Hello there and how is your day going? I just wanted to throw out a few thoughts on how to make a slight adjustment in your life which can effect your Relationships and business/career positively! I am a highly trained Personal Development and Success coach and thought, that this highly applies to everyone! Yes, perfection is never the goal. I just realized that the Male brain is very linear and it is always looking for perfection and doing things right. And that is where many men miss the boat completely. And that phrase, Missing the boat, is what this blog is all about. See, the cool thing about the female mating system, female brain, is that it's not about 1 way is the right way or there is a perfect way, but rather, what is your way? Another way of saying that, is that, it's not about doing it right or perfect, but rather, it's all about creating an experience, because the Right Female Brain/hemisphere is all about, "THE EXPERIENCE!!!" Now another way of saying what I am attempting to get across, is that it's not about being perfect, but rather, it's all about "GETTING RESULTS!!!" And that should be your target!!! See, the difference between men or women who are successful in life is 1 thing! Yes, 1 thing! They are focused on getting "RESULTS!!!" See, a lot of people are spinning in circles trying to be perfect and know everything perfectly and do everything perfectly. The problem is, that usually takes you away from the Right brains Emotional Experience. And that is what Marketing, Advertising, selling your product is all about, for everyone! And yes, that includes you! If you are going to sell yourself, you better know what results the other person is looking for! Even when it comes to a corporate job! If you think it's all about having a perfect resume, perfect grades, etc., then you are hugely missing the big picture. Let me put it this way. The right brain, which we all have, men and women, is highly, highly connected to our 5 senses, which means, it is the emotional / feeling brain. Now stop and think about that for a moment. Everything we experience is processed through our right brain, through our 5 senses. See, hear, feel, taste, smell... Now for women, here is the ultimate kicker! Women actually process communication, POWERFULLY through their right brain! Stop! Stop, think about that for a moment! What does this mean? It means that women literally process body language, words / communication through their emotions and feelings in a big, big way! Yes, women process communication or words through their feelings! So what does that literally mean? It means that women feel what you are saying! Women are literally experiencing what you are saying physically through their 5 senses and receiving an emotional experience. Now stop!!! Go back and re read that last sentence and ponder it for 1 minute or so! This is sooooooooooo important for men to grasp! Now, the real question, is what kind of experience are you giving them? Are you being Mr. Serious, Mr. I'm a smart guy? Are you being Black and white, linear and boring her to tears? Are you trying to impress her? OH NO! That will definitely kill the mood! If you have been following my blog at all recently, then you will know that paying for an expensive dinner, flowers, candy, gifts, etc. does not turn women on at all... It makes her happy, it's nice, but it's not sexual. In fact, the Dinner setting is merely that, the setting for the event to unfold. Now most men are like, "what in the hell does that mean?" Well, if you are coming from your left, logical brain trying to impress her with how many horse power your Ferrari has or are talking about numbers at work or your accomplishments in life, you are massively, powerfully turning her off!!! What she, rather her right brain is waiting for, is a smooth, romantic, warm, soft and powerfully fulfilling experience with you through communication! Yes, your words, literally create her mood.  Not a $125 piece of dead meat on an expensive China Plate! It's all about your words! Let me rephrase that! "IT'S ALL ABOUT YOUR WORDS" Let me ask you this question. Ready? "What are words?" Well? Stop right now and just throw them out there, don't think, in fact, if you stopped to think, you already failed. Stop thinking for crying out loud and just be in the moment, just be honest and throw them out there! To you, right now, what are words? Words are? "GO!" Used to communicate. Words are words. Words are things. Words are used to talk. Words are scientific. Keep going, write them down for about 30 seconds or so. Words are used to think to talk, to tell someone what you are thinking, to talk, tooooooo... Ok, STOP!!! Now, guess what words are to women? Ready???? hahaha... "EMOTIONS!!!" Yes, words are literally emotions to women or an expression of emotions or expressions, which are expressing Emotions!!!! Or words are used to express your emotions!!! Emotions!!! Remember, women literally process communication, including body language, through their 5 senses or right brain. Another way of saying that is, the right brain is literally the Emotional processor. So every word you use and say is processed through her 5 senses, which create emotional feelings in her body! Yes, Guys, they create emotions. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?????" It means you have POWER!!! The Power to create amazingly sensual, emotionally fulfilling emotions throughout her entire body simply by the words you use and the way you use them! Now, saying that is easier than done or at least taught to the male brain, but it isn't that hard.... The right brain is always paying attention to and processing the tone, tempo and rhythm of your communication. And it is combining it with your body language. So if you are talking fast, with short breaths and you are uptight, her entire body is going to feel tight, fast, short breaths... NOT GOOD!!! This will stress her the F'k out! What you need to do, is sloooooooow down... Take deep, relaxing Breaths in between thoughts and yoru communication. In other words, Breath deep and slow and then talk slow and just let it out... in a relaxing, smooth, sensual way... And that is merely 1 thing. How about your body language? Is it expressing what you want her to feel??? Now think about that for a moment, because this ties together this entire article. Remember the title, Perfection is Never the Goal? NO, the Real Goal, is Results! Always, always think about the results. Now in this case, the results are making her feel good. In fact, you should be thinking about what emotions and feelings do you want her to feel in her entire/physical body? How about, Soft, warm and smooth? Relaxed, sensually tantalizing and electric? hahaha.... Now all you have to do is speak in a warm, soft, smooth and relaxing way and use words that express these emotions and feelings. And all of a sudden her entire body will feel soft, warm, smooth feelings. AND, SHE WILL CONNECT THOSE FEELINGS TO YOU!!! So then you will be the guy who she thinks about when she wants to feel these amazing feelings! So remember, it's all about The Results that you Desire! So stay focused on her emotions and feelings that you can help her create with your words and body language, tone, tempo and rhythm! And she will be like butter and melt in your hands.... If you really want to learn how to master the art of melting a woman's heart, then give us a call at "Crack the Female Code" at MGK Enterprises! Love you all, The Love Doctor 415 456 8558

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