Do they Care From their Heart? Dating & NLP Coaches Pickup Artist

Do they Care From their Heart? Dating & NLP Coaches Pickup Artist

Does anyone care anymore? We live in a Generation that was brought up on Computers. I am lucky that computers weren't introduced into schools until I was a sophomore in high school. So I was luck to not be completely closed off. I still had a chance. But this younger generation didn't have a chance or a choice. Don't get me wrong, computers are a great tool... But they have become more than a tool.

They have become social experiences for a lot of kids and young adults, even some adults in their 30's and 40's. And this is what is wrong with society. Over 20 years ago while in Hawaii taking a 5 week, 9 hour a day NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis training, the Head Trainer flat out told us, "People are losing the natural social skills that people normally develop as they grow up and interact with people because of computers." We are becoming a computer society, communication, even socializing more on the computer than in person. And the children are being brought up this way in the schools and at home and in programs, it's everywhere.

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So he told us, "We have a Big Job to do." People need to be taught social skills again. People need to be taught these unconscious communication skills that we normally pickup unconsciously simply growing up and spending time with each other. I was with my God Daughter and she asked me if I would come with her to the Local Cafe, Starbucks. And of course I said, "Sure." She told me her friends were going to meet and socialize, etc. etc... . After we got there, I bought her a drink. And she joined her friends, who were all on the iPhones, iPads, computers, etc. etc... and she immediately pulled out her phone and started texting her friends...

As I sat down at a nearby table I opened my computer to write more on my book "Crack The Female Code". And after about an hour of writing, I began to notice that over that period of time, not 1 of the girls had looked up from their computer device. So I walked over and said "hello" to the girls... and I looked at my God Daughter and said, "What's going on sweetie?" She said, "Nothing..." and looked back down at her phone  and began texting. I said, "Are you guys going to socialize at all, even chat a bit?" She smiled and kind of laughed and said, "Oh, yeah.,.. well, this is kind of what we do." So I said, "So you all text each other on the phone and set up a time to meet at Starbucks to socialize and when you get here you all get on the phone and socialize on your phones and devices?" She Grinned and laughed a little bit and said, "Yeah..." And back down she looked to her phone...

Computers, iPhones, etc. put you into your frontal lobes, and use a very limited part of your brain. It shoves you into your Logical left Brain conditioning you to be in your Logical brain almost completely and totally. Over time a lot of people become completely disconnected from their emotional, Social right brain. It use to be, even men were right brain because in order to survive the jungle, wild, even to be able to read and get along with other humans you/we had to be very tuned into our right brain. And this being in tune with your right brain triggers her mating system to be attracted to him, because it tells her mating system that he is a good mate because he is open to his social brain and thus has social skills and is aware of other people's body language and indirect hidden language.

This is key to getting ahead in the world, jungle and wild. Being in tune to your Right brain is how you open up to your 5 senses. See, hear, feel, Smell & Taste. This is how the Caveman or Indian or male could sense danger from hundreds of yards away. They were more in tune to these senses. Now the Modern male would die in a jungle or in the wild in 4 hours or less. And this is not Attractive to the females mating system So the modern male has concrete sidewalks and paved roads and buildings and there are no more tigers and mountain lions and bears to attack us in the concrete jungle. Thus most men not only get ahead in life and make a ton of money using the logical left brain solely, not only for work and business and making money, but then he also takes that to social situations and can't figure out why he has so much Anxiety or why he can't seem to meet any women or connect with people. So he relies on alcohol and drugs to open up to his right brain and socialize. Because he doesn't know how to do it naturally anymore.

He has lost this #1 Ability that makes a women feel safe and deeply understood by him. He simply can't do it. The modern male is disconnected. If you don't believe me, ask any woman past the age of 19 or 20.

The Modern male does not have to open up emotionally to his 5 senses / right brain in order to not only survive in the  modern world, but to Thrive financially. And that's the very same and THE REASON She divorces him. Because she receives Love through the Right Brains Indirect, Hidden Language that meals her heart, fills her with True Love and Emotional Fulfillment by him speaking in this hidden Right brain's language.

The Non Linear, Non Logical Language, it's the Mentally Stimulating and Emotionally Fulfilling form of communication that opens her up emotionally and fills her heart with the deepest, most meaningful Love she needs from you. But after 5, 10, 15, 25 years of marriage she is left empty inside because he doesn't know how to open up and express his Love in a way that she can receive it in the Female Right Brain way. Because that's the way she is hard wired. She can't help it. And Trust me, there is a higher purpose mother nature has for doing this.

She was wired in this way for a higher purpose. Survival, Children, mating, Thriving and raising the consciousness of the world. So what does he do? He Solely relies on expressing his Love in the Direct, Linear, Logical way which not only turns her off, it makes her Revolt in Anger and Enrages her. "THAT'S NOT LOVE!!!!" HE DOESN'T KNOW.  He never did... So he tries harder, works harder to make more money and pay for more expensive things and buy her more expensive things... only to find her leaving him, divorcing him taking the kids, house and cars and dog! He's lost, he doesn't understand....

Are they coming from their Heart?

I had a very interesting conversation with a former client a few nights ago... And he asked me what I thought about this "Pickup artist coach" he found online... I was saddened... because this guy was one of if not the most disconnected people I have ever met in my life... the pickup artist coach... So I asked my client, "Well, let me ask you a few questions. How many times has he talked about Love and communication?" He said, "I don't know..." I said, "Does he talk about connecting within emotionally? Does he talk about Love & Compassion? Does he talk about being careful with a woman's heart and her emotions? Does he talk about being "in tune to your emotions so you can read her on a deeper level and read her a lot better so you know where she is at? Does he talk about being able to learn how to "Know where a woman is at in the moment?"

"Does he talk about LOVE?"

After all the video's you watched of him, "HOW MANY TIMES HAS HE MENTIONED "LOVE & COMPASSION?" My client got Quite and said, "None, not once!" I said, "He's not a good coach and he doesn't understand what he is teaching. He's just teaching men how to manipulate women for sex..." My client then said, "Yeah, I watched a talk show he was on where a woman asked him, "What is he going to do when he gets older?" And he said, "I don't have to worry about that because I know how to Manipulate women?" And he was proud of that. I said, "He's not a Heart Centered Coach." I don't recommend him!!"

Whatever happened to Heart?

Whatever happened to Caring?

What happened to caring about one another? What happened to paying attention to the subtle cues others give off? What happened to Loving someone simply for loving them???  

Do they Care From their Heart? Dating & NLP Coaches Pickup Artist

If you only knew how much a woman needs for a man to learn how to open up to your right brain, to simply OPEN UP!!!! Money, Cars, houses, diamond rings, jewelry CAN NOT FILL HER HEART!!!! THIS IS NOT LOVE!!!

When you are ready and want to learn how to UNDERSTAND WOMEN!!!! 


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