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More than 15 years ago, I was watching a TV show. It might have been Oprah or someone like that. And on stage were 2 sets of bleachers. On one side were women with their husbands and children and also their other children with other men. And on the other side where the men who these married women cheated with and had children with while being married. And on this show, you can see how there is so much anger and hurt and fear in everyone. As the show went on, I began to cry because it dawned on me. Who made these divisive rules? Who said, "MINE! MINE! MINE!!!" "I own you!"

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Mike Kollin Dating and relationship expert We live in a world where people believe that they own others and control others and can arbitrarily make up rules and say my way is the right way because I say so! All you have to do is be honest with yourself and see that the rules clearly are not working! And this comes from fear based thinking! Not from Love! What really dawned on me was that "all I saw was one big family!" We are all one Big family! Humans throughout the world, we are one big family, we are one big organism.

Sadly we are a divided organism/family because others EGO'S Based on Fear Thinking made up some arbitrary rules and said you can't do this, you can't do that, you can't have that, you must do what you are told by me! And, you and I were born into this weird system of rules made up by other people who we have never even met! And the fact is, it's not working! AT ALL...

And this is why our societies are being destroyed and falling apart! Our children have no core sense of self anymore. They are lost, scared and alone! And, So are we. We are all better than this fear based ego based system of made up rules!!! If we could only let go of our ego and these fake made up rules that we live by that we know don't work, then we could finally open our eyes and see that "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!"

Could you imagine if you, walking downtown, crossing the street saw that lady as your mother? That man as your father! That kid as your own child. That girl as your very own cute daughter! Could you imagine seeing everyone as your brothers and sisters and family? Because that day watching TV, all I saw was one big family up there on stage!!! And that's also why I cried....

Because someone made up a set of rules that divided everyone, pitted man against man, children against fathers and children against children! LET GO... We have got to let go of the idea that you are not my family! Because, you are! You are not my enemy! You never have been... Let go... Take Faith... Awaken!

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