Personal Development, Self Esteem, Confidence with women and comfort!

What is this course really all about? In a word or phrase? "Kicking Ass" in life, love and relationships and just being happy for everyone! This is the absolute best course for men to learn how to meet women, understand women and love women... *** Oh, and turn women on more powerfully than a $10 million Dollar ring! And I will prove it!!! Now there are a lot of courses out there recently teaching men how to pick up on women and get laid fast. Well, the difference in my course and my personality, is that I am all about helping people and Love! I spent the first 12 to 15 years of my life out of high school studying psychology, personal development, hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy and energy healing among other things on how to help myself and other become happier and more whole and complete. To be able to let go of their problems or to heal their emotional wounds. This course is about opening men's eyes up to what it is that women truly want that make women deeply happy and will be deeply grateful if you just learn how to communicate and approach in these ways... For example: Most men are very direct with their communication and language. In fact it's called the left brain, male, direct, linear, external language and to women it is very intrusive and can be rude! And women have a really hard time relating to it and understanding it. Not only are men intrusive verbally, but when a man or single guy approaches a girl in public, he doesn't realize, that from her perspective, you are a lot stronger and a total stranger, thus a potential danger to her. And when you approach her in your logical, left brain in that external linear way, ie lean forward, lock onto her with an intense look in your eyes, it scares the crap out of her. And that's why most guys are afraid to approach women, because when men appraoch in the male way, it scares girls/women and then women get defensive and go into protection mode, and may run off, which is embarrassing to him or you or she may be rude or even cut you down or yell at you or whatever! And, it's all done out of you scaring her, but you didnt' realize it, because men/you walk around in this linear attack mode all the time, but have no clue you are doing it. See, when I teach men how to go into peripheral vision and access their right brain, suddenly they are very clear and aware how intense this can be for a girl or anyone for that matter! Suddenly, after only a few sessions, he learns how to approach a girl in a way that allows her to have her own physical space, simply be leaning back an inch or 2 or maybe just respecting her space and standing neutral and not leaning forward. Get it? And, and, and... do not go into linear male vision, because no matter how far away you stand, even if you are standing across the room and staring at her in linear mode, this will scare the living bajesus out of her! hahaha... See guys, what I am hinting at or actually being very direct about, is the naturual, normal way that men approach women, express their love and emotions to women, usually A. Scares the crap out of women or B. confuses women, because we men and women are literally speaking 2 completely different languages, or C. pushes women away... I have literally "Cracked the Female Code"!!! It can save your marriage or if you are single, teach you how to make a girl feel comfortable and want to talk to you! Hey, let's make this happen... give me a call and leave a message and I'll give you a call as soon as I can so we can set up an appointment: 415 456 8558 This is the absolute best course for men to learn how to meet women, understand women and love women... *** Oh, and turn women on more powerfully than a $10 million Dollar ring! And I will prove it!!! Talk to you soon! See you at my next seminar... This website is quickly being built and is almost finished. Call for dates and or 1 on 1 appointments 415 456 8558 See you there for your Destiny with Love!!!! And along the way, I realized there is a better way for single guys to meet women, in a way that women actually like and enjoy. And it also helps guys to develop social self esteem in public. See,

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