Dating Tips on how to meet women Mike Kollin Dating Coach San Francisco / San Jose / San Diego

Dating Tips on how to meet women Mike Kollin Dating Coach San Francisco / San Jose / San Diego


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Fastest, easiest way to meet women

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Crack the Female Code Hello, how are you all doing? I know, I know it's been a long time since I have posted on here!!! But don't worry, a ton of new information is coming along right now. I have been working my butt off on writing a brand new book on a Core, KEY very important segment in my course on How to Access your Internal Power!!! The Book's name is called BE POWERFUL… Hopefully it should be coming out within a month or 2! I have also been super busy in learning how to Market my business better and a few other projects. But, don't worry, I am Back and things are starting to fly!!! I have a new Logo, which I will put right here. I also am going to have a brand new banner/wall paper made and then put up behind my video shooting on the wall so it looks much more profession. I also bought a brand new Professional Business Desk which is AWESOME!!! And I have a 55 gallon tank I am going to put together super soon!! logo1   Isn't she Beautiful??? hahaha.. I Love it!! I'll put more down below the videos!! So, for now, here are 4 video's that I just made that have some very powerful information on how to talk to, approach and feel comfortable with women! Because that's what my course is all about. Making you feel very comfortable meeting, approaching and talking to women and taking it to the next level…   Ok, so here is the Link to all 4 video's. And I am pretty sure in the near future I will be building up this Playlist with more tips and tricks of the trade!!! Talk to you all soon!!! Enjoy this amazing weather we are having. And keep on learning and growing!! It makes life a lot more enjoyable, fun and interesting! Here's 1 of the videos to my new Play list: Tips on how to meet women Mike Kollin All the Videos in the playlist will automatically play on this screen. Just sit back and enjoy! *** Remember, if you haven't subscribed to my youtube video's, then Subscribe now because that's where I have shifted most of my marketing too!!! So on the video above, click the subscribe button to keep up on all my new stuff coming out and also free tips and teachings. And also when and where my New Seminars are coming out!!! See you soon at my next Seminar!!     logo1 with wording   Dating and Relationship Coaching Expert Mike Kollin. Elite Coaching & Executive coaching for the Gentlemen who wants it all. There are answers that work when you understand the Dating and relationship game. And some of those make it easy on how to Pickup  and meet women. Subtle techniques in Hypnosis, NLP and PUA, Pickup Artist coaching. See you soon at my Next Seminar! Mike Kollin  

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    Mike Kollin's "Crack the Female Code" is the Fastest, Easiest way to meet women & open conversations with women. Learning How to meet women simply by using Dating Tips, Lines and Openers is simply not enough. Relationship Coaching and being a Dating tips coach in San Francisco is much more than just being an Elite Coaching / NLP Practicioner. You have to learn effective PUA &  NLP techniques, a little bit of Hypnosis in order to understand the sexual reason why women argue. Being a pickup artist is much more than learning tips, openers and lines. This course is much more than dating tips for men in the san francisco area. Whether you live in San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose or even Walnut Creek there is a better way to meet, attract and turn women on!!! So come learn how!!
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