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If they're not Cheering for you They Don't Love You! For Some Reason we simply don't want to see that the Very People who Hate us are our very Own Friends and Family! In fact it usually "IS" your very Friends  and Family and Close one's who don't want you to succeed! And you know what? That's okay! Fuck em!Most people don't want to hear this truth to the extent that they put up with a Life time of Suffering, by these very same people again and again and again, Hoping One day it will all change and they will express...

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Author: Mike Kollin of MGK International.   How to Seduce Women Fast Dating Tips for Men     Buy the Ultimate Package Now & Learn how to Seduce Women Fast Social Proof is fine, but, Self Proof is much more powerful, because self proof is real social proof! If you have to rely on others, female friends or an entourage, cars, money or whatever, then you don’t have real social proof, you have fake/weak social proof! Now, what do I mean? Well, that form of Social Proof is an External Form of Social Proof! Which means, you are dependant and reliant...

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