It's Summer Time! You can Walk, Crawl | Come on! Get In Shape!!

I Don't Care What You Do, Get in Shape!

#1 Drink 2 Tall Glasses of Filtered Water First thing in the Morning!

If you want, add some Lemon Juice to 1 glass of water! Wait 5 minutes or more then:

#2 Next Eat 1 single type of Water Rich  Fruit. Do not mix fruits. 

Note: You can eat 2 or more of whatever fruit you are eating. 

Eat Extra Watermelon or apples or oranges or whatever as the Nutrient Rich Water filled with Vitamins from Fruit has a cleansing effect. So eat Extra!!

And only eat fruit on an Empty Stomach in the Morning after drinking the water. 

Oranges, Pineapple and Water Melon are Great water rich High in vitamin C Fruits you can eat! 

Apples are good too!

#3 Let the Fruit Digest for at least 20 minutes to 45 Minutes

If you eat Oranges or  Watermelon it is very watery so it can digest in under 20 minutes. 

If you eat something heavier like Bananas or dates or raisins it may take 45 minutes to digest. Then drink some water to clean out stomach., 

#4 Get protein in you! Eggs, Meat, Fish., 

#5 Add Glutamine to your diet.

It is an Amino Acid, a Protein that comes in Powder form. You can buy it at any local Vitamin shop or store that sells vitamins. 

Glutamine is the Brains and your Muscles #1 Food source! 

This is a Super Easy Secret to help in your overall energy throughout the Day!


Martin Luther King Jr. If  you can't fly then Run, if you can't Run then Walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep Moving Forward!

Martin Luther King Jr. If you can't fly then Run, if you can't Run then Walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep Moving Forward!


#6 Go for Walks. Ride a Bike! Swim, Sprint, Lift Weight, do Pushups, sit ups, anything.

#7 Do Deep Breathing

#8 Stretch for 30 minutes or longer

#9 Do situps, crunches, anything... 

Do Something, Do anything, push yourself even if you can barely walk or move!!

* Trust me I know Pain and I know suffering and I know old age and I know Injuries from sports and getting run over by a car!

For years all I could do was barely walk 1 block. Then it was 2 blocks... then 3 then 4... it took for ever and I mean at least 8 years til I could barely jog 3 blocks. I am not kidding. 

Pushups? Forget it. Spine injury, broken ribs, bones etc. made that impossible.

So I only did 5 at a time... sure my back hurt the next 5 days but I kept at it until I could to 10, then 15, then 20. 

I would swim at a friends if they let me.

If all I can do is deep breathing for 15 minutes, then that's what I would do.

At one point all I could do is walk the length of my living room. It was that bad!

Image of Fitness | Mike Kollin

Now Look at Me! I'm Awesome!! 🤣🤣

Okay, I joke! But in all sincerity I was basically given almost a death sentence!

I was told by my Doctor that I would never walk normal or speak normal because of my injuries and head injury!

Now I am THE EXAMPLE of the Human Potential!

Never, Ever, ever, ever Give up!

You are Here to Dominate! You are here to Eradicate! You are here to Kick ass in 2021!!!!

Amen Be Awesome!!!


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