"Step into your Power" And Live an Awesome Life!

"Step into your Power"

And Live an Awesome Life!

I don't know why, but I don't really tell anyone about what happened to me at all in my life! I will tell you this, it has been a lot. And the severe pain has actually caused me to become a much more Powerful Person. I will tell you one of the medium things that happened to me. You might think it's one of the worst or most severe but not by far. But it did finally teach me 1 Huge Life Lesson! To stand up, take back your Life by Stepping into your Power!! Life can be an Absolutely Awesome experience if you are simply willing to take 1 step at a time and keep on keeping on! To move forward and face your fears "And" your Challenges!

6.7+ years ago I was ran over by a car!

It was the Greatest Life lesson I ever learned. To realize I am on my own! That's just Life! Best Lesson I have ever learned. It was the final key to "Making me Know what it truly means to "Step into your Power!" And I have to tell you, it Feels AWESOME!!! Sure, I am in a Ton of pain on a daily basis! Sometimes I can't even function. But you wouldn't know it if you didn't know me on a personal basis. I broke, crushed over a dozen bones, suffered Nerve damage in my arm and suffered a fairly bad head injury. But I have recovered very, very, very well. No, not perfect, but you wouldn't know it if I didn't tell you about it! Again, unless you spent a lot of time with me and saw how much I stretch and crack and adjust my spine and back. When I was ran over, I was out cold. The car not only ran me over, but it hit my head and made a sharp cut into my skull. When I came to, I didn't know where I was. I thought I was in bed and I had rocks in my pillow case. It didn't make any sense. I couldn't figure out why I had pebbles, small rocks in my pillow case. And then it suddenly dawned  on me, "Something wasn't right. I don't think I am home in bed. Where am I. Oh No! Was I in an accident. I was afraid to open my eyes. I didn't move. I just noticed I was breathing. My face seemed to be ok, I had my teeth, well for the most part... I felt my body but it seemed fine at first... " Then I opened my eyes, I came to... "Where am I? Am I in the street? What happened? Oh shit, I am in the middle of the road..." And then it happened... Suddenly pain was all over my body, unbelievable pain all over, I couldn't move... I couldn't even scream... all my ribs were broken... As I lay there, 1 car drove up, stopped, then took off a few moments later... Nothing... I passed out... Then another car pulls up, stops and looks... the engine wakes me up... "Help me, please, help me..." The car engine revved up and they pulled off... I was only 6 blocks from the fire department... nothing... 2 blocks from the store.... Laying literally in front of a Church... "Help me, please..." A mother pulls up with her 2 teenage daughters and stops... I could hear the windows roll down... She had one of those new Mercedes SUV's... "Oh cool, they are going to Help me... Thank God..." The windows roll back up and the engine revs up... they take off... "What the hell is going on? Why won't anyone help me? Where are they going? Why won't they help me?????? Please!!!!" I begin to cry..... then I pass out again.... I awaken to the sound of another cars engine... "Oh Thank God, it's another mother with her teenage daughter... they will help me for sure..." They stop, roll down their windows and look at me... nothing... I realize they aren't going to help me, so before they roll up their windows, I cry out for help, "Help... help me... please call an ambulance, please... " They race off fast... I'm left alone... tears are streaming... "Why... Please... somebody help me... Please..." I realize, I am on my own... I have to find a way to get home or get to a phone... to someone's door... I'm a tough guy, I can do this... I attempt to stand up with all the will power I have in me... it wasn't pain... it was pure fire... my entire body was on fire from the pain... I pass out and fall... This was only the beginning of my 6 year nightmare... Sure, eventually someone called an ambulance about 2 hours later... Beautiful neighborhood, beautiful day... nice church... Not 1 person came to help me... when I got home from the hospital I almost starved... 2 weeks later I struggled to get to the store... took me more than an hour to crawl, walk 4 blocks... I must have horrified the cashier... her eyes popped wide open... I had black eyes, a big blood scab/mass on my head... Not 1 person came to help me through this entire ordeal... 4 years later I was still struggling to walk up 1 flight of stairs... but about 4 1/2 years after, I could walk up that stairs and had balance in my legs again for the first time... I just kept building on almost nothing... still couldn't remember basic conversations, nothing... but I kept on going... what else was I going to do? I had no choice... all those years of competing in sports gave me this push, this determination that, without it, I would have never made it... The most painful part of my recovery was that not 1 person would help me... not even my Doctor. I begged for help. He refused, nothing... no physical therapy, no neurologist, nothing.,.. funny though, after 6 years, they suddenly wanted to give me all of this, A therapist, physical therapist, neurologist, you name it. You know, after I was already strong enough and could stand up for myself! And that's what this blog is about!

Stand up for Yourself! Take Risks, Speak Up!!!

You have to begin standing up for yourself! Take on the Challenges that life throws at you! Fight Back! Speak out, speak up! Let them know you are not here to be walked all over.

"STEP INTO YOUR POWER" And Live an Awesome Life!

What is "Stepping into your Power?" Well, facing your life challenges, standing up for yourself is a sliver of what it is. What it really is, is learning how to open open up to the Larger Part of your Brain / Hemisphere. Because that's where you gain your Real Power, your Social Power in Life!!! This is where you get your real Confidence and when you speak from this space from within, People Listen!!! I have been specializing in this 1 Area for over 25 years, solely helping people learn how to open up to this form of Real Power that helps you move ahead in every area of life, given you Greater Self Esteem, Confidence and Social Power so you can "Take your Life to the Next Level." Here are a few video's to give you an idea of what it is we are doing here at MGK International. Follow me on Youtube so you can get the newest updated material from my courses. Better yet, sign up for the newest seminar and or trainings. Either way, enjoy the video's and see you soon in person or at a seminar.        

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  Crack the Female Code

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