Communication + Understanding = Love - Dating & Relationship Coaching

Communication + Understanding = Love - Dating & Relationship Coaching

[caption id="attachment_5175" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Man and woman smiling at each other Man and woman smiling at each other[/caption] I am reading a great business  book recommended by a Business Consultant who charges $1,000 an hour. It's called Blue Ocean Strategy. I highly recommend it! Where I am at, it's asking a Key Question. "Which Factors should be raised well above industry standards?" My course answers this question. In my Industry you are constantly fed what to do and how to do it but not about the #1 most important thing! Because they don't know how to do it and are not aware of what it is. Most Dating and Relationship courses teach you rules. Lots and lots of rules of what to do when and where, etc.... But not 1 single dating or relationship course teaches you how to


The Love & Relationship Industry has failed you in this area. And it's the #1 thing you have to understand if you truly want to understand how to Love the opposite sex. What I specialize in, is helping men open up to their right brain, THE FEMALE BRAIN, so they can understand her from her perspective. Yeah, sounds pretty cool doesn't it? And smart! See, if I tell you what to do when and a set of rules, that's not understanding. And that's what she needs most from you! NO!!! I did not say, "Be Understanding". I said and mean to "Actually Understand her from her perspective." And the way you do that, is by completely shifting your perspective. By learning how to open up to your "SELF" by "LOOKING WITHIN!!!" By processing communication, body language and the world around you from the "Internal" perspective! You need to learn how to "Literally" Shift your entire awareness and be aware from the opposite way of what you would ever think in a million years. It's called the "Internal Way!" It's not something cool to say or cute or an interesting phrase, it has a literally meaning. The Left brain is the Male brain. This processor is the "Linear/External" Processor. The Right Brain is the "Non Linear, spacial / Internal" processor Notice "External vs. Internal". See, when you go to all those love and relationship seminars and trainings and read those books on Love and relationships and how to save your marriage, you are totally missing out and missing the mark completely, absolutely and totally! How did that last sentence make you feel? Solid, grounded, whole and complete connection within! How did that sentence make you feel? You say, "Huh?" Let me tell you something, to a woman, those would make her feel... You say, "Huh?" "What?" Trust me, I am not speaking Gibberish, but I am speaking the Female Language. Yes, there "Literally" is a language called the "Internal Female Language." Here's basically what is happening. The right, female brain processes words through the emotional processor. Thus she is feeling what you are saying. And her mating system is directly connected to the right brains communication processor. Thus she is turned on and Romantically Seduced by the Right Brains "HIDDEN LANGUAGE!!!!!!"  Not money! Not cars! Not Diamonds but a hidden form of communication which also included body language, right brain body language, not male, left brain body language. Not proper English but rather the opposite! When you, as a male go to one of those relationship seminars, you are processing their words and teaching and body language in your logical left, male brain. Which means, you are Totally misunderstanding what they are attempting to teach you. You are literally hearing the opposite of what they are teaching. Just like when your wife it trying to talk to you.... Your Brain literally processes all of the above in the wrong or with the wrong processor. The IBM Type Linear, External Processor. This is why men and women can't and "DON'T" Understand each other! #1 women absolutely demand that you speak in the "Internal" Language. Why? So she can Freaking understand what in the hell you are saying to her! Yes!!!! She doesn't understand you!!! And you don't understand her. #2 Because her heart can not receive love in any other way than the Female Internal Language way!!!! #3 Because there is a Hidden, Seduction that is so Romantic, So passionate that she will melt like Butter in your hands if you are just willing to learn how!!!! Trust me!!! Understanding, NO, I did not say to "Be Understanding" because that is totally different from what I mean. I mean to literally step into your Power, your Right Brain, your Self and see, hear and feel the world from her perspective! Now that's Understanding!!!! She needs you to Love her in this Way!!! She doesn't have any other choice!!!! You want Relationship Power??? You want Seduction Power??? You want your wife or girlfriend to melt for you??? YOU want to be the New guy who has the skills to meet that special lady??? ** Please don't wait until your are divorced before you take my course??? 90% of all my clients are men who have taken all the Love and Relationship courses and have read all the books... They all come to me almost on average, 2 years after they have been divorced for the 2nd or 3rd time!!! And all of them say the same thing... "If I had taken your course, I would still be married." "This is what my wife was trying to get me to understand." You were hearing it / processing it in the wrong brain.... Bless you all... and Best Wishes, Sincerely... Mike Kollin P.s. I almost forgot. Did I ever mention that Understanding is extremely Romantic and Passionate to a woman? See, Understanding, I mean real, true understanding from the female perspective allows her to relax and know that you understand that she needs... Well... How do I say this without you being in your right brain processing from this perspective? Well, let's just say, it is Extremely Erotic for a man to understand her needs... her... hidden needs... But that's another story... The Industry Standard has been raised... There's a New Discovery in town!! There is a POWERFUL SECRET to Understanding women! And it is actually in the Hidden form of Understanding that Melts her heart and Turns her on so you can Easily Seduce her willingly!!! Raise the Bar and "Step into your Power!" See you soon!    

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