How to Escape the Stress and Depression of Coronavirus

The Most Challenging time for People who Suffer Depression.

And I would gather this is New Territory for many people who have never truly experienced this level of separation which may be causing more anxiety, more stress and more depression to others as well....

Do not let this Pandemic, the CoronaVirus bring you down!

Allow this experience to help you to find yourself within, inside you!

There is a Strength, a Power that is ready to be tapped into, revealed and opened up for you to gain from and find a New Way to Live your life!

It's Okay to Make Mistakes

Right now we are all in New Territory. And we are all making what we think are small or medium mistakes on how we could have done this or that better; from spending our money to the groceries we should have bought to the interactions we should have avoided to whatever.

This is all Okay! This is not your fault! Please know this... it's okay! 

You are Loved and you are Cared for... 

The whole reason I am writing this is because of you! Sure, maybe I don't know you maybe I'll never meet you but I do care about you... at least enough to blast out video after video to help support you and to write this blog to maybe reach at least 1 person.

I absolutely assure you, you are not alone in any of this! We are all "Literally" in this together!

What can you do alleviate the Stress and Depression?

#1 Absolutely know that we have been here as a Human Race Before, Many, Many times!

I just watched a video on how before we even had electricity or the lightbulb on how they made it through the Black Plague, how they later made it through the Bubonic Plague! And they did it all with zero technology!


We are an Highly Advanced Society with all the Advanced Tools, Experience, History and learning from our Past Pandemics.

We Have the Edge!!

Regardless of what Country you are in, Rich or Poor we will figure this out and we will immediately send out the Troops, we will send out the Vaccine and the Answers we Discover within hours to days!

Hold on!!! 

#2 Find a way to Laugh and Smile! Focus on the Greater, Happier parts and times of Life! Bond with your children, friends and family!

Start posting Faith! Start posting uplifting, happy, funny memes that put a smile on your friends faces and your own!

#3 Turn off the media! Turn off social media as much as possible!

Being online reading articles and watching video's of impending doom will not help... instead focus on happy video's watch meditational video's or songs that bring back good memories!

#4 Do your Deep Breathing techniques

#5 Stretch, do Yoga do deep breathing and hold it while stretching! Reconnect with your Body and emotions and feelings!

#6 Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!!! Get your Rest! Get off the internet. It is exhausting. Instead, Sleep in extra. Take a Nap, hell take 2 naps... 

Right now is the Time for Rest! It will make all the difference in the world!

#7 Watch my Video Series on Breathing and Meditational Techniques.

Start with this video and follow through to the following videos! It will help!


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