How women use Indirect Hypnotic Body language to Attract men

How to use Indirect Body language for Attraction, Business & Sales

Ok guys! 

You know how I talk about "Indirect Body Language / indirect self point & Indirect Communication?" You know, the massive, powerful exploding Volcano as I subtly self point to my groin.

Watch this lady. She's not smooth at all, in fact quite direct. But I think that's good thing for you to realize how much women use indirect body language to point to theirselves sexually. Ie. her Breast & You!

She says #1 @ 2:18 "The type of Content"= That literally means you because she is pointing to you the viewer as she is saying this.

#2 Then at 2:20 "That's Attracting people like you" As she pulls her hands POWERFULLY back to her Tits!! I'm serious!!

#3 Then she literally self points to her crotch. 2:25

#4 Then notice how she self points to both of her tits at 2:29 as she says, "I am trying to attract people"

So who is speaking here? Her or her Tits?
Answer: Her Tits! Again, I am serious...

This should be a very clear beginning to see how women/people use self points indirectly to turn and attract people to them!!

Yes Guys and girls this is totally real...

P.s. notice how Linear she is with her eyes, pushing her head forward and her hands in a very linear, pointing way at you the viewer. She's not a very good Sensual Seduction lady. I mean she is doing it all, but it's way to direct to be sexual to most men or people in general... not smooth. But for your sake, for learning and seeing this, this is absolutely perfect t to learn from...

- Mike Kollin Your Guru Jedi Master

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