Wired completely differently!!! And what I am about to reveal to you is just 1 of my ways to get girls to do things for you willingly and wantonly! Now, remember, in my course and in my book "Crack The Female Code" I talk a lot about Science, Psychology & Especially how our...

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"What is Crack the Female Code?" Crack the Female Code is a set of Hidden Unconscious Patterns that "Literally" Trigger her mating system. That Turn her on & make her want to be with you; creating Romance, Love & a Powerful Seduction she can't resist!   There are Hidden Codes and a series of Unconscious Patterns that I Reveal in my course that will clear up a lot of misunderstandings between men and women.  Create a Deeper Understanding of Love. Come Learn how to Succeed with Women * A little Secret Mother Nature "Literally" hid from the Male Brain that makes her Fall In Love...

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