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Now these video's are mostly for men and single men… but the tips will also help married men understand women. We also have very specific courses for married men to understand their wives and save their marriage before it's too late! *** Note: I have also included a Few Video's  from one of the most positive guys I know, Andrew!! This guy is Awesome and has a few Amazing things down and he is truly amazing. We will be doing some amazing video's these coming weeks and months! In fact we just went out tonight and had another Awesome Night!!!

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A. The way a Male tries to express his love is not the way a female receives it. And it confuses women and leaves women wondering why men do this? B. The way a Male Communicates is in a foreign, odd and strange language that the female brain is not wired too. C. The male way of romancing / turning on / Seducing a Woman is not the way a woman is turned on or Romanced or Seduced. It actually pisses her off and angers her!!

My book will clear up all theses misunderstandings, illusions and confusing thoughts about the opposite sex!! You will learn how to Love a woman in the way a woman needs to be loved! You will also learn how to Communicate to her in a way that she actually  and clearly understands, so no more confusion and mixed signals. You will also learn the way a female mating system is hard wired and what really turns her on sexually by directly triggering her mating system.

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