SOCIAL POWER - I get Free Stuff all the time!

Ok, over the years, my clients will eventually call me back and tell me how they used these same techniques to make more sales or to gain more social power or to get a raise and even get that job position they have always dreamed of! And, I always and I mean almost on a daily basis get free stuff every where! Last night, I was at whole foods and I was doing my normal thing and suddenly the girl/cashier offered me a free shot block, which is my most favorite food thing right now, made by Clif bars company!


So, then after she rang me up, she also gave me my drink for free. It's a slightly expensive health drink with Chia seeds in it called Synergy. And she made a point of letting me know... :) So, over the years, I will go out with my friends or clients and they will say things like, "Why do you always get your dinner for free or free deserts or drinks, etc.?" And I respond with, "there are some unique social skills that give you social power in every area of life."

Now here's the funny thing. I can sit there and know immediately that they are not going to get anything for free or get a flirt or anything from the waitress, etc. etc. Because, I can see it a mile away. And, so will you! Once you learn how to do this stuff and develop it over a few months and even the first 6 months to a year, you will massively develop your skill level more and more and more and gain more social power as you move along. And you will also be able to clearly see who has it and who doesn't! And trust me, almost no one has it at all... (Even those guys or girls who assume or want to believe they do!)

Clearly, it comes down to results; my favorite word. Because results divides the bullshitters from the real people who are really getting real life results. That's the funnest part about my course. It works, and you can see it! There's no opinions or theories or philosophies. Either it works, or it doesn't. And, the cool thing, is the course sells itself. You will see it in the course, while you take the course. It becomes fairly clear what's going on some where around the middle of the course.

So, if you truly want to get a raise, make more sales and get that higher position at your job and a whole lot more respect in social situations such as parties, dinners and gatherings, take my course and I will teach you the Secrets Mother Nature has hidden from the Male Brain.

For more personal power, more social power and learning how to meet the girl of your dreams and turn her on, give us a call and set up an appointment: 415 456 8558

Remember, this is a Dating and Relationship Coaching course that will teach you how to save your marriage and turn women on massively in the way women want! Dating tips for men and relationship coaching works when you get the right advice!

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