I Survived a 90 mph Accident Friday 4 days ago | Spiritual Experience

 Happiness and Light Surround You

Immediately after the Impact, from the accident Friday - 4 days ago, I felt this wide open energy and space and Happiness all around me as large as the entire intersection!

I can't explain how Light and Happy and easy going I have been since the accident... It's just an open, peaceful space of Light Happiness all around me... Everywhere I go people just smile... 🐹😊

The closest thing I can use to describe this feeling is this video and image... I find this Light happiness in everything...

Life is so Fragile, so lighten up and enjoy life, smile more often and smile at people... 

Some how find Happiness, light and joy in everything that you do and experience in life! It makes life so amazing! 💕

#Love #light #EnergyHealing #SpiritualHealing #Angels #AngelsAbove #SpiritualAwakening 💕

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